【英文タイトル】World OTC Pharmaceutical Market Forecast 2016-2026



1. Report Overview
1.1 The OTC Pharmaceuticals Market Overview
1.2 OTC Pharmaceuticals Market Segmentation
1.3 Why You Should Read This Report
1.4 How This Report Delivers
1.5 Key Questions Answered by This Analytical Report
1.6 Who Is This Report For?
1.7 Methodology
1.8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1.9 Associated Reports
1.10 About Visiongain

2. Introduction to OTC Pharmaceuticals
2.1 What Are OTC Pharmaceuticals?
2.2 Classification of OTC Pharmaceuticals
2.3 What are the Requirements for an OTC Pharmaceutical Drug?
2.4 OTC Switching
2.4.1 How Is a Drug Switched from Prescription to OTC?
2.5 Manufacturing and Distribution of OTC Pharmaceuticals
2.6 Regulation of OTC Pharmaceuticals
2.6.1 Regulation of OTC Pharmaceuticals in the US
2.6.2 Regulation of OTC Pharmaceuticals in Japan: Deregulating the Sales of OTCs
2.6.3 Regulation of OTC Pharmaceuticals in Europe
2.6.4 Regulation of OTC Pharmaceuticals in China
2.6.5 Regulation of OTC Pharmaceuticals in Others Countries
2.7 OTC Pharmaceuticals: Market Segmentation
2.7.1 Analgesics Internal Analgesics External Analgesics
2.7.2 Cough, Cold and Allergy Products Cough and Cold Remedies Anti-Allergy Products
2.7.3 Dermatological Products Minor Cuts and Wounds Acne Rashes, Itchy Skin, and Dermatitis/Eczema Cold Sores Warts Fungal Skin Infections Haemorrhoids Other Dermatological Products
2.7.4 Gastrointestinal Products Indigestion and Heartburn Anti-Diarrhoea OTC Pharmaceuticals Laxatives Anti-Emetic OTC Pharmaceuticals Anti-Obesity OTC Pharmaceuticals
2.7.5 Eye Care Dry Eye Syndrome Bacterial Conjunctivitis Ocular Allergy and Allergic Conjunctivitis Treatment of Ocular Allergy/ Allergic Conjunctivitis
2.7.6 Smoking Cessation Aids
2.7.7 Other OTC Products
2.7.8 Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
3. The World OTC Pharmaceutical Market 2016-2026
3.1 The World OTC Pharma Market in 2014 and 2015
3.1.1 OTC Pharma Market Segmentation in 2015 and 2016
3.1.2 Leading OTC Pharma Brands
3.1.3 Leading Companies in the OTC Market in 2014 and 2015
3.2 The World OTC Pharma Market: Sales Forecast 2016-2026
3.2.1 The World OTC Pharma Market, 2016-2026: Drivers and Restraints
3.3 OTC Pharma Market Segments: Sales Forecasts, 2016-2026
3.3.1 CAGRs by OTC Segment, 2015-2025
3.3.2 Changing Market Shares by OTC Segment, 2016-2026
3.3.3 Cough, Cold and Allergy OTC Market: Sales Forecast 2016-2026
3.3.4 Analgesics OTC Market: Sales Forecast 2016-2026
3.3.5 Gastrointestinal OTC Market: Sales Forecast 2016-2026
3.3.6 Dermatological OTC Market: Sales Forecast 2016-2026
3.3.7 Eye Care OTC Market: Sales Forecast 2016-2026
3.3.8 Smoking Cessation OTC Market: Sales Forecast 2014-2026
3.3.9 Other OTC Market: Sales Forecast 2016-2026

4. The Leading National Markets 2016-2026
4.1 Regional Breakdown of the World OTC Pharma Market in 2014 and 2015
4.2 The World OTC Pharmaceutical Market: Regional Forecast 2016-2026
4.3 Changing Market Shares of Leading National Markets: Emerging Dominance of China
4.4 The US OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.4.1 The US OTC Pharma Market: Financial Incentives to Using OTC Drugs
4.4.2The US OTC Pharma Market: Leading Companies
4.5 The Japanese OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2015-2025
4.5.1 The Japanese OTC Pharma Market: Deregulation could Stimulate Growth
4.5.2The Japanese OTC Pharma Market: Leading Companies
4.6 The EU5 OTC Pharma Market in 2014 and 2015
4.6.1 Changing Market Shares of the EU5 OTC Pharmaceuticals Market
4.6.2 The EU5 OTC Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.6.3 The EU5 OTC Pharma Market: Leading Companies
4.6.4 The German OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.6.5 The UK OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2015-2025 The UK’s Liberal OTC Regulations
4.6.6 The French OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026 OTC Drugs: A French Monopoly System
4.6.7 The Italian OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2015-2025
4.6.8 The Spanish OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.7 The Chinese OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.7.1 The Chinese OTC Pharma Market: Leading Companies
4.7.2 The Role of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) in the Chinese OTC Market
4.8 The Brazilian OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.8.1 The Brazilian OTC Pharma Market: An Overview
4.9 The Russian OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.9.1 The Russian OTC Pharma Market: Overview
4.10 The Indian OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.10.1 The Indian OTC Pharma Market: An Overview
4.11 The Mexican OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026
4.12 The Rest of the World OTC Pharmaceutical Market Sales Forecast, 2016-2026

