【英文タイトル】OLED Lighting Markets-2014



Executive Summary
E.1 Major changes in the OLED lighting market since NanoMarkets’ 2013 report
E.2 Will OLED lighting ever be more than a luxury niche? An honest assessment.
E.3 Who will shape the future of OLED lighting sector: six players to watch
E.4 Geographies: Thoughts on national and regional markets for OLED lighting
E.4.1 The role of China in the future of OLED lighting
E.4.2 Japan: losing market share?
E.4.3 Korea: the new home of OLED lighting?
E.4.4 Europe: Number one in lighting design, but less concerned with environmentalism
E.4.5 OLED lighting in the United States
E.5 Opportunities for OLED lighting startups
E.6 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts of OLED Lighting Markets
E.6.1 Production capacity trends
E.6.2 Alternative revenue scenarios for OLED lighting
E.7 Implications for the OLED materials sector

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background to this new report
1.2 Objectives and scope of this report
1.3 Methodology and information sources
1.4 Plan of this report

Chapter Two: Manufacturing, Materials and Performance Trends Shaping the OLED Lighting Commercialization
2.1 Performance factors shaping the OLED lighting market
2.1.1 The future of OLEDs as efficient lighting
2.1.2 Making OLED lighting panels bigger: prospects and current trends
2.1.3 OLED lifetime trends: implications for OLED lighting
2.1.4 Trends in OLED luminance and their impact on the addressable market for OLED lighting
2.1.5 Color warmth
2.1.6 Flexible/curved OLED lighting: do we need it?
2.2 Manufacturing factors shaping the OLED lighting market
2.2.1 What we know (and don’t know) about OLED yield trends
2.2.2 Materials trends for OLED lighting
2.2.2 Printed OLED lighting: the same old story?
2.3 Expectations for OLED lighting manufacturing capacity
2.3.1 Plans announced by OLED lighting firms for increased capacity
2.3.2 Capital expenditure required for OLED lighting manufacturing facilities
2.3.3 Eight-year forecasts of OLED lighting manufacturing capacity
2.4 Standardization efforts and their importance for the future the OLED lighting market
2.5 Key points from this chapter

Chapter Three: Addressable Markets for OLED Lighting: Actual and Potential
3.1 Market forecasting methodology
3.1.1 Forecasting assumptions
3.2 Costs and prices for OLED lighting
3.2.1 Expected cost trends for OLED panels: costs per unit and costs per lumen
3.2.2 Cost and other factors impacting OLED lighting prices
3.3 OLED luminaire trends: design, cost and other factors
3.4 Designer and sample kits
3.4.1 Do these kits have a future in a mature OLED lighting market
3.4.2 Eight-year forecast of OLED lighting designer kits

3.5 Office lighting
3.5.1 Is office lighting the “killer app” for OLED lighting?
3.5.2 Eight-year forecast of OLED office lighting

3.6 OLED lighting in the home
3.6.1 Is there potential for residential lighting in the home beyond luxury lighting?
3.6.2 Eight-year forecast of residential OLED lighting

3.7 Potential for use of OLEDs in outdoor lighting
3.7.1 Encapsulation issues
3.7.2 Possible outdoor uses for OLED lighting
3.7.3 Eight-year forecast of non-automotive outdoor OLED lighting
3.7 OLED lighting in the car and other vehicles
3.7.1 Internal applications
3.7.2 External applications
3.7.3 Eight-year forecast of OLED automotive lighting

3.8 Large-scale OLED lighting installations
3.8.1 Showrooms, exhibitions and bars
3.8.2 Eight-year forecast of OLEDs in large-scale installations
3.9 Summary of eight-year forecasts for OLED lighting
3.10 Key points from this chapter

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■ タイトル:OLED照明市場2014
■ 英文:OLED Lighting Markets-2014
■ 発行日:2014年5月8日
■ 調査会社:Nanomarkets
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