LTE Feasibility, Applications and Potential by Region 2011 to 2015...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



1 Introduction
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Acronyms, Abbreviations and Definitions
LTE Market Overview
2.1 Market Drivers
2.1.1 The Shift from Voice to Data Centric Services
2.1.2 The Demand for Higher Data ARPUs
2.1.3 Capacity Management and OPEX Reduction
2.1.4 Limited Competition
2.1.5 Lack of Fixed Broadband in Low Density Areas
2.1.6 Vendor Commitments
2.2 Market Barriers
2.2.1 Spectrum Congestion
2.2.2 High Investments for Early Adopters
2.2.3 Consumer Device Challenges
2.2.4 Broadband Pricing and International Roaming
LTE Technology Overview
3.1 Technology Overview
3.2 Performance Metrics
3.3 LTE Advanced
3.4 Integration with Deployed Networks
LTE Applications
4.1 Mobile Broadband Data Applications
4.1.1 HD Video Streaming and?Mobile?Television
4.1.2 Latency Sensitive Services
4.1.3 Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Supplementary Voice Capacity
4.2 M2M Communication Applications
4.2.1 Media Synchronization
4.2.2 Firmware Updates for Consumer Electronics
4.3 Public Safety Applications
4.3.1?Bay?Area Wireless Enhanced Broadband System
4.3.2 Verizon and Motorola Solutions?Alliance?for Nationwide Public Safety Roaming
4.3.3 Abu Dhabi Police and Brazilian Army LTE Trials
LTE Feasibility and Success by Region
5.1?North America
5.1.1 Feasibility Assessment
5.1.2 Success in the Region
5.2?Western Europe
5.2.1 Feasibility Assessment
5.2.2 Success in the Region
5.3?Eastern Europe
5.3.1 Feasibility Assessment
5.3.2 Success in the Region
5.4.1 Feasibility Assessment
5.4.2 Success in the Region

5.5?Middle East
5.5.1 Feasibility Assessment
5.5.2 Success in the Region
5.6.1 Feasibility Assessment
5.6.2 Success in the Region
5.7?Latin America
5.7.1 Feasibility Assessment
5.7.2 Success in the Region
LTE Subscription and Market Share Forecasts by Region
6.1 Global Subscriptions and Market Share
6.1.1 LTE Subscriptions
6.1.2 LTE Market Share by Spectrum
6.1.3 LTE Market Share by Top 10 Countries
6.2?North America
6.2.1 LTE Subscriptions
6.2.2 LTE Market Share by Spectrum
6.2.3 LTE Market Share by Top 10 Countries
6.2.4 Country Level Subscriptions and Market Share States
6.3?Western Europe
6.3.1 LTE Subscriptions
6.3.2 LTE Market Share by Spectrum
6.3.3 LTE Market Share by Top 10 Countries
6.3.4 Country Level Subscriptions and Market Share Kingdom
6.4?Eastern Europe
6.4.1 LTE Subscriptions
6.4.2 LTE Market Share by Spectrum
6.4.3 LTE Market Share by Top 10 Countries
6.4.4 Country Level Subscriptions and Market Share Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Estonia Hungary Lithuania Poland Romania Russia
6.5.1 LTE Subscriptions
6.5.2 LTE Market Share by Spectrum
6.5.3 LTE Market Share by Top 10 Countries
6.5.4 Country Level Subscriptions and Market Share Forecasts Australia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Korea Malaysia New Zealand Pakistan
6.6?Middle East
6.6.1 LTE Subscriptions
6.6.2 LTE Market Share by Spectrum
6.6.3 LTE Market Share by Top 10 Countries
6.6.4 Country Level Subscriptions and Market Share Arabia UAE
6.7.1 LTE Subscriptions
6.7.2 LTE Market Share by Spectrum
6.7.3 LTE Market Share by Top 10 Countries
6.7.4 Country Level Subscriptions and Market Share Africa
6.8?Latin America
6.8.1 LTE Subscriptions
6.8.2 LTE Market Share by Spectrum
6.8.3 LTE Market Share by Top 10 Countries
6.8.4 Country Level Subscriptions and Market Share


■ タイトル:LTE Feasibility, Applications and Potential by Region 2011 to 2015
■ 発行日:2011年9月3日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240165
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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