Next Generation Network Application Market Outlook and Business Drivers...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



1. Executive Summary 4
2. NGN Market Outlook and Forecast 5
2.1. SDP Forecasts 5
2.1.1. Markets for SDP Solutions5
2.1.2. Functional Break-up of SDP Solutions Revenue 6
2.1.3. Mediawise Break-up of SDP Solutions Revenue 7
2.1.4. Geographical Segmentation of SDP Solutions Revenues 9
2.1.5. Markets for SOA Platforms15
2.2. IMS Forecasts 18
2.2.1. Overall Metrics 18
2.2.2. Video Telephony 22
2.2.3. Unified Messaging 26
2.2.4. Push to Talk (PTT) 29
2.2.5. Wireless Wireline Convergence 32
2.2.6. Online Gaming 35
2.2.7. Video on Demand (VOD) 38
2.3. Outlook by Region 41
2.4. Outlook by Operator Type 41
2.5. Outlook by Application 41
2.6. New Business Opportunities 42
3. NGN Business Case Analysis 43
3.1. Overall Business Case Portfolio 43
3.1.1. Application Monetization Categories 43
3.1.2. Revenue Inputs to the Business Case 44
3.2. Application Trends 45
3.2.1. The Initial Application: Voice 45
3.2.2. The Multi-screen Offering Strategy 47
3.2.3. High Bandwidth Evolution48
3.2.4. Everything Goes to the Cloud 49
3.2.5. Bearer Services Become Completely Commoditized 50
3.2.6. Dependence on VAS Applications for Profits 51
3.2.7. Application Migration Cross Platforms 52
3.2.8. Completely New Applications 53
3.2.9. The Adolescence of the NGN to Cause Turmoil 56
3.3. Application Analysis 60
3.3.1. Presence 60
3.3.2. Dynamic Address Book 67
3.3.3. Personalized Communications and Information 68
3.3.4. Universal Prepay 69
3.3.5. Consumer and Business Voice Services 70
3.3.6. Rich Calls 71
3.3.7. Video Calls 72
3.3.8. NGN Messaging 73
3.3.9. Unified Communications 75
3.3.10. Push-to-X 77
3.3.11. Wireless-Wireline Convergence 77
3.3.12. Entertainment 78
3.3.13. Video on Demand 80
3.3.14. Community of Interest Communications81
3.3.15. Augmented Reality 82
3.3.16. Universal Billing 84
3.3.17. Social Networking 85
3.3.18. Services Blending 85
3.3.19. Advertising 85
3.4. The Multi-Application Operational Challenges and Solutions 86
3.4.1. Operational Services Mediation: Longer-term View 86
3.4.2. Operational Services Mediation: Intermediate-term View 88
3.4.3. Operational Services Mediation: Short-term View 89
3.4.4. Business Issue: Third Parties and Service Level Agreements (SLA) 90
3.4.5. Business Issue: Dealing with Virtual Network Operators (VNO) 92
3.5. NGN OSS/BSS Analysis and Market Forecast 95
3.5.1. What is NGN OSS/BSS? 95
3.5.2. Drivers for NGN OSS/BS 96
3.5.3. Challenges for NGN OSS/BS 98
3.5.4. NGN OSS Challenges 98
3.5.5. NGN BSS Challenges 99
3.5.6. NGN Solutions and Forecasts 100
4. Appendix: NGN Technologies 106
4.1. Technical Overview of IMS and SDP 106
4.1.1. SDP Architecture 106
4.1.2. SDP and OSS/BSS107
4.1.3. IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) 108
4.1.4. Technologies Supporting IMS 112 IMS and SIP 112


■ タイトル:Next Generation Network Application Market Outlook and Business Drivers
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