5. Leading Companies in the OTC Pharma Market 2016-2026
5.1 Leading OTC Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, 2015
5.1.1 Leading OTC Pharmaceutical Manufacturers after completed Transactions, 2015
5.2 GSK
5.2.1 GSK Consumer Healthcare Unit: Historical Activity
5.2.2 GSK Consumer Healthcare Formed by a Joint-Venture Undertaken by GSK and Novartis
5.2.3 GSK/Novartis: Additional Transactions
5.2.4 GSK Consumer Healthcare: OTC Sales Forecast, 2015-2026
5.2.5 Flonase Launched in US
5.2.6 Panadol
5.2.7 Voltaren Gel Voltaren Gel: Sales Forecast 2015-2025
5.2.8 Alli: A Beleaguered Brand
5.2.9 GSK Smoking Cessation Products
5.3 Novartis (OTC Joint Venture with GSK)
5.3.1 Novartis: Transformational Year
5.4 Bayer
5.4.1 Acquisition of Merck’s Consumer Care Business, 2014
5.4.2 Bayer Acquires Dihon in 2014
5.4.3 Bayer: OTC Sales Forecast, 2014-2025
5.4.4 Bayer Aspirin
5.4.5 Bayer Aspirin: Sales Forecast 2016-2026
5.4.6 Claritin OTC (Loratadine)
5.5 Merck & Co (Consumer Care Segment Acquired by Bayer)
5.6 Johnson and Johnson
5.6.1 FDA Governance of McNeil Manufacturing Activity
5.6.2 Johnson & Johnson: OTC Sales Forecast, 2014-2026
5.6.3 Rhinocort Allergy Spray
5.6.4 Tylenol
5.6.5 Nicorette
5.7 Perrigo
5.7.1 Perrigo: OTC Sales Forecast, 2014-2026
5.7.2 Perrigo Benefits from Challenges Faced by J&J
5.7.3 Perrigo: Growth by Acquisition
5.7.4 Perrigo Acquires Omega Pharma
5.7.5 Perrigo Acquires GSK Portfolio
5.7.6 Perrigo Expands Mexican Capacity and Capabilities
5.7.7 Mylan’s Hostile Takeover Bid
5.8 Pfizer
5.8.1 Pfizer: OTC Sales Forecast, 2015-2025
5.8.2 Pfizer Announces Merger with Allergan
5.8.3 Pfizer Acquires Rights to AstraZeneca’s OTC Nexium
5.8.4 Pfizer: Bulking up Their OTC Product Portfolio
5.8.5 Advil
5.9 Procter & Gamble
5.9.1 PGT Healthcare- Procter& Gamble’s Joint Venture with Teva
5.9.2 Prilosec OTC
5.9.3 Major Plans for Divestment Including OTC Products
5.10 Reckitt Benckiser
5.10.1 Reckitt Benckiser: OTC Sales Forecast, 2014-2026
5.10.2 Internal Growth by “Power” Brand Extensions: Mucinex
5.10.3 Expanding Presence in Emerging Markets through Acquisition
5.11 Sanofi
5.11.1 Sanofi Focuses on Long-Term Growth with Potential Boehringer Ingelheim Asset Swap Pending Completion Q4 2016
5.11.2 Sanofi: Acquisition of OTC Products from J&J
5.11.3 Sanofi: Launch of Nasacort
5.11.4 Sanofi: OTC Sales Forecast, 2014-2026
5.12 Boehringer Ingelheim
5.12.1 Boehringher Ingelhime: OTC Sales Forecast 2014-2026
5.13. Mylan Enter OTC Market

