RWE AG:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】RWE AG Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 7
List of Figures 28
Company Snapshot 29
Company Overview 29
Key Information 29
Financial Performance 29
RWE AG , Exploration and Production Summary 30
RWE AG, Fields under development 30
RWE AG , Active Exploration Blocks, by Country, 2003-2012 30
RWE AG, Crude Oil Production, by Country, 2003-2012 32
RWE AG, Natural Gas Production, by Country, 2003-2012 33
RWE AG, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production By Fields 34
RWE AG, Crude Oil Production 34
RWE AG, Natural Gas Production 37
Crude Oil And Natural Gas Production Forecasts, 2013-2020 40
RWE AG’s Exploration Blocks Details 42
30/3(PL 052)’s Exploration Details 42
34/7(PL 089)’s Exploration Details 46
35/8(PL 195 B)’s Exploration Details 52
42/12a ALL’s Exploration Details 53
42/13a ALL’s Exploration Details 55
42/14a ALL’s Exploration Details 68
42/8 ALL’s Exploration Details 68
42/9a ALL’s Exploration Details 69
43/19a ALL’s Exploration Details 69
43/20b ALL’s Exploration Details 70
43/20e ALL’s Exploration Details 70
44/24a ORCA AND MINKE FIELD AREA’s Exploration Details 71
44/24a REST OF BLOCK (SOUTH)’s Exploration Details 72
48/10b ALL’s Exploration Details 73
48/18b ALL’s Exploration Details 73
48/19b ALL’s Exploration Details 75
48/19e ALL’s Exploration Details 76
49/10b ALL’s Exploration Details 77
49/11b ALL’s Exploration Details 77
49/17a VICTOR FIELD’s Exploration Details 78
49/1a ALL’s Exploration Details 78
5604/19+ 20’s Exploration Details 80
5604/23+ 24+ 27’s Exploration Details 80
5605/10+ 14’s Exploration Details 81
6507/1,6507/2(PL 261)’s Exploration Details 81
6608/1,6608/2(PL 330)’s Exploration Details 82
7120/6(PL 097)’s Exploration Details 85
CANARIAS-1’s Exploration Details 86
CANARIAS-2’s Exploration Details 86
CANARIAS-3’s Exploration Details 87
CANARIAS-4’s Exploration Details 87
CANARIAS-5’s Exploration Details 88
CANARIAS-6’s Exploration Details 88
CANARIAS-7’s Exploration Details 89
CANARIAS-8’s Exploration Details 89
CANARIAS-9’s Exploration Details 90
22/24c ALL’s Exploration Details 90
22/25c ALL’s Exploration Details 93
7123/4(PL 110 C)’s Exploration Details 93
Area 58’s Exploration Details 96
South Mariut Block 8’s Exploration Details 97
Block 23’s Exploration Details 100
7120/1,7120/2,7120/3,7120/4,7120/5,7120/6(PL 438)’s Exploration Details 103
7217/12, 7218/10, 7218/11(PL 531)’s Exploration Details 106
7219/12, 7220/10(PL 533)’s Exploration Details 113
Disouq Concession’s Exploration Details 122
North El Amriya Concession’s Exploration Details 124
NC 193(Area 86,Area 87)’s Exploration Details 126
NC 195(Area 88)’s Exploration Details 128
44/29b ORCA FIELD AREA’s Exploration Details 129
44/29b REST OF BLOCK’s Exploration Details 129
35/8,35/9(PL 418)’s Exploration Details 130
34/2,34/3,34/5,34/6(PL 373 S)’s Exploration Details 138
Reggane North (Block 351c,352c)’s Exploration Details 142
35/9(PL 153 B)’s Exploration Details 145
30/3(PL 052 B)’s Exploration Details 146
35/4,35/5,35/7,35/8(PL 634)’s Exploration Details 227
6507/4,6507/5(PL 647)’s Exploration Details 228
35/5,35/8(PL 635)’s Exploration Details 228
7120/1,7120/2(PL 609 B)’s Exploration Details 229
6607/3(PL 653)’s Exploration Details 229
6608/2,6608/3(PL 654)’s Exploration Details 230
Preetz-Restfläche’s Exploration Details 230
Phönix’s Exploration Details 231
Harpen-Gas’s Exploration Details 231
Rotenburg’s Exploration Details 232
214/24 (Split), 214/29 (Split) & 214/30c’s Exploration Details 232
3/28c & 9/3e’s Exploration Details 235
6607/4,6607/5,6607/6(PL 694)’s Exploration Details 235
35/9(PL 682)’s Exploration Details 236
7321/4 (PL 721)’s Exploration Details 236
RWE AG’s Field Details 238
ANGLIA’s Field Details 238
Becklingen’s Field Details 244
Bleckmar’s Field Details 244
Bötersen Pool B’s Field Details 245
Dieksand’s Field Details 245
Hankensbüttel Süd’s Field Details 246
Hankensbüttel Süd 76’s Field Details 246
Hebertshausen’s Field Details 247
Hemsbünde Pool B’s Field Details 247
Inzenham West’s Field Details 248
MARKHAM’s Field Details 249
