Ocular Hypertension:グローバル臨床試験レビューH1, 2014...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Ocular Hypertension Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2014



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 4
List of Figures 5
Introduction 6
Ocular Hypertension 6
Report Guidance 6
Clinical Trials by Region 7
Clinical Trials and Average Enrollment by Country 8
Top Five Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Asia-Pacific 10
Top Five Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Europe 11
Top Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in North America 12
Top Five Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Middle East and Africa 13
Top Five Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Central and South America 14
Clinical Trials by G7 Countries: Proportion of Ocular Hypertension to Ophthalmology Clinical Trials 15
Clinical Trials by Phase in G7 Countries 16
Clinical Trials in G7 Countries by Trial Status 17
Clinical Trials by E7 Countries: Proportion of Ocular Hypertension to Ophthalmology Clinical Trials 18
Clinical Trials by Phase in E7 Countries 19
Clinical Trials in E7 Countries by Trial Status 20
Clinical Trials by Phase 21
In Progress Trials by Phase 22
Clinical Trials by Trial Status 23
Clinical Trials by End Point Status 24
Unaccomplished Trials of Ocular Hypertension 25
Subjects Recruited Over a Period of Time 28
Clinical Trials by Sponsor Type 29
Prominent Sponsors 30
Top Companies Participating in Ocular Hypertension Therapeutics Clinical Trials 31
Prominent Drugs 33
Latest Clinical Trials News on Ocular Hypertension 34
Sep 27, 2012: Amakem Initiates Phase IIa Proof Of Concept Study With AMA0076 In Patients With Glaucoma And Ocular Hypertension 34
Aug 20, 2012: Ocular Therapeutix Commences Pilot Phase II Travoprost Punctum Plug Study For Treatment Of Glaucoma 34
Jun 13, 2012: Zeltia Subsidiary Sylentis Commences Phase II Clinical Trial With SYL040012 For Treatment Of Ocular Hypertension Associated With Glaucoma 35
Mar 13, 2012: NicOx, Bausch + Lomb’s Glaucoma Candidate BOL-303259-X Meets Primary Endpoint In Phase IIb Study 35
Feb 09, 2012: Altheos Initiates Phase IIa Clinical Trial For Its Lead Glaucoma Drug Candidate, ATS907 36
Clinical Trial Profiles 37
Clinical Trial Overview of Top Companies 37
Novartis AG 37
Clinical Trial Overview of Novartis AG 37
Allergan, Inc. 44
Clinical Trial Overview of Allergan, Inc. 44
Pfizer Inc. 49
Clinical Trial Overview of Pfizer Inc. 49
Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 52
Clinical Trial Overview of Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 52
Merck & Co., Inc. 54
Clinical Trial Overview of Merck & Co., Inc. 54
Kowa Company, Ltd. 55
Clinical Trial Overview of Kowa Company, Ltd. 55
QLT Inc. 56
Clinical Trial Overview of QLT Inc. 56
Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 57
Clinical Trial Overview of Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 57
Mati Therapeutics Inc. 58
Clinical Trial Overview of Mati Therapeutics Inc. 58
Bausch & Lomb Incorporated 59
Clinical Trial Overview of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated 59
Clinical Trial Overview of Top Institutes / Government 60
Medical University of Vienna 60
Clinical Trial Overview of Medical University of Vienna 60
Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki 61
Clinical Trial Overview of Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki 61
University of Sao Paulo 62
Clinical Trial Overview of University of Sao Paulo 62
The University of Tokyo 63
Clinical Trial Overview of The University of Tokyo 63
Meir Medical Center 64
Clinical Trial Overview of Meir Medical Center 64
Department of Health, South Africa 65
Clinical Trial Overview of Department of Health, South Africa 65
National Eye Institute 66
Clinical Trial Overview of National Eye Institute 66
Johns Hopkins University 67
Clinical Trial Overview of Johns Hopkins University 67
Walter Reed Army Medical Center 68
Clinical Trial Overview of Walter Reed Army Medical Center 68
Universita di Bologna 69
Clinical Trial Overview of Universita di Bologna 69
Five Key Clinical Profiles 70
Appendix 102
Abbreviations 102
Definitions 102
Research Methodology 103
Secondary Research 103
About GlobalData 104
Contact Us 104
Disclaimer 104
Source 105


■ タイトル:Ocular Hypertension:グローバル臨床試験レビューH1, 2014
■ 英文:Ocular Hypertension Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2014
■ 発行日:2014年1月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403163591
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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