Self Organizing Networks (SON) Challenges and Market Opportunities for LTE and Beyond...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Executive Summary 8
Introduction 9
The Evolution of Wireless and Mobile Network 9
Overview 9
Advantages of Wireless Networks 9
Popularity 9
Mobility 10
Ease of Deployment 10
First Generation of?Mobile?Telecommunications (1G) 11
Second Generation?Mobile?Telecommunications (2G) 13
SIM 15
Speech Coding 15
Authentications and Security in GSM networks 15
WAP (Wireless Applicant Protocol) 16
Mobile Telecommunications Third Generation 16
Characteristics of 3G Systems 17
The Evolution of the 3G System 18
Applications in 3G System 19
Summary 19
Mobile Telecommunications 4th Generation and LTE 20
Target of 4G System 21
Applications and Services of 4G System 21
TelePresence 21
Information Access 22
Inter-Machine Communication 22
Intelligent Shopping 22
Location-Based Services 22
LBS in General 23
Techniques 24
Cell ID-Based Location 25
Terminal-Based Location Techniques 26
Global Positioning System (GPS) 27
GPS Disadvantages 28
Location Architecture and Interfaces 29
Protocols Based on Plain-Text XML 30
Roaming Location Protocol (RLP) 31
Difference between MLP and RLP 33
Adding Location Value 33
Applications and Content 34
Gaming 36
Globalization of Products 38
Communicating Appliances 38
Standardization Diversification 38
Summary 39
Long Term Evolution and Self Organizing Networks 39
Introduction 39
Future Trends 41
Evolution of the Telecommunication Industry to 2016 42
Future Technologies for a Universal Radio Environment 44
Future Technologies for a Universal Radio Environment TDD System 45
Features of FuTURE TDD System 45
Challenges of the TDD system 46
The Upcoming Technology of TDD System 46
TDD Topology 47
Radio Access Network (RAN) 48
Control Plane and User Plane 48
Peak Data Rate 49
Multiple Access Methods 49
OFDM Modulation 50
Random Access Procedure 51
Self Organizing Networks 53
Introduction 53
Features of Self Organizing Networks 54
The Drivers for SON 55
Release 10 of SON 57
Next Generation?Mobile?Networks (NGMN) and SON 58
Distributed/Self-organizing (DSO) 60
Cooperative Relaying (CR) in SON 61
Feedback Overhead in SON 61
Codebook-Based Pre-coding in SON 61
Feedback Delay in SON 62
Architecture of SON 62
Self Configuration Networks 64
Installing SON 66
Neighbor Relation (NR) 67
Features of NR 67
Installing NR68
Load Balancing in SON 70
Features of Load Balancing and ROI 70
Case Study on a Load Imbalance Condition 71
Load Balanced Handover within the LTE Network 72
Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO) 74
Features of MRO 75
Sub-Optimal System Performance Issues 75
Distributed Clustering in SON 78
SON in High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) 80
The Benefits of SON and the Return on the Investments (ROI) 81
Self Healing 82
ICIC Enhancement 82
Antenna Parameters and Cost Reduction 83
Energy Saving 84
Methods of Energy Saving 85
Switch ON/OFF in Inter-RAT 86
Cell Outage Detection 87
Cell Outage Compensation 88
Antenna Tilts 90
Features and ROI of the Antenna Tilts 90
Drive Tests 92
Features of Drive Tests (DT) 93
Application of SON 97
LTE Macro Base Station 97
Overcoming Issues of Performance Statistics to a Specific DAS Node Coverage Area 98

Future of the SON in Femto/Pico/Relays 98
LTE Base Stations 98
Repeaters and Relays 99
SON Providers 100
Introduction 100
Markets of Self Organizing Networks and Market drivers 103
Early Adoption of SON 103
Optimi 104
Self-planning, Self-optimization and Self-healing for 2G, 3G and LTE Networks via Optimi 104
Optimi’s Clients 104
Ericsson Buys Optimi 105
SWOT Analysis for Optimi 105
Alcatel-Lucent 106
Alcatel Lucent SWOT analysis 108
Alcatel Lucent SON solutions 109
Ericsson VS Alcatel 110
Ericsson 110
Mission/Vision 111
Services 111
Strategy 111
Activities 112
Financial Summary112
Ericsson Subsidiaries in?Europe?112
Ericsson in the Rest of the World 115
Ericsson SWOT Analysis 116
Ericsson SON 117
Alcatel 117
Mission/Vision 118
Services 118
Strategy 119
Financial Summary 119
Alcatel Subsidiaries 119
Actix 122
SON by Actix 123
Actix SWOT 124
Vodafone?Ireland?Deploys Actix 3G Solution 125
NEC and Actix SON 125
Motorola 126
Motorola SWOT 126
Motorola SON Services 127
Features of Motorola SON 128
Operations and Maintenance 131
The Ping-Pong Effect 131
SON Provider Comparative Analysis 132
The Future of the LTE (5G and beyond) 134
General Conclusions and the Effect of SON in the LTE 4G (5G and beyond) 134
Appendix 137
Long Term Evolution (LTE) Market and Technology Overview 137
Next Generation Network (NGN) OSS/BSS 143


■ タイトル:Self Organizing Networks (SON) Challenges and Market Opportunities for LTE and Beyond
■ 発行日:2011年9月3日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240169
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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