【英文タイトル】MarketVIEW: MMR, MMRV and varicella vaccines
Global vaccine commercial opportunity assessment




[Contents – Summary presentation (MS PowerPoint based)]
PAGES: 65 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf form

Author’s note
Executive Summary
Commercial model key outputs
MMRV vaccine family: global sales by vaccine ($m) to 2030
MMRV vaccine family: global sales by region ($m) to 2030
MMRV vaccine family: global sales by company ($m) to 2030
MMRV vaccine family: global sales, Merck & Co ($m) to 2030
MMRV vaccine family: US sales, Merck & Co ($m) to 2030
MMRV vaccine family: global value, GlaxoSmithKline ($m) to 2030
Major model assumptions
Markets included in model
Vaccines included in model
Country inputs
MMR vaccine inputs
Varicella vaccine inputs
Background and epidemiology of measles
Background and epidemiology of mumps
Background and epidemiology of rubella
Background and epidemiology of varicella
Country vaccine recommendations
Measles vaccine: national immunization programmes, 2013
Mumps vaccine: national immunization programmes, 2012
Rubella vaccine: national immunization programmes, 2012
Vaccine schedules: WHO goals
Varicella vaccination in Europe
Varicella vaccination recommendations in Europe, 2012
Febrile seizures: MMRV combination vaccines (ProQuad and Priorix-Tetra)
MMRV family vaccines – licensed vaccines
Merck & Co and GlaxoSmithKline vaccines
WHO prequalified vaccines
Company reported sales
Coverage rates
Future trends: GlaxoSmithKline’s US approval of Priorix
Future trends: addition of varicella vaccine to NIPs
Future trends: bivalent measles/rubella (MR) vaccines

[Contents – Vaccine demand model(s) (MS Excel-based) – 1 model]

Title sheet
Charts – Total Vol and Val
Merck & Co sales
GSK sales
Merck & Co – market share
GSK – market share
Value by region
Country models
1 yrs
5 yrs
MMR summary
Varicella summary
Priority MR countries
Income groups
Pub/priv split
Merck Reported sales


■ タイトル:MMRワクチン、MMRVワクチン及び水痘ワクチンの世界市場機会分析
■ 英文:MarketVIEW: MMR, MMRV and varicella vaccines
Global vaccine commercial opportunity assessment
■ 発行日:2014年10月
■ 調査会社:VacZine Analytics
■ 商品コード:VAMV058-2014
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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