【英文タイトル】Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT): Challenges, Market Opportunities and Forecast 2015-2020



1 Introduction
1.1.1 Scope of Study
1.1.2 Intended Audience
1.1.3 Companies Mentioned in the Report

2 Executive Summary

3 Overview
3.1 Cyber Security
3.2 Ramification of Cyber Security Threats
3.3 Internet of Things (IoT)
3.4 Concerns over Security in IoT
3.5 Potential Methods to Curb Threats to IoT
3.6 Case studies: IoT Security Threats and solutions
3.6.1 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
3.6.2 Samsung Smart TV
3.6.3 4.5 million Patient Record Privacy Breach

4 Security Solutions in IoT
4.1 Challenges in Developing Security solutions for IoT
4.1.1 Multivendor Nature of IoT Business
4.1.2 Lack of Standard Security Practices
4.1.3 IoT Devices are Already in the Market without much Security Measures
4.1.4 Hackers are now more Professional in Behavior
4.1.5 IoT is a Soft Target for Data Leaks and Privacy Breaches
4.1.6 Data Theft and Privacy Breach in IoT will often go Long Unnoticed
4.2 Solutions for Securing IoT
4.3 Three Key Steps to Secure IoT
4.3.1 Securing Device
4.3.2 Using Secure Communication Protocols
4.3.3 Securing and Protecting Data
4.4 Three Key Measures that will help Secure IoT
4.4.1 Convergence of IT and OT Security Policies
4.4.2 Securing Mobile Device and Mobile Applications
4.4.3 Securing Cloud

5 Global Markets for IoT Security Solutions 2015 – 2020
5.1 Markets for IoT 2015 – 2020
5.2 Markets for Security Solutions in IoT 2015 – 2020
5.3 Markets for Security Solutions for IoT by Segment
5.3.1 Markets for Hardware Security Solutions 2015 – 2020
5.3.2 Markets for Security solutions for Cloud based Services / Apps 2015 – 2020
5.3.3 Markets for Security Solutions for Consulting & Management Services 2015 – 2020
5.4 Global Markets for Security Solutions in IoT 2015 – 2020
5.4.1 North America Markets for Security in IoT 2015 – 2020
5.4.2 EMEA Markets for Security in IoT 2015 – 2020
5.4.3 APAC Markets for Security in IoT 2015 – 2020
5.4.4 CALA Markets for Security in IoT 2015 – 2020

6 Key Company Profiles
6.1 ARM Holdings
6.2 Cisco
6.3 Infineon Technologies AG
6.4 Intel Security Group (McAfee)
6.5 Symantec


■ タイトル:IoTセキュリティ及びプライバシーの世界市場:課題、市場機会及び予測
■ 英文:Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT): Challenges, Market Opportunities and Forecast 2015-2020
■ 発行日:2015年8月
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MINDC508014
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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