【英文タイトル】Natural Fiber Composites Market by Type (Wood Fiber and Non-Wood Fiber), Manufacturing Process (Compression Molding, Injection Molding, and Others), Application (Building & Construction, Automotive, and Electrical & Electronics), and Region - Global Forecasts to 2021



1 Introduction (Page No. – 14)
1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Market Scope
1.3.1 Markets Covered
1.3.2 Years Considered for the Study
1.4 Currency
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Stakeholders

2 Research Methodology (Page No. – 18)
2.1 Research Data
2.1.1 Secondary Data Key Data From Secondary Sources
2.1.2 Primary Data Key Data From Primary Sources Key Industry Insights
2.2 Market Size Estimation
2.2.1 Bottom-Up Approach
2.2.2 Top-Down Approach
2.3 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
2.4 Research Assumptions

3 Executive Summary (Page No. – 26)

4 Premium Insights (Page No. – 30)
4.1 Natural Fiber Composites Market Size (Value), By 2021
4.2 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Application
4.3 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Key Application
4.4 U.S. and China Command Major Share of the Natural Fiber Composites Market
4.5 Life Cycle Analysis, By Region

5 Market Overview (Page No. – 35)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Segmentation
5.2.1 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Type
5.2.2 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Manufacturing Process
5.2.3 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Application
5.2.4 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Region
5.3 Market Dynamics
5.3.1 Drivers Government Regulations Regarding the Use of Environmentally Friendly Products Lightweight, Lower Energy Consumption, and Increase in Fuel Efficiency Safer Compared to Glass Fibers Recyclability Consumer Preference and Awareness Regarding Environmental Protection in the Developed Regions
5.3.2 Restraints Relatively Low Strength as Compared to Synthetic Fiber Composites Fluctuating Cost, Availability, and Quality of Raw Materials Lack of Awareness Among the End Users in the Developing Regions of Asia-Pacific
5.3.3 Opportunities Possibility of Price Reduction With Economies of Scale Increasing Market Reach in the Automobile Industry Driven By Regulations Opportunities in the Packaging Industry
5.3.4 Challenges High Cost of Production Maintaining Consistency in Manufacturing Process and Mechanical Performance The Composites Industry is Dominated By Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber-Based Composites
5.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
5.4.1 Threat of New Entrants
5.4.2 Threat of Substitutes
5.4.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers
5.4.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
5.4.5 Degree of Competition

6 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Type (Page No. – 47)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Wood Fiber Composites
6.3 Non-Wood Fiber Composites

7 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Manufacturing Process (Page No. – 51)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Compression Molding
7.3 Injection Molding
7.4 Others

8 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Application (Page No. – 58)
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Building & Construction
8.3 Automotive
8.4 Electrical & Electronics
8.5 Others

9 Natural Fiber Composites Market, By Region (Page No. – 71)
9.1 Introduction
9.2 North America
9.3 Europe
9.4 Asia-Pacific
9.5 South America
9.6 Middle East & Africa

10 Competitive Landscape (Page No. – 86)
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Competitive Situations and Trends
10.3 Competitive Landscape
10.3.1 New Product Developments
10.3.2 Agreements & Partnerships
10.3.3 Expansions
10.3.4 Acquisitions

11 Company Profiles (Page No. – 94)
(Overview, Financial*, Products & Services, Strategy, and Developments)
11.1 Introduction
11.2 UPM Biocomposites
11.3 Weyerhaeuser Company
11.4 Procotex SA Corporation NV
11.5 Trex Company, Inc.
11.6 Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. (AERT)
11.7 Fiberon Llc
11.8 Polyvlies Franz Beyer GmbH & Co. Kg
11.9 Tecnaro GmbH
11.10 Flexform Technologies
11.11 Meshlin Composites ZRT.
11.12 Greencore Composites Inc.
11.13 Greengran B.V.
11.14 Jelu-Werk Josef Ehrler GmbH & Co. Kg
11.15 Polymera Inc.
11.16 Stemergy
11.17 TTS Biocomposite (Tekle Technical Services Inc.)

*Details Might Not Be Captured in Case of Unlisted Companies.

12 Appendix (Page No. – 122)
12.1 Insights From Industry Experts
12.2 Discussion Guide
12.3 Knowledge Store: Marketsandmarkets’ Subscription Portal
12.4 Introducing RT: Real Time Market Intelligence
12.5 Available Customizations
12.6 Related Reports


■ タイトル:天然繊維複合材の世界市場:木質繊維複合材、非木質繊維複合材
■ 英文:Natural Fiber Composites Market by Type (Wood Fiber and Non-Wood Fiber), Manufacturing Process (Compression Molding, Injection Molding, and Others), Application (Building & Construction, Automotive, and Electrical & Electronics), and Region - Global Forecasts to 2021
■ 発行日:2016年4月18日
■ 調査会社:MarketsandMarkets
■ 商品コード:MAM-CH-2984
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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