【英文タイトル】World FTTx market : Markets at June 2014 & Forecasts to 2018



1. Executive Summary
1.1. Key trends
1.2. Breakdown of superfast broadband technologies
1.3. Leading countries per FTTx solutions at mid-2014
1.4. FTTH/B trends for the 5 coming years

2. Methodology
2.1. List of indicators by country
2.2. Definitions
2.3. Sources

3. Access
Geographical panorama of FTTx access solutions
3.1. FTTx access in Europe
3.1.1. European panorama of FTTx access solutions
3.1.2. Main superfast broadband European markets
3.1.3 Growth of superfast broadband in Europe
3.2. FTTx access in Asia
3.2.1. Asian panorama of FTTx access solutions
3.2.2. Main superfast broadband Asian markets
3.2.3. Growth of superfast broadband in Asia
3.3. FTTx access in North America
3.3.1. North American panorama of FTTx access solutions
3.3.2. Growth of superfast broadband in North America
3.4. FTTx access in Latin America
3.4.1. Latin American panorama of FTTx access solutions
3.4.2. Main superfast broadband Latin American markets
3.5. FTTx access in Middle East & Africa
3.5.1. Panorama of FTTx access solutions in GCC
3.5.2. Main superfast broadband in GCC markets

4. Major Players
4.1. World leaders, all FTTx architectures
4.2. World FTTH/B leaders
4.3. Geographical panorama of leading FTTH/B players
4.4. Telcos vs cablecos
4.5. Trends in technologies and architectures

5. Markets for superfast broadband
5.1. Services and tariffs
5.2. A four-step analysis to define the value of the superfast broadband market
5.3. ARPU growth hypothesis by country
5.4. Superfast broadband market revenues forecasts, 2013-2018


■ タイトル:世界のFTTx市場データ
■ 英文:World FTTx market : Markets at June 2014 & Forecasts to 2018
■ 発行日:2014年12月
■ 調査会社:IDATE
■ 商品コード:M14545SRDB2
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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