Mobile Commerce 2011...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



M-commerce. 13
Overview of M-commerce Applications. 15
I-Mode Portal 15
Mobile Banking Service. 18
Webraska’s Smart Zone Platform.. 18
Proliferation of Mobile Devices. 20
Convergence of Mobile Telecommunication
Networks and the Internet 21
The Importance M-commerce. 22
M-commerce Technologies. 26
Mobile Commerce Technology: An Overview.. 26
Communication Technology. 26
GSM. 26
GPRS and EDGE. 26
UMTS. 27
Fourth-Generation Technologies. 27
Bluetooth. 27
Patterns of Global Diffusion of M-Commerce Technology. 28
The Evolution of Wireless, and Mobile Networks. 29
Overview. 29
Advantages of Wireless Networks. 30
Popularity. 30
Mobility. 30
Ease of Deployment 30
First Generation of Mobile Telecommunications (1G) 31
Second Generation Mobile Telecommunications (2G) 33
SIM. 35
Speech Coding. 35
Authentications and Security in GSM networks. 35
WAP (Wireless Applicant Protocol) 35
Mobile Telecommunications third generation. 36
Characteristics of 3G Systems. 37
The Evolution of the 3G System. 38
Applications in 3G system. 39
Summary. 39
Mobile Telecommunications 4th Generation and Beyond. 40
Target of 4G System. 41
Applications and Services of 4G system. 41
Tele Presence. 41
Information Access. 41
Inter-Machine Communication. 41
Intelligent Shopping. 42
Location-Based Services. 42
Globalization of Products. 42
Communicating Appliances. 42
Standardization Diversification. 42
Summary. 42
Features of Mobile Commerce. 42
Ubiquity. 44
Reachability. 44
Localization. 44
Personalization. 44
Dissemination. 45
Conclusion. 45
Information Exchange Technology. 46
HTML. 46
XML. 46
WML. 46
SMS. 47
Location Identification Technology. 47
M-Commerce Value chain. 47
The Main Participants in Mobile Commerce. 48
Mobile Commerce Payment Methods and Security.
Payment Methods. 50
Requirements of Mobile Commerce Security. 51
Basics of Security. 52
Mobile Security. 54
Network Infrastructure and Security. 54
WLAN standards. 55
WAP Security. 58
Payment Methods in M-Commerce. 59
Content Download. 60
Point of Sale. 60
Content on Device. 61
Mobile Payment Methods. 61
“In-Band” Payment Method. 62
Proximity. 63
Common Issues of Mobile Payment 63
Payment Lifecycle. 64
Conclusions. 64
The Secure Authentication Infrastructure for Mobile
Users. 65
Different Secured Connections. 67
Authentication. 67
Access Rights. 68
Payment Credentials. 68
Privacy of Communication. 69
Integrity of Message Exchanges. 69
Anonymity. 69
Authentication methods and protocols. 70
Symmetric authentication. 70
Asymmetric Authentication, 72
Authentication Based on Biometric Information. 73
Requirements for Mobile Commerce Authentication. 73
Password-Based Authentication with Support for Public Key Technology. 74
Protocol Description. 77
Verification of the Authentication Requirements. 81
Symmetric Cryptography (SIM-Based
Authentication) 82
Public Key Cryptography. 85
Digital Signatures. 85
Certificate Authorities. 87
How to Combine both Public and Secret Key
Cryptography. 88
Authentication Codes. 89
WAP Security (WIM module) 90
Challenges of M-Commerce. 91
Security Attacks. 92
Conclusions. 92
Mobile Commerce Markets. 94
User Fee Business Models. 94
Subscription Fees. 94
Usage fees. 95
Shopping Business Models. 95
Marketing Business Models. 97
Efficiency Models. 97
Advertising Models. 98
Flat fees: 99
Traffic-based fees: 99
Performance-based fees: 99
Revenue-Sharing Business Models. 10
Content Aggregators. 101
Mobile Network Operators. 101
Virtual mobile network operators (VMNOs): 104
TCP/IP on a Mobile Network. 105
Mobile IP: Routing Packets to Mobile Nodes. 105
TCP. 107
The Mobile Internet: Early Vendors. 108
The Wireless Application Protocol 110
WAP Architecture. 111
WAP Protocol Stacks. 112
WAP Legacy Protocol Stack. 112
Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP) 113
WAP Protocol Stack with built in IP.. 115
The Wireless Application Environment 115
The WAP Micro-browser 116
The Wireless Telephony Applications Interface. 116
WAP Usability. 117
