MVNO, MVNE, and MNO Service Level Agreements (SLA)...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Why is it important to have an SLA?
SLA’s in the MVNO World
Sample Service Level Agreement (SLA)
MVNO Billing through Wholesale Line Rental
1. Review

2. Dispute Resolution

3. Metrics

4. Definitions
4.5. Unconfirmed Clear
4.7. Confirmed Clear Permanent
4.8. Parked Time
4.9. Establishment of Contact Points
4.10. Reoccurring faults
4.11. Fault escalation

5. Fault Escalation Process

6. SLA Schedule

Table 2-Forecasting
Table 3-Fault resolution
Table 4-Billing data
Table 5-Systems availability

Appendix 1- Exclusions
Appendix 2- Guidelines for Payment of Penalty Credits
Appendix 3 – Parked Time
Appendix 4 – General Dispute Process
Appendix 5 – Wholesale Usage Invoicing & dispute process


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