Lukoil Oil Company:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Lukoil Oil Company Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 6
List of Figures 16
Company Snapshot 17
Company Overview 17
Key Information 17
Financial Performance 17
Lukoil Oil Company , Exploration and Production Summary 18
Lukoil Oil Company, Fields under development 18
Lukoil Oil Company , Active Exploration Blocks, by Country, 2003-2012 19
Lukoil Oil Company, Crude Oil Production, by Country, 2003-2012 21
Lukoil Oil Company, Natural Gas Production, by Country, 2003-2012 22
Lukoil Oil Company, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production By Fields 23
Lukoil Oil Company, Crude Oil Production 23
Lukoil Oil Company, Natural Gas Production 28
Crude Oil And Natural Gas Production Forecasts, 2013-2020 30
Lukoil Oil Company’s Exploration Blocks Details 33
Block A’s Exploration Details 33
Block CI-101’s Exploration Details 35
Block CI-401’s Exploration Details 36
Temryuksko-Akhtarskiy’s Exploration Details 38
Condor’s Exploration Details 39
Aral’s Exploration Details 42
Junin Block 3’s Exploration Details 43
North Caspian Project’s Exploration Details 45
Est Rapsodia’s Exploration Details 45
Trident’s Exploration Details 48
Cape Three Points Deep Water(Vanco)’s Exploration Details 50
West Esh El Mallaha development’s Exploration Details 52
Block 10’s Exploration Details 52
Kungrad’s Exploration Details 54
SL-04B-10’s Exploration Details 54
SL-5-11’s Exploration Details 55
7321/8,7321/9 (PL 719)’s Exploration Details 55
7130/4 (p),7130/7 (PL 708)’s Exploration Details 57
Lukoil Oil Company’s Field Details 59
RED FORK UP(Chaparral Resources)’s Field Details 59
Shah Deniz’s Field Details 60
Meleiha Block’s Field Details 81
Arcadia’s Field Details 84
West Esh El Mallaha (WEEM)’s Field Details 85
Arman’s Field Details 85
Tsentralnoye’s Field Details 86
North Buzachi’s Field Details 86
Karachaganak Phase III’s Field Details 88
Karachaganak’s Field Details 89
North Kumkol’s Field Details 92
Karakuduk’s Field Details 94
Alibekmola & Kozhasai’s Field Details 96
Tengiz’s Field Details 97
Sarmatskoye’s Field Details 110
Vladimir Filanovsky’s Field Details 111
Zapadno-Rakushechoe’s Field Details 115
Yuri Korchagin’s Field Details 115
Khvalynskoye’s Field Details 116
Kravtsovskoye ’s Field Details 117
South-Shapkinskoye ’s Field Details 118
Vozeiskoye ’s Field Details 118
Tedinskoye ’s Field Details 119
Kharyaginskoye ’s Field Details 120
Usinskoye ’s Field Details 121
Kogalymskoye ’s Field Details 121
Uryevskoye ’s Field Details 122
Nong-Yeganskoye ’s Field Details 122
Pokachevskoye ’s Field Details 123
Lukoil Urals (Others)’s Field Details 123
Lukoil Other Fields’s Field Details 124
South-Pokachevskoye’s Field Details 124
Kechimovskoye’s Field Details 125
Pashshorskoye’s Field Details 125
Kyrtayelskoye’s Field Details 126
Kamenny License’s Field Details 126
Lukoil Western Siberia (Others)’s Field Details 127
Stepnoye’s Field Details 127
North Pokamasovskoye’s Field Details 128
Olginskoye’s Field Details 128
West Novomostovskoye’s Field Details 129
Nemirovskoye’s Field Details 129
Lukoil Kaliningrad Region (Others)’s Field Details 130
Lukoil Timan Pechora (Others)’s Field Details 131
Pyakyakhinkoye’s Field Details 132
East Lambeyshorskoe’s Field Details 133
Lukoil Volga (others)’s Field Details 134
Trebs and Titov’s Field Details 134
Middle-Khulymskoye ’s Field Details 136
South-Yagunskoye’s Field Details 137
Druzhnoye ’s Field Details 137
Nivagalskoye ’s Field Details 138
Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye’s Field Details 138
Vatyeganskoye’s Field Details 140
Povkhovskoye’s Field Details 140
Yuzhno Khylchuya’s Field Details 141
Timerovskoye’s Field Details 147
Dulepovskoye’s Field Details 147
Nakhodkinskoye ’s Field Details 148
Unvinskoye ’s Field Details 149
Pamyatno-Sasovskoye ’s Field Details 149
Kandym–Khauzak–Shady’s Field Details 150
South-West Gissar’s Field Details 154
Mariscal Sucre ( Dragon, Patao, Rio caribe, Mejillones)’s Field Details 155
Junin Block 6’s Field Details 158
Medina – El Condor’s Field Details 159
Lukoil Oil Company Oil and Chemical Storage Operations 160
Oil and Chemical Storage Operations by Country, 2005-2017 160
Oil and Chemical Storage Operation 160
Lukoil Oil Company’s Oil and Chemical Storage Terminal Asset Details 163
Lukoil Oil Company Pipeline Operations 183
Pipeline Operations, Azerbaijan 183
Pipeline Operations, Kazakhstan 183
Pipeline Operations, Russian Federation 184
Lukoil Oil Company’s Pipeline Details 185
Lukoil Oil Company Tanker Operations 197
Tanker Operation, LPG Tankers 197
Lukoil Oil Company’s LPG Tanker Asset Details 197
Lukoil Oil Company Refining Operations 198
Lukoil Oil Company, Total Refining Capacity, 2005-2017 198
Lukoil Oil Company, Refining Operation, Italy 199
Lukoil Oil Company, Refining Operation, Netherlands 199
Lukoil Oil Company, Refining Operation, Romania 200
Lukoil Oil Company, Refining Operation, Russian Federation 201
Lukoil Oil Company, Refining Operation, Bulgaria 202
Lukoil Oil Company’s Refining Asset Details 204
Lukoil Oil Company FSO Operations 230
Lukoil Oil Company FSO by Field Countries 230
Lukoil Oil Company, FSO Details 231
Lukoil Oil Company Gas Processing Operations 233
Lukoil Oil Company Operations by Country 233
Lukoil Oil Company, Gas Processing Plant Details 234
Key Employees 238
Key Employee Biographies 239
Lukoil Oil Company – Major Products and Services 240
History 241
Company Statement 251
Locations And Subsidiaries 255
Head Office 255
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 255
Business Description 257
Business Overview 257
Chemicals 258
Exploration and Production 258
Others 259
Power Generation 260
Refining, Marketing and Distribution 260
SWOT Analysis 262
Overview 262
Lukoil Oil Company Strengths 262
Lukoil Oil Company Weaknesses 263
Lukoil Oil Company Opportunities 264
Lukoil Oil Company Threats 266
Lukoil Oil Company – Key Competitors 268
Company Financial Ratios 269
Financial Ratios – Capital Market Ratios 269
Financial Ratios – Annual Ratios 269
Performance Chart 271
Financial Performance 271
Financial Ratios – Interim Ratios 272
Financial Ratios – Ratio Charts 273
Recent Developments 274
Appendix 278
Market Definitions 278
Methodology 278
Coverage 278
Secondary Research 279
Primary Research 279
Expert Panel Validation 279
Contact Us 280
Disclaimer 280


■ タイトル:Lukoil Oil Company:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013
■ 英文:Lukoil Oil Company Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update
■ 発行日:2013年8月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161850
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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