PharmaSphere: Early-Stage Technology Transfer Collaborations – Enabling Platform Technologies & Deal Synergies between Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】PharmaSphere: Early-Stage Technology Transfer Collaborations - Enabling Platform Technologies & Deal Synergies between Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 4
1.1 List of Tables 9
1.2 List of Figures 10
2 Introduction 11
2.1 Catalyst 11
2.2 Related Reports 12
2.3 About PharmaSphere Report Series 13
3 A Changing and Challenging Deal Making Landscape 14
3.1 Overview 14
3.2 Deal Drivers 15
3.2.1 The Patent Cliff 15
3.2.2 Deal-Adverse Environment 18
3.2.3 Spike in Regulatory Approvals but Innovation Gap Continues 22
3.2.4 FDA’s Proposal to Lower Regulatory Standards in Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Research 23
3.2.5 More Stringent Regulatory Regime in a Post-Vioxx and Avandia World 24
3.2.6 Viewpoint: Vioxx and Avandia Cases 25
4 An Unsustainable R&D Paradigm 27
4.1 Big Pharma’s Embrace of Disruptive Innovation May Fix Broken R&D Model 28
4.1.1 Pre-Competitive Information Sharing 28
4.1.2 Open-Source Patient Data 29
4.1.3 ‘Big Data’ and Drug Discovery 30
4.1.4 Tech Transfer in Action: Astellas Pharma Taps IT for Drug Discovery 31
4.1.5 Drug Recycling 31
4.1.6 Viewpoint: Drug Repurposing at NCATS 32
4.1.7 Tech Transfer in Action: Roche & Broad Join to Bring Failed Drugs Back from the Dead 33
5 Major Global Technology Transfer Alliances 34
5.1 The Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 34
5.2 Deals Overview 36
5.3 Biscayne Pharma Enters into Licensing Agreement with University of Miami for Growth Hormone-Releasing Technology 40
5.3.1 Deal Summary 40
5.3.2 Deal Analysis 40
5.4 Genoa Pharma Enters into Research Agreement with McMaster University for IPF 42
5.4.1 Deal Summary 42
5.4.2 Deal Analysis 42
5.5 AstraZeneca Partners with Vanderbilt University for Neuroscience Drug Discovery 44
5.5.1 Deal Summary 44
5.5.2 Deal Analysis 44
5.6 Trovagene Grants License for NPM1 Marker for AML to Duke University 45
5.6.1 Deal Summary 45
5.6.2 Deal Analysis 45
5.7 Synthetic Biologics and University of Texas Ink Research Deal to Fight Pertussis 47
5.7.1 Deal Summary 47
5.7.2 Deal Analysis 47
5.8 BMS and Vanderbilt University Sign Deal to Develop Drugs for Parkinson’s 49
5.8.1 Deal Summary 49
5.8.2 Deal Analysis 49
5.9 AstraZeneca and Broad Institute Partner to Advance Discovery of Antibacterial and Antiviral Agents 50
5.9.1 Deal Summary 50
5.9.2 Deal Analysis 50
5.10 Bayer HealthCare Opens New Lab Space – The CoLaborator – for Biotech Startups 51
5.10.1 Deal Summary 51
5.10.2 Deal Analysis 51
5.11 Novartis Enters into Licensing Agreement with Penn for CART-19 53
5.11.1 Deal Summary 53
5.11.2 Deal Analysis 53
5.12 Sanofi and BWH Agree to Develop Antibodies for Type 1 Diabetes 55
5.12.1 Deal Summary 55
5.12.2 Deal Analysis 55
5.13 AstraZeneca and Leading Academic Organizations Collaborate on Alzheimer’s Research 56
5.13.1 Deal Summary 56
5.13.2 Deal Analysis 56
5.14 Novo Nordisk Enters into R&D Agreement with JDRF for Type 1 Diabetes 57
5.14.1 Deal Summary 57
5.14.2 Deal Analysis 57
5.15 Large Pharmas Unite with the Genome Institute of Singapore to Combat Cancer in Asian Populations 58
5.15.1 Deal Summary 58
5.15.2 Deal Analysis 58
5.15.3 Tech Transfer in Action: National University Singapore Startup AyoxxA Biosystems 59
5.16 University of Washington and ‘Big Pharma’ Join Forces to Research Drug Transporters 60
5.16.1 Deal Summary 60
5.16.2 Deal Analysis 60
5.17 Pharma and the University of Dundee Create Consortium on Cell Signaling Research 61
5.17.1 Deal Summary 61
5.17.2 Deal Analysis 61
5.18 Novo Nordisk and Oxford Join to Identify Novel Biomarkers for Rheumatoid Arthritis 62
5.18.1 Deal Summary 62
5.18.2 Deal Analysis 62
5.19 Elan Corporation and University of Cambridge Enter into Joint Venture to Discover New Therapies Targeting Neurodegenerative Disorders 63
5.19.1 Deal Summary 63
5.19.2 Deal Analysis 63
5.20 GSK and Yale Partner to Develop New Drugs Targeting Disease-Causing Proteins 64
5.20.1 Deal Summary 64
5.20.2 Deal Analysis 64
5.21 Big Pharma Companies and Research Institutions Tackle Early-Stage Research TB 65
5.21.1 Deal Summary 65
5.21.2 Deal Analysis 65
5.22 Accuray Signs Collaboration Agreement with University of Heidelberg to Provide Cutting-edge Research in Radiation Oncology 66
5.22.1 Deal Summary 66
5.22.2 Deal Analysis 66
5.23 UCB and Oxford University Join to Focus on Developing Innovative Medicines for Immunological and Neurological Disorders 67
5.23.1 Deal Summary 67
5.23.2 Deal Analysis 67
5.24 Large Pharma and King’s College London Establish a Center to Tackle Autism 69
5.24.1 Deal Summary 69
5.24.2 Deal Analysis 69
5.25 Merck Establishes an Independent Non-profit Drug Research Institute – the California Institute for Biomedical Research 70
5.25.1 Deal Summary 70
5.25.2 Deal Analysis 70
5.26 J&J and University of Queensland Develop Drugs Using Spider Venom for Treating Pain 71
5.26.1 Deal Summary 71
5.26.2 Deal Analysis 71
5.27 Sanofi and UCSF Form a Pact to Work on New Treatments for Diabetes 73
5.27.1 Deal Summary 73
5.27.2 Deal Analysis 73
5.27.3 Tech Transfer in Action: Tufts University Spin-off Anchor Therapeutics 74
6 Future Outlook 76
7 Appendix 77
7.1 Research Methodology 77
7.1.1 Coverage 77
7.1.2 Secondary Research 77
7.1.3 Expert Panel Validation 78
7.2 About the Author 78
7.2.1 Analyst 78
7.3 Director, Healthcare Industry Dynamics 79
7.4 Global Head of Healthcare 79
7.5 About the Industry Dynamics Team 79
7.6 GlobalData 80
7.7 Contact Us 80
7.8 Disclosure Information 80
7.9 Disclaimer 80


■ タイトル:PharmaSphere: Early-Stage Technology Transfer Collaborations – Enabling Platform Technologies & Deal Synergies between Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry
■ 英文:PharmaSphere: Early-Stage Technology Transfer Collaborations - Enabling Platform Technologies & Deal Synergies between Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry
■ 発行日:2013年4月30日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
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