6. OTC Switching and Potential Future of OTC Drugs
6.1 OTC Switching: An Overview
6.1.1 What is OTC Switching?
6.1.2 Which Products Will Switch?
6.1.3 How Does OTC Switching Occur?
6.1.4 How Does OTC Switching Affect the OTC Pharma Market?
6.1.5 Opposition to OTC Switching
6.2 OTC Switching Activity, 2002-2015
6.2.1 OTC Switching: Downward Trend
6.2.2 The FDA NSURE Initiative: Reversing the Downward Trend in Rx-to-OTC Switches
6.3 Potential Candidates for OTC Switching 2016-2026
6.4 Cough, Cold and Allergy: OTC Switches
6.4.1 First-Generation Antihistamines
6.4.2 Allegra (fexofenadine)
6.4.3 Clarinex (desloratadine)
6.4.4 Rhinocort Allergy Spray (budesonide): Latest Nasal Corticosteroid Approval
6.4.5 Flixotide/Flonase (fluticasone): Latest Nasal Corticosteroid Approval
6.4.6 Nasacort (triamcinolone): First in Class U.S. OTC Approval
6.5 Analgesics: OTC Switch Limitations
6.5.1 Triptans: The U.S. Will Remain Cautious
6.5.2 NSAIDs for Arthritis: Safety Concerns Incites Reverse-Switching
6.5.3 Other Analgesics
6.6 Gastrointestinals: OTC Switches
6.6.1 H2-Receptor Blockers
6.6.2 Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) Omeprazole Lansoprazole Pantoprazole Esomeprazole: 2014 U.S. FDA Approval for OTC Use Rabeprazole
6.6.3 Anti-Obesity Drugs
6.7 Dermatologicals: OTC Switches
6.7.1 Antivirals for Oral Herpes Simplex
6.8 Anticholinergics for Incontinence: OTC Switches
6.9 Oral Contraceptives: An OTC Switch Can have Significant Economic Benefits
6.10 High Demand for OTC Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
6.10.1 Lipitor (atorvastatin): Testing Times for Pfizer
6.10.2 Zocor Heart Pro (simvastatin) in the UK
6.10.3 OTC Statins: U.S. Historical Setbacks
6.11 Other Potential OTC Switch Categories
6.11.1 High Blood Pressure: Thiaside Diuretics
6.11.2 Erectile Dysfunction: Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil)
6.11.3 Osteoporosis: (Bisphosphonates) An Undertreated Disease, but a Very Unlikely OTC Switch
6.11.4 Insomnia: Silenor (doxepin)

7. Qualitative Analysis of the OTC Pharma Market, 2016-2026
7.1 SWOT Analysis of the OTC Pharmaceutical Market
7.2 Strengths
7.2.1 Healthcare Systems, Third Party Payers, and Manufacturers: All have Incentives to Push for OTC Drug Consumption Manufacturers Can Reap OTC Sales Benefits Third Party Payers: Reducing the Cost Burden Healthcare Systems: Pushing the Cost to the Consumer
7.2.2 Many Pharma Companies Have a Strong Potential OTC Portfolio
7.2.3 Regulators Are Encouraging OTC Approvals
7.2.4 Effective Distribution Networks Due to Expansion of Retail Pharmacy and Alternative Distributors
7.2.5 Deterring the Consumption of Counterfeit Drugs
7.2.6 Cultural Changes Will Support Self-Medication with OTC Medicines
7.3 Weaknesses
7.3.1 Pharma Companies Remain Focused on Prescription Drugs
7.3.2 Manufacturing Problems Affects Sales and Reputation of OTC Drugs
7.3.3 OTC Products are Vulnerable to Price Controls by Governments
7.3.4 Downward Cost Pressures of OTC Drugs
7.4 Opportunities
7.4.1 Demographic and Economic Changes Will Create Growth Opportunities
7.4.2 New OTC Switch Categories
7.4.3 Strong Growth in Emerging Markets
7.4.4 New Healthcare Technologies May enable OTC Approvals
7.4.5 Opportunities to Drive Sales via Social Media and Online Marketing
7.4.6 Self Medication can Reduce the Under Treatment of Disease
7.5 Threats
7.5.1 Competition from Private-Label Brands Will Reduce Profitability
7.5.2 Regulatory Concerns Over Safety and Misuse may Lead to Withdrawal of Products
7.5.3 Resistance to OTC Switching from Some Groups in Certain Countries
7.6 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of the OTC Pharmaceutical Market
7.6.1 Rivalry Among Competitors [High]
7.6.2 Threat of New Entrants [Medium]
7.6.3 Power of Suppliers [Low]
7.6.4 Power of Buyers [Medium]
7.6.5 Threats of Substitutes [Medium]

8. Conclusions
8.1 The World OTC Pharma Market in 2014-2015
8.1.1 The Leading OTC Product Categories
8.1.2 Leading OTC Pharma Brands, 2015
8.1.3 Leading OTC Manufacturers
8.1.4 Leading National Markets: Emerging Market Represent a Large Proportion
8.1.5 The Global OTC Market Growth Factors
8.1.6 Potential OTC Switching, 2016-2026
8.1.7 Emerging OTC Markets
8.2 Concluding Remarks

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■ タイトル:OTC医薬品(市販薬)の世界市場予測2016-2026
■ 英文:World OTC Pharmaceutical Market Forecast 2016-2026
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