Mobile Banking: State of the Market and Future Opportunities...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



I. Introduction

II. Foundation and Motivations for Mobile Banking

A. Mobile Technology Meets Different Needs in Developed and Developing Markets
B. Developing World Focus
C. Developed World Focus
D. Motivations for Deploying Mobile Banking Services

1. Cost Savings
2. Customer Retentions
3. Revenue Potential

III. Evolution of Mobile Banking

A. History of Multi-channel Banking Strategy
B. Development of Mobile Banking Services
1. Informative Services
2. Actionable Services
3. Integrative Services

IV. Development of Mobile Banking in the US

A. 2007: The Birth of Mobile Banking in the US
B. Bank of America Case Study
1. Bank of America’s Channel Decision
2. Early Success
3. Popular Features
C. Mobile Banking for Corporate Clients
1. Revenue Potential
2. More Cost Effective to Design for Unique Needs
3. Education is Critical to User Uptake and Success
4. Citizens Bank Case Study

V. Mobile Banking Today

A. The Smartphone Factor
B. Essential Characteristics of Mobile Banking Applications
C. Differentiating Features
D. Mobile Operating System Preferences
E. Emergent Mobile Offerings to Mobile Payments

VI. Future of Mobile Banking

A. Innovation Flows from Difficult Environments
B. Innovation Speeds Up in the US
C. Mobile Solidified as a Required Delivery Channel
D. Regional Banks and Credit Unions Tap into Mobile Banking
E. Methodical Steps towards Mobile Payments


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