Mobile Social Commerce: Social Media + Mobile Commerce Creates Market Opportunities...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



M-commerce 10

M-commerce Application Overview 12

I-Mode portal 12

Mobile Banking Service 15

Webraska’s Smart Zone Platform 16

Proliferation of Mobile Devices 17

Convergence of Mobile Telecommunication Networks and the Internet 18

The Importance of M-commerce 19

M-commerce Technologies 23

Mobile Commerce Technology Overview 23

Communication Technology 23

GSM 23

GPRS and EDGE 24


Fourth-Generation Technologies 24

Bluetooth 24

Global Diffusion Patterns of M-Commerce Technology 25

The Evolution of Wireless and Mobile Networks 27

Overview 27

Advantages of Wireless Networks 27

Popularity 27

Mobility 27

Ease of Deployment 28

First Generation of Mobile Telecommunications (1G) 28

Second Generation Mobile Telecommunications (2G) 30

SIM 32

Speech Coding 32

Authentications and Security in GSM networks 33

WAP (Wireless Applicant Protocol) 33

Mobile Telecommunications third generation 33

Characteristics of 3G Systems 34

The Evolution of the 3G System 35

Applications in 3G system 36

Summary 37

Mobile 4th Generation and Beyond 37

Target of 4G System 38

Applications and Services of 4G Systems 38

Tele Presence 38

Information Access 39

Inter-Machine Communication 39

Intelligent Shopping 39

Location-Based Services 39

Globalization of Products 39

Communicating Appliances 39

Standardization Diversification 40

Summary 40

Features of Mobile Commerce 40

Ubiquity 41

Reachability 42

Localization 42

Personalization 42

Dissemination 42

Conclusion 43

Information Exchange Technology 44


XML 45

WML 45

SMS 45

Location Identification Technology 45

M-Commerce Value chain 46

Main Participants in Mobile Commerce 47

Mobile Commerce Payment Methods and Security 47

Payment Methods 49

Requirements of Mobile Commerce Security 50

Basics of Security 51

Payment Methods in M-Commerce 52

Content Download 53

Point of Sale 54

Content on Device 54

Mobile Payment Methods 54

“In-Band” Payment Method 56

Proximity 56

Common Issues of Mobile Payment 56

Payment Lifecycle 57

Conclusion 58

The Secure Authentication Infrastructure for Mobile Users 58

Different Secured Connections 60

Authentication 60

Access Rights 61

Payment Credentials 62

Privacy of Communication 62

Integrity of Message Exchanges 62

Anonymity 63

Authentication Methods and Protocols 63

Symmetric Authentication 63

Asymmetric Authentication, 65

Authentication Based on Biometric Information 66

Requirements for Mobile Commerce Authentication 66

Password-Based Authentication with Support for Public Key Technology 67

Protocol Description 70

Verification of the Authentication Requirements 74

Symmetric Cryptography (SIM-Based Authentication) 75

Public Key Cryptography 78

Digital Signatures 78

Certificate Authorities 81

Combining Public and Secret Key Cryptography 81

Authentication Codes 82

WAP Security (WIM module) 83

Social Media and M-commerce 84

Introduction 84

Social Networks 85

Social Networking 85

Social Media 86

Location-Based Services and Social Media 86

LBS in General 87

Techniques 88

Cell ID?based Location 89

Terminal-Based Location Techniques 90

Global Positioning System (GPS) 92

GPS Disadvantages 92

Location Architecture and Interfaces 93

Protocols Based on Plain-Text XML 94

Roaming Location Protocol (RLP) 95

Differences between MLP and RLP 97

Adding Location Value 97

Applications and Content 98

Gaming 100

Globalization of Products 102

Communicating Appliances 102

Standardization Diversification 102

Summary 103

Facebook 103

Facebook Pages 104

Facebook Advertising Methods 104

The Future of Facebook 106

Twitter 106

SWOT Analysis of Twitter 107

The Future of Twitter and how to attract Followers 109

Video Streaming Websites 110

Introduction 110

How to Benefit From YouTube 111

The Future of Video Streaming Websites 112

MySpace 113

Introduction 113

Advertising on MySpace and Events 113

eBay 116

Wikis 117

Yahoo! Groups VS LinkedIn Groups 118

LinkedIn 119

LinkedIn Groups 120

LinkedIn Answers 120

Mobile-Local Search Providers 121

Google + 122

Introduction 122

Google Plus in Branding 122

Google + Circles 123

Hangout 123

Google + Advertising 123

How Can Google + Make Better Advertising ways 125

Case Study: How Social Media will affect the Future of M-Commerce 126

Social Media and Purchasing Decision 126

Introduction 126

Conclusion 127

Mobile Commerce Applications and Social Media 127

How to Improve M-Commerce with Social Media 128

The Future of Mobile Commerce 130

Wireless Communications in the Future 132

Services and Applications 138

Spectrum, and Unlicensed Bands 139

Integrity, Privacy, and Security 140

Development in China and Other NICs 140

Other Challenges 141

Different Wireless Systems 142

Summary 144

Case Study 2: Which Social Media to Advertise on (Start up companies) and Which M-commerce Applications to use 144

Social Media Advertising Risks 145

How to Start Social Media Advertising 147

Competitors Relationship 149

Social Media Initiatives at the Company Level versus Social Media Activities 150

Worldwide Market Profits for Advertising for Social Media Web Sites 151

The World Market Revenue Potential 2011 151

World Market Revenue Potential 2011-2016 153

Social Media Web Sites Revenue Potential in Africa 153

Social Media Web Sites Revenue Potential in Africa 2011-2016 155

Social Media Web Sites Revenue Potential in Europe 155

Social Media Web Sites Revenue Potential in Europe 2011-2016 156


■ タイトル:Mobile Social Commerce: Social Media + Mobile Commerce Creates Market Opportunities
■ 発行日:2011年8月31日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240171
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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