【英文タイトル】PC as a Service (PCaaS) Market by Offering (Hardware, Software, Services), Enterprise Type (SMEs, Large Enterprises), Vertical (IT & Telecommunications, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education, BFSI, Government), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2024



1 Introduction (Page No. – 16)
1.1 Study Objectives
1.2 Definition
1.3 Study Scope
1.3.1 Markets Covered
1.3.2 Years Considered
1.4 Currency
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Stakeholders
2 Research Methodology (Page No. – 19)
2.1 Research Data
2.1.1 Secondary Data Major Secondary Sources Key Data From Secondary Sources
2.1.2 Primary Data Breakdown of Primaries Key Data From Primary Sources Key Industry Insights
2.2 Market Size Estimation
2.2.1 Bottom-Up Approach Approach for Capturing Market Size By Bottom-Up Analysis
2.2.2 Top-Down Approach Approach for Capturing Market Size By Top-Down Analysis
2.3 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
2.4 Research Assumptions
3 Executive Summary (Page No. – 27)
4 Premium Insights (Page No. – 31)
4.1 Attractive Opportunities for Growth of PC as a Service Market
4.2 Global PCaaS Market, By Offering
4.3 Global PCaaS Market, By Enterprise Type
4.4 Global PCaaS Market, By Vertical
4.5 Global PCaaS Market, By Geography
5 Market Overview (Page No. – 34)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers Inclination Toward Opex Model Rather Than Capex Model Superior Benefits of PCaaS Business Model Additional Advantages of PCaaS Model Such as Flexibility and Scalability
5.2.2 Restraints Absence of Awareness in Field of PCaaS in Developing Countries Lack of Product Differentiation
5.2.3 Opportunities Probability of Adoption of PCaaS By Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Potential Demand for PCaaS in Untapped Regions – APAC and RoW Increase in Revenue of Msps By Offering PCaaS Solutions
5.2.4 Challenges Security and Data Protection Risks in BFSI
6 Industry Trends (Page No. – 39)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Value Chain Analysis
6.2.1 Solution Providers
6.2.2 Managed Service Providers
6.2.3 End Users
6.3 Industry Trends
6.3.1 Rising Trend of Oems Becoming Multibrand Hardware Providers
6.3.2 Growing Number of Managed Service Providers
7 PCaaS Market, By Offering (Page No. – 41)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Hardware
7.2.1 Desktops APAC to Account for Largest Demand of Desktops By 2024
7.2.2 Laptops, Notebooks, and Tablets Features Including Portability, and Reduced Workspace to Drive the Market for Laptops, Notebooks, and Tablets
7.3 Software
7.3.1 North America to Account for Largest Demand of Software By 2024
7.4 Services
7.4.1 Growing Demand for Support and Maintenance Services to Drive the Market for PCaaS
8 PCaaS Market, By Enterprise Type (Page No. – 48)
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
8.2.1 Shifting Sme’s Preference Towards Opex Business Model to Propel the Market for PCaaS
8.3 Large Enterprises
8.3.1 Reduction in IT Support and Procurement Workload to Create Demand for PCaaS in This Segment
9 PCaaS Market, By Vertical (Page No. – 53)
9.1 Introduction
9.2 IT & Telecommunications
9.2.1 North America to Account for Largest Demand of PCaaS By 2024
9.3 Healthcare & Life Sciences
9.3.1 The Growing Need to Provide Better Services to Patients to Drive the Market for PCaaS in Healthcare & Life Science Vertical
