【英文タイトル】Embedded Touch Screen and Its Impact on the Future Development of Touch Control IC Industry



[Table of Contents]

1.Overview of the Embedded Touch Screen Industry
1.1 Huge Potential to Streamline Supply Chain Operation and Reduce Costs
1.2 In-Cell Technology Focuses on High-end Smartphone Market
1.3 LCD On-Cell Technology Adopted by Value Line & Mid-range Smartphones
2.Key Issues of the Embedded Touch Screen Control IC Industry
2.1 Industry Aspect: Higher Technology Threshold
2.1.1 Embedded Touch Screen Control ICs Need Better Noise-filter Ability
2.1.2 In-Cell Technology Requires Cooperation between Touch Control IC and Display Driver IC
2.2 Partner/Customer Aspect: Mixed Changes
2.2.1 LCD On-Cell to Allow Greater Freedom in Selecting Touch Control ICs and Driver ICs
2.2.2 In-Cell: Panel Makers to Become Major Customers
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

[List of Tables]
Table 1 Major Touch Control Technologies Used in Smartphones
Table 2 In-Cell Touch Panel Structures & Specifications
Table 3 Development of Taiwanese Vendors’ LCD On-Cell Touch Panel (under 7”)

[List of Figures]
Figure 1 Difficulty Level of Touch Control IC Technologies
Figure 2 Time Division of Touch Control IC and Display Driver IC
Figure 3 Relationship between Touch Control IC Vendors, Partners, Customers


■ タイトル:組込形タッチスクリーンおよびタッチ制御IC産業への影響
■ 英文:Embedded Touch Screen and Its Impact on the Future Development of Touch Control IC Industry
■ 発行日:2014年7月4日
■ 調査会社:Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute
■ 商品コード:MICI506073
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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