Flexible Glass Markets, 2014 and Beyond...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Flexible Glass Markets, 2014 and Beyond



Executive Summary
E.1 Flexible Glass Loses its Shine
E.1.1 Corning Deemphasizes “Willow”
E.1.2 Other Strategies in the Flexible Glass Market
E.2 Shifts in End Applications
E.2.1 Apple Rumors Affect the Flexible Glass Market
E.2.2 Heading Away from Displays: Emerging Applications for Flexible Glass
E.2.3 When Will the Mainstream Cell Phone and Tablet Market Need Flexible Glass?
E.3 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts for Flexible Glass

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 What’s New Since NanoMarkets’ Previous Report on Flexible Glass?
1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report
1.3 Methodology of this Report
1.4 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: Alternative Applications
2.1 Displays No Longer Leading the Way
2.1.1 Mobile Displays
2.1.2 What’s Wrong with Flexible Glass
2.1.3 The Future of Flexible Glass in the Display Sector
2.2 Semiconductor Packaging – A Long Shot or a Good Idea?
2.2.1 Interposers Today
2.2.2 The Role of Glass in Interposers
2.2.3 Groups Working with Thin Glass Interposers
2.2.4 The Future of Thin Glass Interposers
2.3 Smaller Glass: Batteries and Supercapacitors
2.3.1 Target Markets for Flexible Glass
2.3.2 What Good Is Flexible Glass in the Battery/Supercap Segment?
2.3.3 The Future of Flexible Glass in the Battery/Supercap Segment
2.4 Larger Glass: OLED Lighting and Solar Panels
2.4.1 Prospects for Flexible Glass in OLED Lighting
2.4.2 Flexible Glass in PV: Does It Stand A Chance?
2.5 What Application Will be Just Right?
2.6 Key Points from This Chapter

Chapter Three: Suppliers Adapt to the Changing Fortunes of Flexible Glass
3.1 Challenges to the Adoption of Flexible Glass
3.1.1 The High-Cost of Flexible Glass
3.1.2 Flexible Glass: Performance Today
3.1.3 Manufacturing Infrastructure for Flexible Glass
3.1.4 Materials Competition for Flexible Glass
3.2 Corning Changes Its Tune
3.2.1 History and Retreat
3.2.2 Willow: The Future
3.3 Schott Looks to the Future
3.3.1 Production Quantities Today
3.3.2 Schott’s Thin Glass Applications Development
3.3.3 Manufacturing Strategies for Thin Glass at Schott
3.4 Asahi Glass Company (AGC) Takes a Different Approach
3.4.1 Thin Glass Product Strategies at AGC
3.4.2 Manufacturing and Applications Strategies:
3.5 Nippon Electric Glass Focuses on Coatings
3.5.1 NEG Flexible Glass Product Strategy
3.5.2 Possible Applications for Ultrathin Glass
3.6 Key Points from This Chapter

Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecasts for Flexible Glass

4.1 Forecasting Methodology
4.1.1 Addressable Markets for Flexible Glass
4.1.2 Penetration Rates for Flexible Glass
4.1.3 Sources of Data
4.1.4 Pricing Assumptions for Flexible Glass
4.1.5 General Economic and Technology Assumptions
4.1.6 Assumptions About Encapsulation
4.2 Eight-Year Forecast of Flexible Glass In Displays
4.2.1 Flexible Glass for Cell Phones
4.2.2 Flexible Glass for Other Computer Displays–Including Tablets
4.2.3 Flexible Glass for OLED versus LCD Displays
4.3 Eight-Year Forecast of Flexible Glass In OLED Lighting
4.4 Eight-Year Forecast of Flexible Glass In Solar Panels
4.5 Eight-Year Forecast of Flexible Glass In Batteries and Capacitors
4.6 Eight-Year Forecast of Flexible Glass In Semiconductor Interposers
4.7 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts of Flexible Glass
Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
About the Authors

List of Exhibits

Exhibit E-1: Potential Value of Flexible Glass in Cell Phones and Tablets
Exhibit E-2: Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts of Flexible Glass ($Millions)
Exhibit 2-1: Comparison of Silicon and Glass as Interposers
Exhibit 2-2: Moisture Sensitivity of Various PV Technologies
Exhibit 2-3: Analysis of Market Opportunities for Flexible Glass
Exhibit 4-1: Market for Flexible Glass in Cell Phones: 2014-2021
Exhibit 4-2: Market for Flexible Glass in Computer Displays: 2014-2021 (Tablets, Laptops, Notebooks, Monitors)
Exhibit 4-3: Market for Flexible Glass in Displays: Summary ($ Millions)
Exhibit 4-4: Market for Flexible Glass in OLED Lighting: 2014-2021
Exhibit 4-5: Market for Flexible Glass in PV: 2014-2021
Exhibit 4-6: Market for Flexible Glass for Battery and Capacitor Applications: 2014-2021
Exhibit 4-7: Market for Flexible Glass as Interposers: 2014-2021
Exhibit 4-8: Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts of Flexible Glass ($Millions)


■ タイトル:Flexible Glass Markets, 2014 and Beyond
■ 英文:Flexible Glass Markets, 2014 and Beyond
■ 発行日:2014年3月16日
■ 調査会社:Nanomarkets
■ 商品コード:Nano-709
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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