9.4 Education
9.4.1 Increasing Use of Technology to Develop and Train Students Effectively Will Propel the Market of PCaaS
9.5 Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
9.5.1 Increasing Awareness About PCaaS Solution in BFSI to Drive This Market
9.6 Government
9.6.1 Growing Interest of Government Agencies Towards PCaaS Solution to Drive This Market
9.7 Other (Retail and Manufacturing)
9.7.1 Retail and Manufacturing are the Major Contributors for PCaaS in This Segment
10 Geographic Analysis (Page No. – 61)
10.1 Introduction
10.2 North America
10.2.1 US US Provides A Suitable Environment, in Terms of Government Regulations and Compliance, for Startups and SMEs.
10.2.2 Canada and Mexico Rising Awareness to Boost PCaaS Adoption in These Countries
10.3 Europe
10.3.1 UK PCaaS Solution is Widely Being Used By Public and Private Organizations Across the UK
10.3.2 France France has Strong Economic Fundamentals and Robust and Knowledge-Intensive Industrial Structure
10.3.3 Germany Germany is Home to Leading Daas Providers Such as Chg-Meridian and Hemmersbach
10.3.4 Rest of Europe
10.4 APAC
10.4.1 Australia & New Zealand Leading PCaaS Companies Such as Lenovo, HP, and Dell have Recently Expanded Their Business in Australia
10.4.2 India HP is Amongst the Leading Companies That have Been Offering Daas in India
10.4.3 Japan Increasing Adoption of PCaaS in Education, Government, and BFSI Verticals is Driving Japanese Market
10.4.4 China China’s IT Industry has Experienced Impressive Growth in the Last Few Years
10.4.5 Rest of APAC
10.5 Rest of the World
10.5.1 Rising Demand for Service Offerings to Drive the Market for PCaaS in Rest of the World
11 Competitive Landscape (Page No. – 78)
11.1 Overview
11.2 Player Ranking Analysis: PCaaS Market
11.3 Competitive Leadership Mapping
11.3.1 Visionary Leaders
11.3.2 Dynamic Differentiators
11.3.3 Innovators
11.3.4 Emerging Companies
11.4 Competitive Situations and Trends
11.4.1 Product Launches and Developments
11.4.2 Agreements, Partnerships, Contracts, Joint Ventures, and Collaborations
11.4.3 Expansions and Investments
11.4.4 Mergers and Acquisitions
12 Company Profiles (Page No. – 86)
(Business Overview, Products and Solutions Offered, Recent Developments, SWOT Analysis, and MnM View)*
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Key Players
12.2.1 Lenovo
12.2.2 Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)
12.2.3 Dell Technologies
12.2.4 Compucom Systems (Office Depot)
12.2.5 Microsoft
12.2.6 Service IT Direct (Bizbang)
12.2.7 Starhub
12.2.8 Telia
12.2.9 Arrow Electronics
12.2.10 Shi International Corp.
12.3 Other Important Players
12.3.1 Softcat
12.3.2 Computer System Australia (CSA)
12.3.3 PC Connection
12.3.4 Hemmersbach
12.3.5 Atea Global Services (Atea Group)
12.3.6 Synnex Corporation
12.3.7 Zones
12.3.8 Chg-Meridian
12.3.9 Innova Technology Services
12.4 Key Innovators
12.4.1 Utopic Software
12.4.2 Intel Corporation
12.4.3 XMA Ltd
12.4.4 Capgemini
12.4.5 Ram-Tech PC Solutions
12.4.6 Panasonic Corporation
12.4.7 Computacentre
*Details on Business Overview, Products and Solutions Offered, Recent Developments, SWOT Analysis, and MnM View Might Not Be Captured in Case of Unlisted Companies.
13 Appendix (Page No. – 122)
13.1 Insights From Industry Experts
13.2 Discussion Guide
13.3 Knowledge Store: Marketsandmarkets’ Subscription Portal
13.4 Available Customizations
13.5 Related Reports
13.6 Author Details


■ タイトル:PCaaS(サービスとしてのPC)の世界市場予測(~2024年)
■ 英文:PC as a Service (PCaaS) Market by Offering (Hardware, Software, Services), Enterprise Type (SMEs, Large Enterprises), Vertical (IT & Telecommunications, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education, BFSI, Government), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2024
■ 発行日:2019年8月30日
■ 調査会社:MarketsandMarkets
■ 商品コード:SE 6219
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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