Tekelec LTE Drives Opportunities in Diameter, Policy and Subscriber Management...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Overview.. 5
Tekelec’s Current Clients. 6
Tekelec Current and Future Financial Analysis. 7
The Future of Tekelec. 9
What’s Make Tekelec Unique. 10
Products Set. 10
Tekelec Acquisitions. 11
Challenges of the Market. 12
How Tekelec Can Overcome the Challenges. 13
EDGE/HSPA/LTE features 2011-2014. 15
Adoption of Technologies to 2030. 16
Migration from the Current Networks to LTE Strategies. 17
LTE Markets. 18
Throughput Performance. 18
LTE Performance Analysis. 21
Latency. 22
Throughput Performance. 26
LTE Performance Analysis. 29
Latency. 29
Charging in LTE. 33
IP Multimedia System (IMS) Charging. 33
Multimedia Sessions. 33
Mobile IP. 35
IPv6. 37
Mobile TV in LTE. 41
Mobile TV Ecosystem.. 42
The Operators Role. 44
Handset Manufacturers Role. 45
Software Vendors Role. 49
Charging in Mobile TV.. 49
Spectrum.. 51
Conclusion. 53
Charging in LTE. 53
3GPP policy and charging control (PCC). 58
Charging in the Primitive LTE Stages. 59

Business Operations Planning in LTE. 60
Business Plans to 2017 Using System Architecture Evolution (SAE) and evolved packet core (EPC). 60
EPC Deployment. 61
LTE/SAE Deployment. 62
Benefits and Revenues from the New Deployments. 64
The Transaction from the Primitive LTE Stages to Full LTE functions to 2017. 65
What Operators Should do in Order to Deploy LTE. 66
Worldwide LTE Deployment. 67
LTE Deployment Plans by Company. 68
LTE Deployment Plans by Region. 69
The US Market. 69
The Mexican Market. 72
The Canadian Market. 73
The Puerto Rican Market. 73
The Colombian Market. 74
Chile Market. 74
The Brazilian Market. 74
Key Tekelec Markets. 74
Core Diameter Market to 2012-2016. 74
Subscriber Management Market 2011 to 2016. 76
Policy Management Market 2011-2016. 76
Additional Tekelec Analysis. 80
Tekelec Future and Potential Revenue. 80
Tekelec SWOT. 81
Tekelec Competitors. 82
Alcatel-Lucent. 82
Alcatel Lucent SWOT analysis. 84
Alcatel Lucent SON solutions. 85
Ericsson VS Alcatel 86
Ericsson. 86
Mission/Vision. 87
Services. 87
Strategy. 87
Activities. 88
Financial Summery. 88
Ericsson Subsidiaries in Europe. 88
Ericsson in the Rest of the World. 91
Ericsson SWOT Analysis. 92
Alcatel 93
Mission/Vision. 93
Services. 94
Strategy. 94
Financial Summery. 95
Alcatel Subsidiaries. 95
Actix. 97
Actix SWOT. 98
Motorola. 99
Motorola SWOT. 99
Comparison between Tekelec and its Competitors. 101
LTE 1800 Markets. 101
LTE 1800 Globally. 102
LTE 1800 Devices Compatibility 103


■ タイトル:Tekelec LTE Drives Opportunities in Diameter, Policy and Subscriber Management
■ 発行日:2011年10月27日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240147
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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