Quantel Medical SA:市場シェア分析...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Quantel Medical SA Market Share Analysis



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 6
2 Introduction 8
2.1 What Is This Report About? 8
3 Definitions of Markets/Categories Covered 9
3.1 Ophthalmic Devices 9
3.1.1 Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment 9
3.1.2 Refractive Surgery Devices 9
4 Company Snapshot 10
4.1 Key Facts 10
4.2 Company Overview 10
4.3 Major Products and Services 11
4.3.1 Overview 11
5 Competitors 12
6 Competitive Landscape 13
6.1 Ophthalmic Devices (Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment), Global, Market Share (%), 2011 13
6.2 Quantel Medical SA, Ophthalmic Devices (Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment), by Region, Market Share (2011) 15
6.3 Quantel Medical SA, Ophthalmic Devices (Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment), by Country, Market Share (2011) 16
6.4 Ophthalmic Devices (Refractive Surgery Devices), Global, Market Share (%), 2011 18
6.5 Quantel Medical SA, Ophthalmic Devices (Refractive Surgery Devices), by Region, Market Share (2011) 20
6.6 Quantel Medical SA, Ophthalmic Devices (Refractive Surgery Devices), by Country, Market Share (2011) 21
7 Quantel Medical SA Medical Equipment Market Share Analysis by Category 23
7.1 Quantel Medical SA, Global, Category Revenue Share (2011) 23
7.2 Quantel Medical SA, Asia-Pacific, Category Revenue Share (2011) 25
7.2.1 Quantel Medical SA, Australia, Category Revenue Share (2011) 27
7.2.2 Quantel Medical SA, China, Category Revenue Share (2011) 29
7.2.3 Quantel Medical SA, India, Category Revenue Share (2011) 31
7.2.4 Quantel Medical SA, Japan, Category Revenue Share (2011) 33
7.2.5 Quantel Medical SA, Other Asia-Pacific, Category Revenue Share (2011) 35
7.3 Quantel Medical SA, Europe, Category Revenue Share (2011) 37
7.3.1 Quantel Medical SA, France, Category Revenue Share (2011) 39
7.3.2 Quantel Medical SA, Germany, Category Revenue Share (2011) 41
Quantel Medical SA, Italy, Category Revenue Share (2011) 43
7.3.3 Quantel Medical SA, Spain, Category Revenue Share (2011) 45
7.3.4 Quantel Medical SA, United Kingdom, Category Revenue Share (2011) 47
7.3.5 Quantel Medical SA, Other Europe, Category Revenue Share (2011) 49
7.4 Quantel Medical SA, Middle East and Africa, Category Revenue Share (2011) 51
7.5 Quantel Medical SA, North America, Category Revenue Share (2011) 53
7.5.1 Quantel Medical SA, Canada, Category Revenue Share (2011) 55
7.5.2 Quantel Medical SA, United States, Category Revenue Share (2011) 57
7.6 Quantel Medical SA, South and Central America, Category Revenue Share (2011) 59
7.6.1 Quantel Medical SA, Brazil, Category Revenue Share (2011) 59
7.6.2 Quantel Medical SA, Other South and Central America, Category Revenue Share (2011) 59
8 Key Employees 60
9 Locations And Subsidiaries 61
9.1 Head Office 61
9.2 Other Locations & Subsidiaries 61
10 Financial Deals Landscape 62
10.1 Quantel Medical SA, Deals Volume Summary, 2007 to YTD 2013 62
11 Quantel Medical SA Detailed Deal Summary 64
11.1 Partnerships 64
11.1.1 Iridex Enters Into Licensing Agreement With Quantel Medical For MicroPulse 64
11.1.2 QLT Ophthalmics Enters Into Co-Promotion Agreement With Quantel Medical And Quantel USA 65
11.1.3 Quantel Medical Enters Into Distribution Agreement With National Biological 66
11.2 Acquisition 67
11.2.1 Alma Lasers Completes Acquisition Of Quantel Derma, Developer Of Dermatologic Lasers 67
11.2.2 Quantel Medical Acquires WaveLight Aesthetic 68
12 Recent Developments 69
12.1 Financial Announcements 69
12.1.1 Aug 08, 2007: Quantel Declares Q2 2007 Results 69
12.1.2 May 10, 2007: Quantel Declares Q1 2007 Results 70
12.2 Product News 71
12.2.1 Nov 10, 2012: Quantel Medical Receives FDA Clearance For New SupraScan 577 Laser System 71
12.3 Product Approvals 71
12.3.1 Nov 10, 2012: Quantel Medical Receives FDA Clearance For New SupraScan 577 Laser System 71
13 Appendix 72
13.1 Research Methodology 73
13.2 Secondary Research 73
13.3 Primary Research 73
13.4 Models 74
13.5 Forecasts 74
13.6 Expert Panels 74
13.7 GlobalData Consulting 74
13.8 Currency Conversion 75
13.9 Contact Us 76
13.10 Disclaimer 76


■ タイトル:Quantel Medical SA:市場シェア分析
■ 英文:Quantel Medical SA Market Share Analysis
■ 発行日:2013年2月28日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403160550
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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