SSE plc:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】SSE plc Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 6
List of Figures 8
Company Snapshot 9
Company Overview 9
Key Information 9
Financial Performance 9
SSE plc , Exploration and Production Summary 10
SSE plc , Active Exploration Blocks, by Country, 2003-2012 10
SSE plc, Crude Oil Production, by Country, 2003-2012 11
SSE plc, Natural Gas Production, by Country, 2003-2012 12
SSE plc, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production By Fields 13
SSE plc, Crude Oil Production 13
SSE plc, Crude Oil Production in United Kingdom, By Fields 13
SSE plc, Natural Gas Production 14
SSE plc, Natural Gas Production in United Kingdom, By Fields 14
Crude Oil And Natural Gas Production Forecasts, 2013-2020 15
SSE plc’s Exploration Blocks Details 16
42/28a ALL’s Exploration Details 16
42/28b ALL’s Exploration Details 17
47/3b ALL’s Exploration Details 17
47/3c ALL’s Exploration Details 18
47/3h ALL’s Exploration Details 18
47/4a ALL’s Exploration Details 19
47/4c ALL’s Exploration Details 19
47/8c ALL’s Exploration Details 20
47/9b ALL’s Exploration Details 20
49/18a INDEFATIGABLE FIELD’s Exploration Details 21
49/18a REST OF THE BLOCK’s Exploration Details 21
53/5a ALL’s Exploration Details 22
23/21 REST OF BLOCK’s Exploration Details 22
SSE plc’s Deals Details, 23/21 REST OF BLOCK 23
49/23a REST OF BLOCK’s Exploration Details 24
49/27a ALL’s Exploration Details 24
49/28b BEAUFORT FIELD EXTENSION’s Exploration Details 25
49/30g ALL’s Exploration Details 25
49/30c ALL’s Exploration Details 26
49/30d ALL’s Exploration Details 26
49/25a ALL’s Exploration Details 27
49/30a All’s Exploration Details 27
49/23a BELL FIELD’s Exploration Details 28
49/27b ALL’s Exploration Details 28
23/21 NON-LOMOND FIELD STRATA AREA’s Exploration Details 29
SSE plc’s Deals Details, 23/21 NON-LOMOND FIELD STRATA AREA 29
23/21 NORTH MOTH AREA (BELOW BOTTOM CHALK)’s Exploration Details 30
SSE plc’s Deals Details, 23/21 NORTH MOTH AREA (BELOW BOTTOM CHALK) 30
23/21 SOUTH MOTH AREA (BELOW BOTTOM CHALK)’s Exploration Details 32
SSE plc’s Deals Details, 23/21 SOUTH MOTH AREA (BELOW BOTTOM CHALK) 32
22/14a REST OF BLOCK DEEP (BELOW BASE MONTROSE)’s Exploration Details 33
47/4c ALL (Carboniferous Area)’s Exploration Details 34
47/4a (CA)’s Exploration Details 34
47/3c All (Carboniferous Area)’s Exploration Details 35
47/9b ALL (Carboniferous Area)’s Exploration Details 35
47/3b (Carboniferous Area)’s Exploration Details 36
SSE plc’s Field Details 36
APOLLO’s Field Details 36
SSE plc’s Deals Details, APOLLO 37
BELL’s Field Details 38
BESSEMER’s Field Details 38
BOYLE’s Field Details 39
BROWN’s Field Details 39
SSE plc’s News Details, BROWN 40
DAVY’s Field Details 41
SSE plc’s Deals Details, DAVY 41
INDE {PERENCO}’s Field Details 42
SSE plc’s News Details, INDE {PERENCO} 42
INDE SOUTH WEST’s Field Details 43
LEMAN {PERENCO}’s Field Details 44
SSE plc’s Deals Details, LEMAN {PERENCO} 44
MERCURY’s Field Details 45
SSE plc’s Deals Details, MERCURY 45
MINERVA’s Field Details 47
SSE plc’s Deals Details, MINERVA 47
NORTH DAVY’s Field Details 49
SEAN’s Field Details 50
SSE plc’s Deals Details, SEAN 50
WHITTLE’s Field Details 51
SSE plc’s Deals Details, WHITTLE 51
Columbus’s Field Details 53
SSE plc’s News Details, Columbus 53
Moth’s Field Details 70
SSE plc’s News Details, Moth 70
SSE plc Underground Gas Storage Operations 72
Underground Active Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity 72
Underground Active Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity, United Kingdom 72
Underground Planned Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity 72
Underground Planned Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity, United Kingdom 72
SSE plc’s Hornsea Gas Storage Asset Details 73
SSE plc’s Gas Storage Asset Details, Hornsea 73
SSE plc’s Gas Storage News Details, Hornsea 73
SSE plc’s Aldbrough Phase 1 Gas Storage Asset Details 74
SSE plc’s Gas Storage Asset Details, Aldbrough Phase 1 74
SSE plc’s Gas Storage News Details, Aldbrough Phase 1 74
SSE plc’s Aldbrough Phase 2 Gas Storage Asset Details 75
SSE plc’s Gas Storage Asset Details, Aldbrough Phase 2 75
SSE plc’s Gas Storage News Details, Aldbrough Phase 2 75
SSE plc Pipeline Operations 76
Pipeline Operations, United Kingdom 76
Pipeline Operation, United Kingdom, Natural Gas Pipelines 76
SSE plc’s Pipeline Details 77
SSE plc’s Marchwood Pipeline, Pipeline Details 77
Key Employees 78
Key Employee Biographies 79
SSE plc – Major Products and Services 80
History 81
Company Statement 87
Locations And Subsidiaries 88
Head Office 88
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 88
Business Description 90
Business Overview 90
SWOT Analysis 92
Overview 92
SSE plc Strengths 92
Increased Profitability Ratios 92
Focus on Research and Development 92
Diversified Operational Network 93
Leading Position: Domestic Market 93
SSE plc Weaknesses 93
Decreased Efficiency Ratios 93
License Breach: Penalty 93
Rise in Emissions Rates 93
SSE plc Opportunities 94
Growth Initiatives 94
Strategic Acquisition 94
Growth in UK Power Market 94
SSE plc Threats 94
Operational Issues 94
Regulatory Environment 95
Market Competition 95
SSE plc – Key Competitors 96
Recent Developments 97
Jul 25, 2013: SHE Transmission energises the first section of the Beauly-Denny 400kV power line 97
Jul 19, 2013: New £1.3bn Revolving Credit Facility 97
Jul 15, 2013: Athea’s mid-construction bird break 98
Jul 10, 2013: Glenconway wind farm nears completion 98
Jul 09, 2013: Griffin and Calliachar wind farm fund celebrates £1 million milestone 99
Jul 03, 2013: Streamlined Fairburn plans submitted 99
Jul 02, 2013: SSE appoints Jenny Ashmore as Chief Marketing Officer 100
Jun 27, 2013: SSE Selects SgurrEnergy’s Galion Lidar To Test Wind Turbine Performance 100
May 28, 2013: SSE Selects Accenture For Major Transformation Projects 101
May 24, 2013: SSE Builds Wind Turbine In Glasgow, UK 101
Appendix 103
Market Definitions 103
Oil and Gas Pipelines 103
Methodology 103
Coverage 103
Secondary Research 103
Primary Research 104
Expert Panel Validation 104
Contact Us 104
Disclaimer 104


■ タイトル:SSE plc:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013
■ 英文:SSE plc Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update
■ 発行日:2013年8月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161988
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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