【英文タイトル】Communication Services : VoIP - IP Messaging - Social Networking: OTT vs traditional telco markets



1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology & main concepts
2.1. General methodology of IDATE’s reports
2.2. Main Concepts
2.2.1. VoIP (including video over IP)
2.2.2. IP messaging
2.2.3. Social networks
2.2.4. Business models

3. Communication markets
3.1. Overview
3.2. VoIP
3.2.1. Market size
3.2.2. Market structure / ecosystem
3.3. IP messaging
3.3.1. Market size
3.3.2. Market structure / ecosystem
3.4. Social networks
3.4.1. Market size
3.4.2. Market structure / ecosystem

4. OTT Player strategies
4.1. Overview
4.1.1. Comparison of example players
4.1.2. Aggregation of communication services by OTTs
4.2. Facebook
4.3. Google
4.4. Microsoft
4.5. Apple
4.6. WhatsApp
4.7. LINE

5. Telco positioning
5.1. Why are the telcos concerned?
5.2. The main strategic reactions by the telcos
5.2.1. Prohibit OTT applications on the network
5.2.2. Bundling; unlimited or abundant packaged offers
5.2.3. Partnerships with OTT providers
5.2.4. Provision of telco-OTT
5.2.5. Participate in GSMA-led Joyn (RCSe)
5.3. Other telco initiatives

6. Conclusion / strategic analysis
6.1. OTT communication has minimal impact on telco revenues
6.2. OTT communication services as part of the platform strategy
6.3. Various OTT strategies required to match country characteristics
6.3.1. Case study of Spain; the lesser known impact of LINE in Spain
6.3.2. Case study of France; where the merits of IP messaging are seen as much less attractive
6.3.3. Mobile VoIP yet to see the same levels of penetration as messaging


■ タイトル:通信サービス市場:VoIP、IPメッセージング、ソーシャル・ネットワーキング
■ 英文:Communication Services : VoIP - IP Messaging - Social Networking: OTT vs traditional telco markets
■ 発行日:2014年12月
■ 調査会社:IDATE
■ 商品コード:M14115IN2
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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