【英文タイトル】Worldwide LCD TV Core Chip and Industry Development



[Table of Contents]

1.Development of Worldwide LCD TV Core Chips
1.1 4K2K TV Chip
1.1.1 Post Signal Processing IC Key Solution for 4K2K Panels
1.1.2 Next Generation Image Processor with 4K2K Resolution and 60Hz Refresh Rate
1.2 Application Processor
1.2.1 ARM Leads Smart TV CPU and GPU Market
1.2.2 CPU and GPU Advancing Towards High Performance Multi-core Development
2. Development of Worldwide LCD TV Core Chip Industry
2.1 Incumbents
2.1.1 International and Japanese Makers Fading Out of the Market
2.1.2 MStar and MediaTek Feel the Breeze from International Brands’ Market Withdrawal
2.2. Entrants
2.2.1 Marvell and Qualcomm March into Smart TV Application IC Market with High-end Application Processor
2.2.2. Challenges for Entrants
MIC Perspective

[List of Tables]
Table 1 Development of New LCD TV Core IC Solution Developers

[List of Figures]
Figure 1 General LCD TV Core Chip Architecture
Figure 2 4K2K LCD TV Video Processor and Post Signal Processor Development Roadmap
Figure 3 Mainstream Smart TV Application Processor Development Roadmap
Figure 4 Worldwide LCD Video Processor Shipment Share by Solution Provider Tier, 2011 – 2013


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■ 英文:Worldwide LCD TV Core Chip and Industry Development
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