【英文タイトル】MarketVIEW: Human metapneumovirus vaccines - Global vaccine commercial opportunity assessment



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****This product is composed of two forecast models and a summary presentation
Author’s note
Executive summary
Executive summary: monovalent or bivalent strategy?
Commercial model: key model outputs
Human metapneumovirus vaccines: global forecast revenue per scenario (all, $m) to 2035
Human metapneumovirus vaccines: global forecast volume per scenario (all, 000s doses) to 2035
hMPV vaccines: Base scenario (monovalent) volume and value by segment to 2035
hMPV vaccines: High scenario (bivalent) volume and value by segment to 2035
hMPV vaccines: Base scenario (monovalent) volume and value by country to 2035
hMPV vaccines: High scenario (bivalent) volume and value by country to 2035
hMPV vaccines: country market share by volume and value in 2035
hMPV vaccines: volume (000s) for the adult segment by group
hMPV vaccines: value share for the adult segment by group
Commercial summary: hMPV monovalent vs bivalent vaccines
Human metapneumovirus: Disease background and epidemiology
Human metapneumovirus: the pathogen
Geographical distribution of hMPV serotypes
Transmission and seasonality of hMPV
Diagnosis of hMPV
Clinical presentation of hMPV
Epidemiology of hMPV
Morbidity and mortality associated with hMPV
Risk factors for hMPV and severe hMPV
Economic burden of hMPV
hMPV and respiratory syncytial virus: comparison and coinfection
hMPV and RSV: disease parameters comparison
Risk factors for hMPV and RSV are similar
RSV and hMPV: age and probability of infection
Treatment strategies for hMPV
hMPV: treatment strategies under development
hMPV: treatment strategies under development (cont..)
Vaccination against hMPV: rationale and approaches
Unmet need for an hMPV vaccine and historical approaches
Approaches to hMPV vaccination (1): inactivated vaccines
Approaches to hMPV vaccination (1): inactivated vaccines (cont..)
Approaches to hMPV vaccination (2): live attenuated vaccines (LAVs)
Approaches to hMPV vaccination (3): subunit vaccines
Approaches to hMPV vaccination (4): virus-like particle (VLP) vaccines and recombinant BCG vaccines
Approaches to hMPV vaccination (5): epitope vaccines
Key factors in hMPV vaccine development
hMPV vaccines in development: Overview of current R&D
Chimeric rhMPV-Pa (NIAID)
Vanderbilt University
hMPV vaccines: R&D pipeline
Possibility of creating multivalent hMPV and RSV (and PIV) vaccines
hMPV vaccines: Target product profiles
hMPV vaccines: monovalent vaccine target product profile (TPP)
hMPV vaccines: bivalent vaccine target product profile (TPP)
hMPV vaccines: modelling commercial potential
Modelling scenarios: Base (monovalent vaccine)
Modelling scenarios: High (bivalent vaccine)
Modelling scenarios: summary
Pricing: infant immunisation (monovalent, Base model)
Pricing: adult immunisation (monovalent, Base model)
Pricing: bivalent vaccine (High model)
Methodology: populations
Methodology: coverage
Modelling: summary of start/peak coverage rates (US)
Model limitations and caveats
Influenza immunisation rates amongst eligible people in the 5EU countries54
RSV vaccine development pipeline (PATH)
About VacZine Analytics

*** PAGES: ~75 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf form


■ タイトル:ヒトメタニューモウイルス(hMPV)ワクチンの世界市場機会分析
■ 英文:MarketVIEW: Human metapneumovirus vaccines - Global vaccine commercial opportunity assessment
■ 発行日:2015年6月
■ 調査会社:VacZine Analytics
■ 商品コード:MR-VAMV062
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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