Application Architectures. 119
Java and MExE.. 121
Payment Providers and Third-party Organizations. 123
Mobile Manufacturers. 124
Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs) 125
Location Information Vendors. 126
Mobile Devices Limitations. 129
Application Challenges. 132
Absence of Killer Application(s) 132
User Distrust 132
Strategy Changes. 132
Investment Risk. 133
Network Obstacles. 133
Incompatible Networks. 133
Bandwidth Access. 133
Security Concerns. 133
Infrastructure Problems. 134
Competing Web Languages. 134
Seamless Integration. 134
Legal Concerns. 134
Middleware Issues. 135
Develop Content Delivery and a Format for Mobile Commerce. 135
Improve Mobile Access to Databases. 135
Explore Agent Technologies. 135
Mobile Commerce Market Overview and Forecast to 2015. 136
Introduction. 136
1. Fast growing market scenario. 140
The Future of Wireless Communications. 141
The Wireless Communications in 2015. 143
Services and Applications. 149
Spectrum, and Unlicensed Bands. 150
Integrity, Privacy, and Security. 151
Development in China and Other NICs. 151
Other challenges. 152
Different Wireless Systems. 153
Summary. 155
2. Worst Case Scenario. 155
Introduction. 155
Wireless Communications in 2015. 156
The Worst Case Scenario in Professional Use. 158
Health Concerns. 160
Economic Recession. 161
Security Concerns. 162
Technical Limitations. 163
Low-Radiating Terminals. 164
Second-Generation Wireless Networks. 165
General Conclusions. 166
3. Industrialized World Scenario. 170
Overview. 171
The Wireless Communications in 2015 (Industrialized
World) 172
A Sustainable World. 175
Marketing and Commercial Media. 177
Minor Problems. 180
Peer-to-Peer Applications and IPR content 183
More Local Companies, and Less Global Companies. 184
4. Few Large Companies and Governments. 186
Overview. 186
Wireless Communications in 2015 (Large Companies, and Governments Scenario) 187
The Government Role. 191
Security. 192
Big Companies Damnation on the Market 193
The Situation in NICs Countries. 195
The User, and the Dominating Companies. 197
General Conclusions. 199
Analysis of Market Forecasting to 2015 for Mcommerce. 201
Market Forecasting of eBay and M-commerce. 203
Global Mobile Telecommunication Market Overview, and Analysis. 204
Asia-Pacific Mobile Telecommunications Market 204
Overview. 204
International Market and the Asia-Pacific Market 205
The Asia-Pacific Market Companies. 208
The Market Overview.. 214
Companies Strategies in the Asian-Pacific market 215
Summary. 219
Bangladesh Market Overview and Opportunities. 221
ICT Industry in Bangladesh. 221
Labor force in Bangladesh IT. 222
IT Infrastructure. 223
Hardware Market 223
Market Opportunities. 224
Market Threats. 224
Tax rules and Other Policies. 225
Key Competencies in Bangladesh’s ICT sector 226
Bangladesh SWOT. 227
Strengths. 227
Weakness. 228
Opportunities. 228
Long-term Opportunities. 229
Japan Market Overview.. 230
DoCoMo: The Giant Asian Telecom Company. 230
African Mobile Telecommunications Market 234
Overview.. 234
Market Overview in Africa. 235
Companies Strategies. 238
Vimplecom, and Wind Emerging. 243
Conclusions. 243
The European Mobile Telecommunications Market 245
Overview. 245
Mobile License Distribution. 245
The European Market Analysis. 253
The Analysis of the Major Operators in Europe (T-Mobile, Orange
and Vodafone) 258
Conclusions. 262
Mobile Payment Methods, and Near Frequency Communication (NFC) 263
Near Field Communication. 267
Introduction to RFID.. 268
Applications of RFID and NFC.. 270
RFID Applications, and Deployment 271
Ticketing System.. 271
Payment Methods. 272
NFC in Mobile devices. 274
NFC to Control other Connections. 274
Mobile Phones that use NFC.. 274
ISIS: Mobile Payments Joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. 277
The Future of NFC 278


■ タイトル:Mobile Commerce 2011
■ 発行日:2011年4月1日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240209
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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