【英文タイトル】Serious Game Market by Vertical (Education, Corporate, Healthcare, Retail, Media and Advertising), Application (Training, Sales, Human Resource, Marketing), Platform, End-User (Enterprise, Consumer), and Region - Forecast to 2020



1 Introduction (Page No. – 14)
1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Scope of the Study
1.3.1 Market By Vertical, Application, Platform, and End-User
1.3.2 Region Analysis
1.3.3 Years Considered for the Study
1.4 Currency & Pricing
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Stakeholders

2 Research Methodology (Page No. – 18)
2.1 Research Data
2.1.1 Secondary Data Key Data From Secondary Sources
2.1.2 Primary Data Key Data From Primary Sources Key Industry Insights Breakdown of Primaries
2.2 Demand-Side Analysis
2.2.1 Introduction the Implementation of Serious Game Would Greatly Help in Cost Saving Death Due to Medical Errors Increasing Proliferation of Mobile Devices and Social Media
2.3 Market Size Estimation
2.3.1 Bottom-Up Approach
2.3.2 Top-Down Approach
2.4 Market Breakdown & Data Triangulation
2.5 Research Assumptions

3 Executive Summary (Page No. – 28)

4 Premium Insight – Serious Game Market (Page No. – 29)
4.1 Market, 2015-2020 (Million USD)
4.2 Market- Application Segment (2015-2020)
4.3 Market, By Region and Platform (2014)
4.4 Market, By Country (2015)
4.5 Top Five Application in Market (2015)
4.6 Market, By Asia-Pacific – 2020

5 Market Overview (Page No. – 35)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Evolution
5.3 Market Segmentation
5.3.1 By Vertical
5.3.2 By Application
5.3.3 By Platform
5.3.4 By End User
5.3.5 By Region
5.4 Market Dynamics
5.4.1 Drivers Serious Game Drives Real Roi (Return on Investment) Increased Need for User Engagement Across Enterprises and Consumer Brands Growing Usage of Mobile-Based Educational Games Improved Learning Outcomes is Expected to Increase the Adoption of Serious Game Among End Users
5.4.2 Restraints Improper Game Design Could Hinder the Market Growth Lack of Awareness About Serious Game Lack of Assessment Tools to Measure Serious Game Effectiveness
5.4.3 Opportunities Explosion of the Digital World Emergence of Social Networks to Pave New Growth Avenues
5.4.4 Challenges Unavailability of Direct-To-Consumer Based Serious Game

6 Industry Trend (Page No. – 47)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Value Chain Analysis
6.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
6.3.1 Intensity of Rivalry
6.3.2 Threat of Substitutes
6.3.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers
6.3.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
6.3.5 Threat of New Entrants
6.1 Strategic Benchmarking
6.1.1 Technology Integration and Product Enhancement

7 Market Analysis, By Vertical (Page No. – 55)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Aerospace and Defence
7.3 Automotive
7.4 Corporate
7.5 Education
7.6 Energy
7.7 Government
7.8 Healthcare
7.9 Retail
7.10 Media and Advertising
7.11 Others

8 Market Analysis, By Application (Page No. – 77)
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Emergency Services
8.3 Human Resources
8.4 Marketing
8.5 Product Development
8.6 Sales
8.7 Training
8.8 Support

9 Platform Analysis (Page No. – 79)
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Hand-Held
9.3 Mobile-Based
9.4 PC-Based
9.5 Web-Based

10 End User Analysis (Page No. – 83)
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Consumer
10.3 Enterprise

11 Regional Analysis (Page No. – 93)
11.1 Introduction
11.2 North America
11.3 Europe
11.4 Asia-Pacific (APAC)
11.5 Rest of the World (RoW)

12 Competitive Landscape (Page No. – 115)
12.1 Overview
12.2 Competitive Situation and Trends
12.2.1 Partnerships, Agreements, and Contracts
12.2.2 New Product Development
12.2.3 New Product Launch
12.2.4 Other Developments

13 Company Profiles (Page No. – 123)
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Cisco Systems Inc.
13.2.1 Business Overview
13.2.2 Product Portfolio
13.2.3 MnM View SWOT Analysis
13.3 IBM Corporation
13.3.1 Business Overview
13.3.2 Products and Services
13.3.3 MnM View SWOT Analysis
13.4 Microsoft Corporation.
13.4.1 Business Overview
13.4.2 Products and Services
13.4.3 Recent Developments
13.4.4 MnM View SWOT Analysis
13.5 Nintendo Co. Ltd.
13.5.1 Business Overview
13.5.2 Product Portfolio
13.5.3 Recent Developments
13.5.4 MnM View SWOT Analysis
13.6 Serious Game International
13.6.1 Business Overview
13.6.2 Product and Services
13.6.3 Recent Developments
13.6.4 MnM View SWOT Analysis
13.7 Applied Research Associate Inc.
13.7.1 Business Overview
13.7.2 Product Portfolio
13.7.3 Recent Developments
13.8 Breakaway Ltd.
13.8.1 Business Overview
13.8.2 Products and Services
13.9 Ccs Digital Education
13.9.1 Business Overview
13.9.2 Product and Services
13.10 Designing Digitally Inc.
13.10.1 Business Overview
13.10.2 Product Portfolio
13.10.3 Recent Developments
13.11 Serious Game Interactive
13.11.1 Business Overview
13.11.2 Product Portfolio

14 Appendix (Page No. – 148)
14.1 Insights of Industry Experts
14.2 Discussion Guide
14.3 Introducing RT: Real Time Market Intelligence
14.4 Available Customizations
14.5 Related Reports


■ タイトル:シリアスゲームの世界市場
■ 英文:Serious Game Market by Vertical (Education, Corporate, Healthcare, Retail, Media and Advertising), Application (Training, Sales, Human Resource, Marketing), Platform, End-User (Enterprise, Consumer), and Region - Forecast to 2020
■ 発行日:2015年5月27日
■ 調査会社:MarketsandMarkets
■ 商品コード:MAM-SE-3426
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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