【英文タイトル】Global Pneumonia Vaccine Market Outlook 2020



1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Pneumococcal Disease and Vaccine
4. Global Pneumonia Vaccine Market Outlook 2020
4.1 Key Geographical Markets
5. Regulatory Overview
5.1 United States
5.2 Europe
5.3 Rest of the World
5.3.1 India
5.3.2 China
5.3.3 Japan
6. Competitive Assessment
6.1 Market Share of Major Players
6.2 Company Profiles
6.2.1 GlaxoSmithKline Business Overview Key Financials Strengths and Weaknesses
6.2.2 Pfizer Business Overview Key Financials Strengths and Weaknesses
6.2.3 Merck Business Overview Key Financials Strengths and Weaknesses

List of Figures:

Figure 4-1: Relation between Country Income and Under-5 Child Deaths from Pneumonia
Figure 4-2: Impact of Childhood Conjugate Pneumococcal Immunization on Incidence of Disease in < 5 Years of Age Figure 4-3: Herd Immunity Impact of Childhood Pneumococcal Immunization in the US Figure 4-4: Pneumonia Vaccine Market (Million US$), 2009-2014 Figure 4-5: Pneumonia Vaccine Market (Million Doses), 2009-2014 Figure 4-6: Pneumonia Vaccine Market (Million US$), 2014-2020 Figure 4-7: Pneumococcal Vaccine Market by Geography (%), 2014 Figure 4-8: Percentage of Adults Aged 65 and over who had ever received a Pneumococcal Vaccination: United States, 1997-2013 Figure 4-9: Age-Adjusted Death Rates for Pneumonia in 2013: United States, 1999-2013 Figure 6-1: Pneumococcal Vaccine Market Value Share by Players (%), 2014 Figure 6-2: Pneumococcal Vaccine Market Volume Share by Players (%), 2014 Figure 6-3: GSK – Revenue by Geographic Segment (%), 2014 Figure 6-4: GSK – Revenue by Business Segment (%), 2014 Figure 6-5: GSK – Break-up of Revenue of Pharmaceutical and Vaccines Business Segment (%), 2014 Figure 6-6: GSK – Synflorix Sales (Million GBP), 2010-2014 Figure 6-7: Pfizer – Revenue by Geography (%), 2014 Figure 6-8: Pfizer – Revenue by Business Segment (%), 2014 Figure 6-9: Pfizer – Prevnar Family Sales (Million USD), 2010-2014 Figure 6-10: Merck – Revenue by Business Segment (%), 2014 Figure 6-11: Merck – Revenue by Geography (%), 2014 Figure 6-12: Merck – Pneumovax 23 Sales (Million USD), 2010-2014 List of Tables: Table 4-1: Current levels of coverage for interventions that prevent (vaccination) Pneumonia Table 6-1: GSK – Pneumonia Vaccine Portfolio Table 6-2: GSK – Key Financials (Million GBP), 2012-2014 Table 6-3: GSK – Strengths and Weaknesses Table 6-4: Pfizer – Pneumonia Vaccine Portfolio Table 6-5: Pfizer – Key Financials (Million US$), 2012-2014 Table 6-6: Pfizer – Strengths and Weaknesses Table 6-7: Merck – Pneumonia Vaccine Portfolio Table 6-8: Merck – Key Financials (Millions US$), 2012-2014 Table 6-9: Merck – Strengths and Weaknesses


■ タイトル:世界の肺炎ワクチン市場動向
■ 英文:Global Pneumonia Vaccine Market Outlook 2020
■ 発行日:2015年6月
■ 調査会社:RNCOS
■ 商品コード:RNCS50603
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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