【英文タイトル】Worldwide MEMS Market Development and Applications



[Table of Contents]

2.Worldwide MEMS Application Market
2.1 MEMS Performing Better than Semiconductors
2.2 MEMS in Consumer Electronics Applications Remain Mainstream, MEMS Has High Potential in Medical Field
2.3 Inertial Sensor Market Remains Robust
3.MEMS Inertial Sensor Applications
3.1 Accelerometers
3.1.1 Automotive Applications as Key Growth Driver for MEMS
3.2 Gyroscopes
3.3 MEMS Microphone
4.MEMS Product Development Trends
4.1 CMOS MEMS Process to Accelerate Cost Reduction
4.2 MEMS and ASIC Integration
4.3 Integrated MEMS for Multi-functional Applications
4.3.1 Proliferation of Integrated Devices with Multi-sensors
4.3.2 Miniaturization Trend to Foster Demand for Multi-axis Sensors
MIC Perspective

[List of Tables]
Table 1 Major Applications and Prices of Accelerometers
Table 2 Major Applications and Prices of Gyroscopes
Table 3 Major Applications and Prices of MEMS Microphone
Table 4 MEMS Sensors in Apple iPhones
Table 5 Integrated Multi-axis Sensor Roundup

[List of Figures]
Figure 1 Worldwide MEMS and Semiconductor Market Value, 2012 – 2018
Figure 2 MEMS in Consumer, Automotive, and Medial Applications, 2012 – 2018
Figure 3 MEMS Development Directions and Issues Highlighted
Figure 4 Illustration of MEMS-ASIC Integration


■ タイトル:世界のMEMS市場動向
■ 英文:Worldwide MEMS Market Development and Applications
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■ 調査会社:Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute
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