RFID in Agriculture...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Introduction.. 5
Standards for RFID in Agriculture.. 7
Standardization Organizations and Processes. 8
Basic Organizations. 8
Standard development organizations. 9
Commercial organization. 10
Standardization Business Models. 12
Standardization of the Radio Frequency Spectrum.. 14
Low Frequency Band. 15
Short Wave Band. 16
High Frequency Band. 17
UHF Band. 18
Microwave Frequency Band 2.45 GHz. 19
Radar& HIPERLAN Frequency Band. 20
Standards and Inter-Operability Issues. 22
Recent Trends and Issues. 22
RFID in Agriculture – Latest Developments. 26
RFID implementation Case Studies. 29
Case Study – Cattle and Livestock Tracking Project. 30
Location – New Zealand. 30
Analysis. 30
Case Study – Meat Production Maintenance Unit. 33
Location – Norway. 33
Analysis. 33
Case Study – Monitoring Food Shipment with RFID.. 39
Location – United States of America. 39
Analysis. 39
Case Study – Minimizing Timber Movement cost in Forestry. 45
Location – Germany. 45
Analysis. 45
Case Study – Food Contamination – Beef Processing Plant. 53
Location – Canada. 53
Analysis. 53
Case Study – Animal Identification System.. 58
Location – United States of America. 58
Analysis. 58
Case Study – Food Processing and Vending Operations. 62
Location – United States of America. 62
Analysis. 62
Case Study – Agricultural Equipment Monitoring for Farmers. 65
Location – United States of America. 65
Analysis. 65
Case Study – Automated Food Quality. 68
Location – Japan. 68
Analysis. 68
Case Study – RFID in Dairy. 72
Location – United States of America. 72
Analysis. 72
Case Study – Quality Control in a Cheese Manufacturing Plant. 77
ocation – Germany. 77
Analysis. 77
Case Study – Harvests and Transport Monitoring in Farms. 81
Location – United States of America. 81
Analysis. 81
RFID Company Analysis. 86
Texas Instruments. 87
IBM.. 89
Motorola. 91
ThingMagic Inc. 94
UPM Raflatac. 95
Alien Technology. 97
Intermec. 99
Zebra Technologies. 102
WhereNet. 104
Impinj, Inc. 106
Identec Solutions. 108


■ タイトル:RFID in Agriculture
■ 発行日:2010年7月20日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240258
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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