Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Second Edition...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Introduction 11
M2M Evolution 13
RFID in a Nutshell 14
M2M – Telecommunications 16
Wireless Service Technology and Protocols 21
The Technologies 24
GPRS (General Purpose Radio Service) 25
1xRTT or CDMA2000 25
iDEN Packet 26
Advantages of SMS 29
Interactive Two-Way 29
Simultaneous Transmission with Voice 29
Confirmation of Delivery 30
Store and Forward Method 30
Use Of Phone Number As The Address 31
High Degree of Encryption 31
Transmission At Higher Power Than The Voice Channel 31
Analog Control Channel 31
Wireless Technology Recommendation for M2M 33
iDEN Packet 33
Technology Strategy of M2M 34
Hardware Budget 34
Scope of Deployment-Domestic or International 34
Ease of Creating the Application 35
Wireless Service Options 35
Wireless Access Costs 35
Further Technology Considerations 35
Back-end Server Technology 37
Gateway to Wireless Carrier or Service Provider 37
Delivery of SMS to the Internet 38
Applications of M2M 42
RFID – A Brief Outlook 43
Types of RFID Systems 45
Types of Tags 45
Passive Tags 45
Semi Passive RFID Tags 45
Active RFID Tags 46
Active Tags with Sensors/GPS 46
Application Field 46
Difference between Active and Passive RFID 48
RFID Comparison Matrix 49
M2M Standards for RFID 50
Standardization Organizations and Processes 51
Basic Organizations 51
Standard development organizations 52
Commercial organization 53
Standardization Business Models 54
Standardization of the Radio Frequency Spectrum 56
Low Frequency Band 57
Short Wave Band 57
High Frequency Band 58
UHF Band 59
Microwave Frequency Band 2.45 GHz 60
Radar& HIPERLAN Frequency Band 61
Standards and Inter-Operability Issues 62
Recent Trends and Issues 63
Company Takeovers 65
Security Issues 67
Types of Attacks 67
Spoofing Attacks 68
Insert 68
Replay Attack 69
Flood Attack 69
Un-authorized Tag Data Manipulation 69
Middleware Issues 70
Backend Database Corruption 71
Blended Attacks 71
Man in the Middle Attack 71
Fraud at Chip Level 72
M2M Risk and Security Management 74
M2M Risk Analysis 75
System Security & System Policies 77
Risk & Attack Management 78
M2M RFID Applications 80
M2M RFID in Healthcare 81
RFID on Humans 83
Other Applications 85
Advanced M2M Applications 91
M2M Monitoring – Passport 93
M2M – Smart Appliances 95
M2M in Personalization 96
M2M RFID Next Generation 97
Tomorrows RFID Technology 97
Tags 98
Readers 100
System Technology 101
RFID Deployment Fault Analysis 102
Basics of RFID Deployment Monitoring Principles 103
Efficiency Monitoring 106
Tag Read Error 106
Standard Monitoring Procedure 109
Cellular Architecture & Telecommunications 111
Picocell 111
Femtocell 112
MicroCells 113
Technology in use. 115
Zeppelin Based Communication Backbone 116
Overview 119
Product Analysis 121
4G 123
M2M – Latest Commercial Applications 126
Remote Healthcare 126
Smart Homes 129
Application Model 131
Application Segments 132
Limitations and Current Bottlenecks 133
Smart Metering 135
Worldwide Implementation Status 136
United Kingdom 136
United States 138
M2M – Most Success Applications in Public Sector 140
Electronic Money 140
First Implementation 145
Second Major Implementation 146
Third Notable Implementation 148
Mobile Banking & Secured ATM 149
From remote banking to Virtual Branch 149
m-payments 150
m-Banking scenarios 150
ATM Banking & NFC 150
M-banking via USSD/SMS 151
m-remittances 151
m-Payments 152
m-banking Anti fraud products 153
M2M Company Analysis 154
Product and Services 155
Mobile Solutions 155
Key Features & Benefits: 156
Elephant Talk M2M Value Proposition 156
Key Features & Benefits: 159
Two Stage Dialing 161
Key Features & Benefits: 161
Additional Services and Offerings 162
Methodology 162
Research & Development and Engineering 163
Quality Assurance 163
M2M Case Studies 164
RFID Implementation at Rittal 164
Client Details 164
Issue 164
Solution Provider 164
Briefs 164
Asset Tracking at US Air Force Base 166
Client Details 166
Issue 166
Solution Provider 166
Briefs 166
RFID at the Department of Energy – US 168
Client Details 168
Issue 168
Solution Provider 168
Briefs 168
Item Tracking at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel 174
Client Details 174
Issue 174
Solution Provider 174
Briefs 174
Mississippi Blood Services Banks on RFID 177
Client Details 177
Issue 177
Solution Provider 177
Briefs 177
RFID implementation at Special Olympics, US 182
Client Details 182
Issue 182
Solution Provider 183
Briefs 183
Vehicular Collision Prevention at Australian Mine 186
Client Details 186
Issue 186
Solution Provider 186
Briefs 186
RFID in Fashion 192
Client Details 192
Issue 192
Briefs 192
German Publisher Adoption of RFID 196
Solution Provider 196
Briefs 196
RTLS adoption in Memorial Hospital Miramar 200
Overview 200
Details 200
Working Principle 201
Improvements 202
Advantages 203
Implementation 204
Automation in Hospital Process – Brazil 205
Overview 205
Details 205
Patient Care System – Pantai Hospital Malaysia 208
Overview 208
Details 208
Environment Sensing and Tracking 209
The Development Methodology 211
Advantages 211
Targets 212
The Future Step 213
Tracking and Monitoring Application – Foster School of Medicine 215
Overview 215
Details 215
Working Principle 218
Patient Tracking System – Disney Family Cancer Center 221
Overview 221
Details 221
Achieving the reality 222
Focus 224
Equipment Monitoring and Utility Management – Mission Hospital 226
Overview 226
Details 226
Palette Tracking in Japan 230
Solution Provider 230
Briefs 230
Future & Roadmap 235
M2M adoption with time 235
Pre 2000 Segment 235
2000 – Mobile and Telecommunication 236
2003 – Inventory Monitoring and Tracking 236
2005 – HealthCare and Medical 237
2007 – Defense and Homeland Security 237
2010 238
2010 and Beyond 238
Growth Factors of M2M from 2010 239
Telecommunication 240
M2M Wireless and Consumer Products 241
Asset Tracking and other M2M RFID Applications 242
M2M – Adoptions and Emergence after 2011 244
M2M – 2012 and Beyond 245
M2M & RFID Company Analysis 247
RFID Companies in Europe 247
RFID Companies in Asia/Asia Pacific 264
RFID Companies in the United States of America 275
Conclusion 288


■ タイトル:Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Second Edition
■ 発行日:2011年4月3日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240207
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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