Mobile Commerce in Industry Verticals...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Executive Summary. 7
E-commerce and M-commerce. 8
Hedonic Perspectives. 9
Hedonic Perspectives of Adopting MC Applications. 11
M-commerce Applications. 13
Mobile Learning. 18
The M-Learning Ecosystem.. 19
M-learning Challenges. 23
M-Learning Features. 24
M-learning OS. 24
Smart Phones and M-learning. 26
Networking Technology. 26
Wide Area Network. 27
Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). 28
Local Area Networks (LAN). 28
Personal Area Networks (PAN). 29
Case Study: Vodafone Academy. 30
Future Trends. 32
M-Learning Markets. 32
M-Business. 33
M-Business Applications. 34
M-Business Technologies. 39
M-Business Challenges. 40
WML. 41
Location Identification Technology. 42
Payment Methods. 44
Requirements of Mobile Commerce Security. 44
Basics of Security. 45
Mobile Security. 47
Network Infrastructure and Security. 47
WLAN standards. 48
WAP Security. 51
Payment Methods in M-Commerce. 52
Content Download. 53
Point of Sale. 53
Content on Device. 54
Mobile Payment. 54
Mobile Payment Methods. 54
“In-Band” Payment Method. 56
Proximity. 56
Common Issues of Mobile Payment. 56
Payment Lifecycle. 57
Mobile Payment Value Chain. 58
Mobile Payment Systems. 59
Current M-Payment Market. 61
Paybox. 63
Paybox Disadvantages. 64
M-payment Analysis. 64
Money Transfers. 66
The M-Banking Regional Market and Service Providers. 66
US and Canada. 66
Mexico. 67
Venezuela. 67
Germany. 67
Paris. 67
UK. 67
Russia. 67
Turkey. 67
UAE. 67
Korea. 68
India. 68
Singapore. 68
South Africa -. 68
Australia. 68
China. 68
Japan. 68
Taiwan. 69
Malaysia. 69
Philippines. 69
Money Transfers Environment. 70
M-Banking Ecosystem.. 72
M-Banking Stakeholders. 73
Conclusion. 75
VoIP Mobile. 76
Mobile TV.. 76
Video Calling. 77
Intelligent Billing System.. 77
Location Commerce. 78
LBS Applications. 82
Location Mobile Commerce. 82
Government Public Service. 82
Vehicles Telematics. 83
LBS Commerce Benefits. 84
Mobile Commerce and LBS. 84
Gizmondo. 87
Gunslinger. 87
How to Implement a Location Based Game. 88
LBS in Mobile Value-added Services (MVAS). 91
M-commerce in Government. 91
Toll Systems. 93
Mobile Commerce in Health Care. 94
M-commerce Applications in Health Care. 94
Healthcare Issues. 99
M-Commerce with RFID in Health Care. 100
M-Commerce in Agriculture. 104
M-commerce in Other Industries. 108
Case Study: How to Use M-commerce in Manufacturing and Other Industries. 108
M-Commerce in Transportation. 112
Mobile Commerce in Financial Services. 113
The Role of the Devices. 114
The Role of Mobile Operators. 115
Banks Role. 115
Technologies. 117
Future Trends. 117
Benefits. 118
E-Marketing. 119
Challenges. 120
Management Challenge. 120
Increased Customers Expectations. 120
Security Problems. 121
Technological Challenges. 121
Solutions. 122
M-Commerce in Aviation. 123
E-Check. 124
Security Needs for Identity Verification. 125
Baggage Tracking. 126
M-commerce Applications in Aviation. 126
Contactless Smart Card. 126
Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology. 126
Using 4G technology. 127
Future Trends. 127
Mobile Commerce in Mining. 128
M-commerce Potential Market Earning 2012-2017. 133
Introduction. 133
Mobile Commerce in Mining Potential Revenue 2012-2017. 133
Mobile Commerce in Financial Service Potential Revenue 2012-2017. 135
M-Payment in Africa. 137
France Telecom and M-payment in Africa. 139
M-commerce Market in General 139


■ タイトル:Mobile Commerce in Industry Verticals
■ 発行日:2011年9月26日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240159
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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