【英文タイトル】OLED Materials Markets – 2014



Executive Summary: Strategies and Opportunities
E.1 Changes in the OLED Market Since Our 2013 Report
E.1.1 Small Displays are Getting Bigger: Implications for Materials
E.1.2 OLED TVs Have Not Yet Arrived: A Massive Uncertainty for the OLED Materials Space
E.1.3 OLED Lighting: Do Materials Suppliers Still Care?
E.1.4 Solution Processed OLED Materials: State of the Art
E.2 Supply Chain Developments
E.2.1 The Novaled Acquisition
E.2.2 Developments at UDC
E.2.3 Ongoing Opportunities for Major Specialty Chemical Companies
E.2.4 The Growing Importance of Chinese Suppliers
E.2.5 The Future Japanese OLED Materials Players
E.3 IP Matters
E.4 Summaries of OLED Materials Eight-Year Forecasts

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background to this Report
1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report
1.3 Methodology of this Report
1.4 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: End User Markets and Supply Chain
2.1 Samsung and its Materials Suppliers
2.1.2 Implications of the Novaled Acquisition
2.2 Universal Display Corporation’s Central Role
2.3 Other Cell Phone/Tablet Suppliers
2.3.1 Likely Use of OLEDs
2.3.2 Will Apple Ever Adopt OLEDs?
2.3.3 Opportunities for Supplying OLED Materials to non-Samsung Cell Phone/Tablet Makers
2.4 The OLED TV Market
2.4.1 Scenarios for Market Evolution
2.4.2 Potential Role for Solution Processing
2.4.3 Likely Materials Suppliers and Materials Supply Chain Evolution for OLED TVs
2.5 OLED Lighting
2.5.1 Scenarios for Market Evolution
2.5.2 Special Requirements for Materials and Processes in Lighting Applications
2.5.3 Likely Materials Suppliers and Materials Supply Chain Evolution for OLED TVs
2.6 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Three: OLED Materials and Eight-Year Market Forecasts
3.1 Forecasting Methodology and Assumptions
3.1.1 Changes from Last Year’s Forecast
3.1.2 OLED Materials Pricing Assumptions
3.1.3 General Economic Assumptions
3.2 Panel Area Forecasts for OLED Panels by Application: Displays and Lighting
3.3 Eight-Year Forecasts of OLED Emissive Layer Materials
3.3.1 Emitters and Hosts in OLED Displays
3.3.2 Emitters and Hosts in OLED Lighting
3.3.3 Summary of Forecasts for Emissive Layer Materials
3.4 Eight-Year Forecasts of Electron Transport Materials
3.4.1 ETLs in OLED Displays
3.4.2 ETLs in OLED Lighting
3.4.3 Summary of Forecasts for ETL Materials in OLEDs
3.5 Eight-Year Forecasts of Hole Transport, Hole Blocking, and Electron Blocking Materials
3.5.1 HTL/HBL/EBL Materials in OLED Displays
3.5.2 HTL/HBL/EBL Materials in OLED Lighting
3.5.3 Summary of HTL/HBL/EBL Materials
3.6 Eight-Year Forecasts of Hole Injection Layer Materials
3.6.1 HIL Materials in OLED Displays
3.6.2 HIL Materials in OLED Lighting
3.6.3 Summary of HIL Materials
3.7 Eight-Year Forecasts of Electrode Materials in OLEDs
3.8.1 Cathode Materials
3.8.2 Anode Materials
3.8.3 Summary of Forecasts for Electrodes in OLEDs
3.9 OLED Encapsulation Material Forecasts
3.10 Eight-Year Forecasts of Substrates in OLEDs
3.10.1 Materials Used As OLED Substrates
3.10.2 Substrates in OLED Displays
3.10.3 Substrates in OLED Lighting
3.10.4 Summaries of Forecasts for Substrates in OLEDs–Glass, Plastic, and Metal
3.11 Summaries of Eight-Year Forecasts of OLED Materials
3.11.1 Summaries of Forecasts for Core Functional OLED Materials
3.11.2 Grand Total Summaries of All OLED Materials
3.12 Alternative Scenarios

Acronyms and Abbreviations
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■ 英文:OLED Materials Markets – 2014
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