Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 9
List of Figures 20
Company Snapshot 21
Company Overview 21
Key Information 21
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation , Exploration and Production Summary 22
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Fields under development 22
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation , Active Exploration Blocks, by Country, 2003-2012 22
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Crude Oil Production, by Country, 2003-2012 23
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Natural Gas Production, by Country, 2003-2012 24
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production By Fields 25
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Crude Oil Production 25
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Natural Gas Production 32
Crude Oil And Natural Gas Production Forecasts, 2013-2020 35
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Exploration Blocks Details 41
OPL 322’s Exploration Details 41
OPL 223’s Exploration Details 42
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Field Details 44
Abigborodo(Chevron) (OML49)’s Field Details 44
Abiteye (OML 49)’s Field Details 45
Abura (Shell)’s Field Details 45
Adibawa (OML 27)’s Field Details 46
Adibawa N/East (OML 27)’s Field Details 46
Adua (OML 70)’s Field Details 47
Afam (OML 11)’s Field Details 47
Afia (OML 100)’s Field Details 48
Afiesere (OML 30)’s Field Details 49
Afremo (OML 43)’s Field Details 53
Afuo’s Field Details 53
Agbada (OML 17)’s Field Details 54
Agbaya (OML 46)’s Field Details 54
Meren (OML 95)’s Field Details 123
Mfem (OML 67)’s Field Details 123
Middleton (OML 88)’s Field Details 124
Mina (OML 95)’s Field Details 124
Mini Nta (OML 22)’s Field Details 125
Nembe Creek (OML 29)’s Field Details 125
Nembe Creek East’s Field Details 126
Nimbe South’s Field Details 126
Nkali (OML 17)’s Field Details 127
North Apoi (OML 86)’s Field Details 128
Nun River (OML 32)’s Field Details 129
Obagi (OML 58)’s Field Details 129
Obagi / Erema (OML 58)’s Field Details 130
Obagi Deep (OML 58)’s Field Details 131
Obagi Gas-Cap’s Field Details 132
Obama (OML 63)’s Field Details 132
Obele (OML 22)’s Field Details 133
Oben (OML 4)’s Field Details 133
Obiafu (OML 61)’s Field Details 134
Obigbo North (OML 17)’s Field Details 135
Obrikom (OML 61)’s Field Details 137
Odeama Creek (OML 29)’s Field Details 137
Odidi (OML 42)’s Field Details 138
Odudu (OML 100)’s Field Details 138
Odugri (OML 60)’s Field Details 139
Ofon (OML 102)’s Field Details 140
Ogbogene (OML 61)’s Field Details 143
Ogbogene West’s Field Details 143
Ogini (OML 26)’s Field Details 144
Oguta (OML 20)’s Field Details 145
Ojumole’s Field Details 146
Okagba’s Field Details 146
Okan (OML 90)’s Field Details 147
Okpai’s Field Details 147
Okubie (OML 86)’s Field Details 148
Olo (OML 58)’s Field Details 148
Olomoro/Oleh (OML 30)’s Field Details 149
Omuro (OML 95)’s Field Details 153
Opolo (OML 95)’s Field Details 154
Opomoyo’s Field Details 154
Opuama (OML 40)’s Field Details 155
Opuekeba (OML 49)’s Field Details 157
Opukushi (OML 35)’s Field Details 158
Opukushi North’s Field Details 158
Oroni (OML 30)’s Field Details 159
Orubiri (OML 18)’s Field Details 163
Oshi (OML 61)’s Field Details 164
Osiama Creek (OML 63)’s Field Details 164
Oso (OML 70)’s Field Details 165
Otumara (OML 43)’s Field Details 166
Ovhor (OML 41)’s Field Details 167
Oweh (OML 30)’s Field Details 168
Parabe/Eko (OML 95)’s Field Details 172
Pennington (OML 88)’s Field Details 172
Pirigbene (OML 63)’s Field Details 173
Roberkiri’s Field Details 173
Rumuekpe (OML 22)’s Field Details 174
Saghara (OML 43)’s Field Details 174
Samabiri East’s Field Details 175
Santa Barbara (OML 29)’s Field Details 175
Santa Barbara South’s Field Details 176
Sapele (OML 41)’s Field Details 176
Seibou (OML 35)’s Field Details 177
Soku (OML 23)’s Field Details 178
Tapa (OML 95)’s Field Details 179
Taylor Creek (OML 61)’s Field Details 179
Tebidaba (OML 63)’s Field Details 180
Tunu (OML 46)’s Field Details 181
Ubefan (OML 42)’s Field Details 182
Ubie (OML 22)’s Field Details 183
Ubit (OML 67)’s Field Details 185
Ugada (OML 20)’s Field Details 186