Mittelplate’s Field Details 250
SATURN {ATLAS+ HYPERION+ RHEA}’s Field Details 258
Snøhvit’s Field Details 265
Snorre’s Field Details 276
Tordis’s Field Details 303
VICTOR’s Field Details 313
Vigdis’s Field Details 316
Völkersen Nord’s Field Details 332
Völkersen Z 1’s Field Details 334
Vorhop’s Field Details 337
Wardböhmen’s Field Details 338
Weißenmoor Z 1’s Field Details 338
WINDERMERE’s Field Details 339
CAVENDISH’s Field Details 340
MINKE’s Field Details 352
MIMAS’s Field Details 358
TETHYS’s Field Details 359
Veslefrikk’s Field Details 360
Cecilie’s Field Details 369
Nini’s Field Details 384
Hankensbüttel Pool 96’s Field Details 405
Gjoa’s Field Details 406
Breagh’s Field Details 433
North El Amriya’s Field Details 466
Disouq’s Field Details 467
North Alexandria’s Field Details 469
Statfjord Øst’s Field Details 470
Sygna’s Field Details 473
North Idku Gas Field’s Field Details 476
Ras Budran, Ras Fanar and Zeit Bay’s Field Details 477
Topaz’s Field Details 478
Knarr(Jordbaer)’s Field Details 485
Kepler’s Field Details 489
NC 193’s Field Details 490
Bostlingen’s Field Details 491
Botersen-Sud’s Field Details 491
Sidi Rahman’s Field Details 492
Orca’s Field Details 493
Reggane North (Block 351c,352c)’s Field Details 494
Clipper South’s Field Details 495
Devenick’s Field Details 502
Hodoa’s Field Details 506
Other RWE Fields’s Field Details 507
Ockley’s Field Details 507
Zidane’s Field Details 508
Skarfjell’s Field Details 508
NC 195’s Field Details 509
West Med Deep Water (Block B)’s Field Details 509
Rau’s Field Details 510
Akshabulak’s Field Details 510
Nuraly’s Field Details 511
RWE AG LNG Operations 512
LNG Operation by Country, Liquefaction, 2005-2017 512
LNG Operation by Country, Regasification, 2005-2017 513
RWE AG’s Liquefaction Terminal Details 515
RWE AG’s Regasification Terminal Details 529
RWE AG Underground Gas Storage Operations 536
Underground Gas Storage, Working Gas and Total Capacity in Different Countries 536
Underground Active Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity 536
Underground Planned Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity 537
RWE AG’s Breitbrunn Gas Storage Asset Details 538
RWE AG’s Inzenham Gas Storage Asset Details 539
RWE AG’s Wolfersberg Gas Storage Asset Details 539
RWE AG’s Stramberk Gas Storage Asset Details 540
RWE AG’s Tranovice Gas Storage Asset Details 540
RWE AG’s Kalle Gas Storage Asset Details 541
RWE AG’s Epe RGS L-Gas Gas Storage Asset Details 541
RWE AG’s Epe RGS H-Gas Gas Storage Asset Details 542
RWE AG’s Xanten Gas Storage Asset Details 542
RWE AG’s Lobodice Gas Storage Asset Details 543
RWE AG’s Haje Gas Storage Asset Details 543
RWE AG’s Stassfurt Gas Storage Asset Details 544
RWE AG’s Stassfurt Expansion Gas Storage Asset Details 545
RWE AG’s Tvrdonice Expansion Gas Storage Asset Details 545
RWE AG’s Dolni Dunajovice Gas Storage Asset Details 546
RWE AG’s Tvrdonice Gas Storage Asset Details 548
RWE AG Pipeline Operations 549
Pipeline Operations, Czech Republic 549
Pipeline Operations, Norway 550
Pipeline Operations, United Kingdom 551
RWE AG’s Pipeline Details 552
RWE AG Gas Processing Operations 560
RWE AG Operations by Country 560
RWE AG, Gas Processing Plant Details 561
Key Employees 562
Key Employee Biographies 563
RWE AG – Major Products and Services 564
History 565
Company Statement 570
Locations And Subsidiaries 571
Head Office 571
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 571
Business Description 573
Business Overview 573
SWOT Analysis 575
Overview 575
RWE AG Strengths 575
RWE AG Weaknesses 576
RWE AG Opportunities 576
RWE AG Threats 577
RWE AG – Key Competitors 578
Recent Developments 579
Appendix 585
Market Definitions 585
Methodology 585
Coverage 585
Secondary Research 585
Primary Research 586
Expert Panel Validation 586
Contact Us 586
Disclaimer 586


■ タイトル:RWE AG:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013
■ 英文:RWE AG Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update
■ 発行日:2013年8月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161961
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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