【英文タイトル】Global Gallium Arsenide Wafer Market 2016-2020



PART 01: Executive summary
• Highlights

PART 02: Scope of the report
• Definition
• Base year and forecast period
• Market reportage
• Market size computation
• Market segmentation
• Geographical coverage
• Vendor segmentation
• Top-vendor offerings

PART 03: Market research methodology
• Research methodology
• Economic indicators

PART 04: Introduction
• Key market highlights

PART 05: Market landscape
• Market overview
• GaAs versus other semiconductor materials
• Market size and forecast
• Five forces analysis

PART 06: Market segmentation by application
• Market overview
• Mobile devices
• Wireless communications
• Aerospace and defense
• Others

PART 07: Market segmentation by substrate type
• Market overview
• SC GaAs substrate
• SI GaAs substrate

PART 08: Geographical segmentation
• Global GaAs wafer market by geography 2015
• Global GaAs wafer market by geography 2020
• North America
• Europe

PART 09: Key leading countries
• China
• Taiwan
• US

PART 10: Summary of key figures

PART 11: Market drivers
• Increasing adoption of smartphones
• Rising penetration of LEDs in general lighting
• Need for increased network bandwidth

PART 12: Impact of drivers

PART 13: Market challenges
• High production cost of GaAs wafers
• Competition from alternative technologies
• Falling growth rate of smartphones

PART 14: Impact of drivers and challenges

PART 15: Market trends
• Increasing GaAs content in smartphones
• Shutdown of 2G network
• Increase in wafer size

PART 16: Vendor landscape
• Market share analysis 2015
• Other prominent vendors

PART 17: Appendix
• List of abbreviations

PART 18: Explore Technavio

[List of Exhibits]

Exhibit 01: Segmentation of global GaAs wafer market
Exhibit 02: Key regions
Exhibit 03: Product offerings
Exhibit 04: Global statistics of mobile devices and mobile data traffic 2015 and 2020
Exhibit 05: Markets served by GaAs vendors
Exhibit 06: GaAs versus other semiconductor materials
Exhibit 07: Global GaAs wafer market 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 08: Five forces analysis
Exhibit 09: Global GaAs wafer market by application 2015-2020 (% share)
Exhibit 10: Global GaAs wafer market by mobile device 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 11: Global GaAs wafer market by wireless communications 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 12: Global GaAs wafer market by aerospace and defense 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 13: Global GaAs wafer market by others 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 14: Global GaAs wafer market by substrate type 2015-2020 (% share)
Exhibit 15: GaAs wafer market by SC GaAs substrate 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 16: GaAs wafer market by SI GaAs substrate 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 17: Global GaAs wafer market by geography 2015
Exhibit 18: Global GaAs wafer market by geography 2020
Exhibit 19: GaAs wafer market in APAC 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 20: GaAs wafer market in North America 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 21: GaAs wafer market in Europe 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 22: GaAs wafer market in ROW 2015-2020 ($ millions)
Exhibit 23: Key leading countries
Exhibit 24: Application segments: Year-over-year revenue comparison ($ millions)
Exhibit 25: Substrate segments: Year-over-year revenue comparison ($ millions)
Exhibit 26: Geographical segments: Year-over-year revenue comparison ($ millions)
Exhibit 27: Global digital content snapshot 2015
Exhibit 28: Japan’s 21st Century Lighting Plan
Exhibit 29: Bandwidth comparison of 1G to 5G technologies
Exhibit 30: Impact of drivers
Exhibit 31: Impact of drivers and challenges
Exhibit 32: Speed of different network technologies 2015 and 2020 (Mbps)
Exhibit 33: Vendor market share analysis 2015
Exhibit 34: Other prominent vendors


■ タイトル:GaAsウェーハの世界市場2016-2020
■ 英文:Global Gallium Arsenide Wafer Market 2016-2020
■ 発行日:2016年8月18日
■ 調査会社:Technavio
■ 商品コード:IRTNTR9718
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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