Mobile Value Added Service (VAS): Markets, Applications, and Opportunities...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Abstract 9
Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) 11
Prepaid Services 11
Mobile Prepaid Services 13
Trident Telecom and Prepaid Services 15
Other MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) 16
TCP/IP on a Mobile Network 20
Mobile IP: Routing Packets to Mobile Nodes 20
TCP 22
The Mobile Internet: Early Vendors 23
Transatel 24
OSA-Parlay 25
Messaging Services 28
Introduction 28
Mailbox 30
Advertising via e-mail Publicity 31
InXmail 32
Phonotics 34
Viruses and Spam 34
Contentsmartz and e-mail Publicity 35
Short Message Service and its Applications 36
B2C Aspect of SMS 36
82Ask 38
Automatic Alerting Services 39
Premium-rate SMS Scam 39
Goldenbytes 40
RAC 40
Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) 40
Celltick 41
(MMS) Multimedia Messaging Service 41
NowSMS 43
Mozat 44
Anny Way MMS 44
Cycos AG 46
Open Interface for Unified Messaging 46
Redknee 46
Kabira Technologies 47
Oksijen Teknoloji 47
Digital Content 47
Introduction 47
Content Delivery 48
Premium Content 49
Charging via Premium Content 50
Online Billing Service Providers 50
WAP (Wireless Applicant Protocol) 51
WAP Architecture 53
WAP Protocol Stacks 54
WAP Legacy Protocol Stack 54
Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP) 55
WAP Protocol Stack with Built in IP 56
The Wireless Application Environment 57
The WAP Microbrowser 57
The Wireless Telephony Applications Interface 58
WAP Usability 58
Third Party Payment Provider 60
Marketing Business Models in WAP 60
Efficiency Models 61
Advertising Models 61
Flat fees: 62
Traffic-Based Fees: 62
Performance-Based Fees: 62
Revenue-Sharing Business Models 63
Content Aggregators 64
Mobile Network Operators 64
Open-Source WAP Gateway 66
WAP Security 67
WAP Security (WIM module) 67
Payment Providers and Third-Party Organization 69
Mobile Manufacturers 69
Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs) 70
Location Information Vendors 71
I-Mode Portal 73
Mobile Banking Service 76
Webraska’s Smart Zone Platform 77
Proliferation of Mobile Devices 78
GPRS and EDGE 80
Fourth-Generation Technologies 80
Bluetooth 80
Patterns of Global Diffusion of M-Commerce Technology 81
The Evolution of Wireless, and Mobile Network 83
Overview 83
Convergence of Mobile Telecommunication Networks and Internet 83
Advantages of Wireless Networks to mobile VAS 84
Popularity 84
Mobility 84
Ease of Deployment 85
Push Content 85
Push Proxy Gateway Providers 87
Streaming Content 87
Encoding and Coding into a Packet Stream 89
Vendors of Streaming Solutions 91
Pay-Per Stream Scheme 91
OSA-Parlay Mediation Interface 93
Mobile VAS Challenges 94
Mobile Devices Limitations 94
Absence of Killer Application(s) 97
User Distrust 97
Strategy Changes 97
Investment Risk 97
Network Obstacles 98
Incompatible Networks 98
Bandwidth Access 98
Security Concerns 98
Infrastructure Problems 98
Competing Web Languages 98
Seamless Integration 99
Legal Concerns 99
Middleware Issues 99
Develop Content Delivery and a Format for Mobile Commerce 99
Improve Mobile Access to Databases 99
Explore Agent Technologies 100
The Development of Mobile VAS 100
VAS Platform 101
The Evolution of Mobile VAS 102
Cellular Networks 103
Mobile Networks 104
Wireless Networks 104
Conclusion 104
Presence 105
Immediate Communications 107
On-Demand Communications 108
Triggered Communications 108
Periodic Communications 108
Location Based Service 109
Introduction 109
LBS in General 110
Techniques 110
Cell ID?Based Location 111
Terminal-Based Location Techniques 112
Global Positioning System (GPS) 113
GPS Disadvantages 114
Location Architecture and Interfaces 115
Protocols Based on Plain-Text XML 115
Roaming Location Protocol (RLP) 116
Difference between MLP and RLP 118
Adding Location Value 118
Applications and Content 119
Gaming 121
How to Implement a Location Based Game 123
LBS Regulations 125
M-commerce 125
Convergence of Mobile Telecommunication Networks and Internet 127
Features of Mobile Commerce 128
Ubiquity 129
Reachability 130
Localization 130
Personalization 130
Dissemination 130
Conclusion 131
Information Exchange Technology 132
HTML 132
XML 132
WML 133
SMS 133
Location Identification Technology 133
M-Commerce Value Chain 133
The Main Participants in Mobile Commerce 134
Mobile Commerce Payment Methods, and its Security 135
Payment Methods 136
Requirements of Mobile Commerce Security 137
Basics of Security 137
Mobile Security 139
Network Infrastructure and Security 139
WLAN Standards 140
WAP Security 143
Payment Methods in M-Commerce 144
Content Download 145
Point of Sale 145
Content on Device 145
Mobile Payment Methods 145
“In-Band” Payment Method 147
Proximity 147
Common Issues of Mobile Payment 147
Payment Lifecycle 148
Conclusion 148
Mobile Markets and the Future of Mobile Value Added Services 149
Introduction 149
Strengths 149
Weaknesses 150
Opportunities 151
Threats 151
Conclusion 152
Telecommunication Markets World Wide 152
Introduction 152
African Mobile Telecommunications Market 153
Overview 153
Market Overview in Africa 153
Companies Strategies 157
Vimplecom, and Wind Emerging 161
Conclusion 161
The European Mobile Telecommunications Market 162
Overview 162
Mobile License Distribution 162
The European Market Analysis 169
The Analysis of the Major Operators in Europe (T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone) 174
Conclusion 177
The Latin American Mobile Market 178
Introduction 178
The Market in the Past 179
The Market in 2004 180
The Market in 2005 182
The Market in 2006 183
The Market in 2007 to 2010 185
Conclusion 187
The Mobile Gaming Industry Potential Markets 2011-2016 189
Introduction 189
The World Wide Market Analysis 2011-2016 190
Smartphones in Context 191
Smartphones vs. Portable Game Players 192
Mobile Games 193
Mobile Games in Asia & Oceana 194
Mobile Games Market in Australia 2011-2016 194
Mobile Games in China 2011-2016 195
Mobile Games Market in HONG KONG 2011-2016 196
Mobile Games Market in Japan 2011-2016 197
Mobile Games Market in New Zealand 2011-2016 198
The Mobile Games Market in Europe 2011-2016 199


■ タイトル:Mobile Value Added Service (VAS): Markets, Applications, and Opportunities
■ 発行日:2011年7月11日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240183
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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