Ughelli East (OML 34)’s Field Details 187
Ughelli West (OML 34)’s Field Details 187
Umuechem (OML 17)’s Field Details 188
Umuoru (OML 61)’s Field Details 188
Unam (OML 67)’s Field Details 189
Usari (OML 70)’s Field Details 189
Utonana (OML 49)’s Field Details 190
Utorogo’s Field Details 190
Utue (OML 67)’s Field Details 191
Uzere East (OML 28)’s Field Details 191
Uzere West (OML 30)’s Field Details 192
West Isan’s Field Details 196
Yoho (OML 104)’s Field Details 197
Otamini (OML 17)’s Field Details 197
Irri (OML 26)’s Field Details 198
Obr/Obi’s Field Details 198
Ogbainbiri (OML 63)’s Field Details 199
Idoho North’s Field Details 199
Ossiomo (OML 98)’s Field Details 200
Asaboro South (OML 98)’s Field Details 200
Ona (OML 98)’s Field Details 201
Ologbo (OML 98)’s Field Details 201
Ogharefe (OML 98)’s Field Details 202
Egina (OML 130)’s Field Details 203
Ofon Phase II (OML 102)’s Field Details 206
Akpo (OML 130)’s Field Details 210
Uge (OPL 214)’s Field Details 223
Etisong Field(OML 102)’s Field Details 223
Ikike (OML 99)’s Field Details 224
PRIGBENE S. E.’s Field Details 224
ISOKO SOUTH’s Field Details 225
OLEH’s Field Details 225
ALINSO’s Field Details 226
Sonam’s Field Details 226
Ozoro’s Field Details 227
Aboh (OML 26)’s Field Details 228
Ovo’s Field Details 229
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation LNG Operations 230
LNG Operation by Country, Liquefaction, 2005-2017 230
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Liquefaction Terminal Details 231
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Oil and Chemical Storage Operations 242
Oil and Chemical Storage Operations by Country, 2005-2017 242
Oil and Chemical Storage Operation 242
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Oil and Chemical Storage Terminal Asset Details 244
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Pipeline Operations 253
Pipeline Operations, Nigeria 253
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Pipeline Details 260
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Tanker Operations 305
Tanker Operation, LNG Tankers 305
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s LNG Tanker Asset Details 306
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Refining Operations 316
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Total Refining Capacity, 2005-2017 316
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Refining Operation, Nigeria 316
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Refining Asset Details 319
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation FSO Operations 333
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation FSO by Field Countries 333
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, FSO Details 334
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Gas Processing Operations 335
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Operations by Country 335
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Gas Processing Plant Details 336
Key Employees 343
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation – Major Products and Services 344
History 345
Company Statement 347
Locations And Subsidiaries 348
Head Office 348
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 348
Business Description 350
Business Overview 350
Refineries 351
Retail 352
Upstream 352
SWOT Analysis 354
Overview 354
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Strengths 354
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Weaknesses 355
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Opportunities 355
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Threats 356
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation – Key Competitors 357
Recent Developments 358
Appendix 364
Market Definitions 364
Methodology 364
Coverage 364
Secondary Research 365
Primary Research 365
Expert Panel Validation 365
Contact Us 365
Disclaimer 366


■ タイトル:Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013
■ 英文:Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update
■ 発行日:2013年8月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161885
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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