Mobile Applications and Widgets: Portable Applications on Mobile Platforms Third Edition...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



1 Executive Summary.. 6

2 Definition of a Mobile App.. 8
2.1 What Separates an App From a Bundled Device Feature?. 8
2.2 Examples of Current Mobile Apps. 8

3 History of Mobile Platform Programming.. 9
3.1 The First Widget. 9
3.2 Hardware Widgets?. 9
3.3 Hardware and Software Evolution.. 11
3.3.1 Hardware evolution. 11 The Smartphone revolution. 11
3.3.2 Development platform evolution. 12 Palm.. 12 WAP, WML, and HTML. 13 HTML and Mini Browsers. 14 Adobe, Flash, and SilverLight 14 JavaScript 14 AJAX.. 15
3.3.3 Development future. 15

4 Platform Architectures. 16
4.1 Platform Specific Development. 16
4.1.1 Symbian. 16
4.1.2 Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7. 17
4.1.3 Blackberry OS. 18
4.1.4 iPhone OSX.. 19
4.1.5 Linux. 20
4.1.6 Palm OS. 21
4.1.7 Danger Hiptop, SideKick. 21
4.1.8 Android. 22
4.2 Portable App Development. 23
4.2.1 J2ME Platform.. 23
4.3 Web Based Apps. 24
4.3.1 WAP/WML/XML. 24
4.3.2 HTML. 25 Browser Constraints by Platform.. 25

5 Key Development Concepts. 25
5.1 Size Constraints. 26
5.1.1 Compact Code. 26
5.1.2 Compact File Space. 26
5.2 Display Constraints. 27
5.2.1 Display Sizes and Standards. 27
5.2.2 Multiple Displays. 28
5.3 Input and Controls. 28
5.3.1 Input device types. 28 Keypad. 29 Keyboard. 29 Touch Screen. 29 Scroll Wheel 30 Thumb Sticks, Roller Balls, and Direction Pads. 30
5.3.2 Environmental Controls. 31 Motion and Orientation Sensors. 31 Light Sensors. 31
5.3.3 Peripheral Access. 31 GPS onboard and off 31 Bluetooth. 32 Infrared. 32
5.4 Network Access. 32
5.4.1 Connection Persistence. 32 Dial on Demand. 32 Always On. 33
5.4.2 Connection Types and Limitations. 33 Cellular Data. 33 WiFi 33 WiMax. 34 Bluetooth. 35
5.5 Processing.. 35
5.5.1 Platforms and Speeds. 35
5.6 Web App development. 36
5.6.1 Limitations of Web Based Applications. 37
5.6.2 A note about WAP/WML translators, compression gateways, and proxies. 37
5.7 Licensing.. 38
5.7.1 License Model Table by Platform.. 38

6 Markets. 39
6.1 Mobile Advertising.. 39
6.1.1 The Advertising Double Edged Sword. 39
6.2 Market Summary.. 40
6.2.1 Case Study RIM… 40
6.2.2 Case Study Apple. 41
6.2.3 Case Study PopCap Games. 41
6.2.4 Case Study Car Locator. 42
6.2.5 Platform Market Share. 43
6.3 Market Sizing.. 44
6.3.1 Predicted Mobile Sales. 44
6.3.2 Predicted Smart Phone Sales. 44
6.3.3 Predicted Mobile Application Sales and Revenue. 45
6.3.4 Recent Market Developments as Growth Indicators. 46

7 Market Sizing and Forecast.. 47
7.1 Smart Phone Market Performance. 48
7.2 Application Store Market Performance. 50
7.2.1 Handango Mobile Content 50
7.2.2 Apple App Store Mobile Content 53 Medialets App Store and Android Marketplace Analysis. 54
7.3 Individual Application Performance. 58
7.4 Recommendations for the Mobile App marketplace. 59

8 Smart Phone User Survey.. 60

9 Market Breakdown by Mobile Operating System… 73
9.1 Symbian.. 73
9.2 RIM Blackberry.. 74
9.3 Apple OSX Mobile. 76
9.4 Google Android.. 79
9.5 Windows Mobile and Phone 7. 84
9.6 Palm WebOS. 88
9.7 Samsung Bada.. 89
9.8 Emerging Platforms. 90

10 Mobile Application Examples. 91
10.1 SalesForce. 91
10.2 Dexterra.. 92
10.3 America’s Emergency Network.. 94

11 Carrier and Vendor Adaptations. 95
11.1 Topology and Network Changes. 95
11.2 Policy Changes. 95
11.2.1 Open Network Movements. 96
11.2.2 Billing Plan Changes. 96
11.3 Infrastructure Hardware Changes. 96
11.3.1 Location Based Services. 96
11.3.2 WiFi Localized Service Hosting. 97
11.3.3 Network Monitoring Changes and Effects. 97
11.4 Handset Manufacturer Changes. 97
11.4.1 Integrating New Handset Features. 97
11.4.2 Evolving the Handset 97
11.5 Software Changes. 98
11.5.1 Mobile Browser Evolution. 98
11.5.2 Multiple Platform Mobile Operating Systems. 99

12 The Future of Apps. 99
12.1 Innovative Solutions on the Horizon.. 99
12.1.1 Context and Location Sensitive Applications. 99
12.1.2 Pay Point Solutions. 99
12.1.3 Swarm Data Mining. 100
12.2 Predictions for the Next Generation.. 101
12.2.1 Obsolescence of the Wallet 101 Digital ID.. 101 Electronic Signature. 102
12.2.2 Convergence of Portable Devices. 102 Geo Tagging Multimedia. 102 Geocasting, Personal Broadcasting. 103
12.2.3 Breaking the Phone Mold. 103 Unlocking and Starting Your Car 103 Authentication on a Computer and Elsewhere. 104 Remote Control 104

13 Summary.. 105

14 Index of Tables. 107

15 Image Credits. 108

16 References. 113


■ タイトル:Mobile Applications and Widgets: Portable Applications on Mobile Platforms Third Edition
■ 発行日:2010年5月9日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240268
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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