LTE及びLTE-Advanced端末市場(LTE and LTE-Advanced Devices: Market Share, Key Trends, Vendor Strategies, Shipments, Revenue & Forecasts by Region and Country Q1'2012)...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



1 Executive Summary
1.1 Acronyms

2 LTE and LTE-Advanced Market Outlook
2.1 LTE Commercial Network Launches and Plans 2011 – 2016
2.2 Key Drivers for LTE and LTE-Advanced Adoption
2.3 Present Subscriptions and Projections 2011 – 2016
2.4 LTE Regional Market Share
2.5 LTE Spectrum Adoption Throughout the World
2.6 Commercial Developments in Voice over LTE

3 LTE and LTE-Advanced Devices Ecosystem
3.1 LTE Devices Offerings by Commercial LTE Operators
3.2 PC vs Smartphone Based Market Segmentation and Share
3.3 LTE Device Segmentation by Spectrum
3.4 LTE Device Market Share by Vendor
3.5 LTE-Advance Development
3.5.1 ITU Approval of the LTE-Advanced Standard
3.5.2 Availability of LTE-Advanced Devices
3.6 LTE Device Vendors
3.6.1 HTC
3.6.2 Motorola Mobility
3.6.3 LG
3.6.4 Samsung
3.6.5 ZTE
3.6.6 Nokia
3.6.7 Fujitsu
3.6.8 Pantech
3.6.9 Acer
3.6.10 RIM
3.7 LTE Chipset Manufacturers
3.7.1 Qualcomm
3.7.2 ST-Ericsson
3.7.3 Cisco
3.7.4 Novatel Wireless
3.7.5 Sierra Wireless
3.8 LTE Device Updates from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show
3.9 Vendor and Service Provider Strategies
3.9.1 Samsung: Aggressively Pursuing Emerging Markets
3.9.2 Qualcomm and Apple Rumors: Apple’s Strategic Stand on LTE
3.9.3 Motorola: Capitalizing on LTE Tablets
3.9.4 HTC: Diversifying its Portfolio to increase LTE Device Shipments in 2012
3.9.5 Rumors: Google’s Motorola Mobility to Make the Next Nexus Device
3.9.6 TD-LTE Device Segment Strategies Huawei: Maintaining TD-LTE Leadership Heavy TD-LTE Investments in the Asia Pacific Region The Promise of Multimode WiMAX/TD-LTE Devices
3.9.7 LG: Betting on LTE for Success in 2012
3.9.8 Aggressive Pricing & Flexible LTE Data Plans
3.10 Key Trends of 2012 and Predicted Features of LTE & LTE-Advanced Devices
3.10.1 Touch Computing
3.10.2 Social Gestures
3.10.3 Mobile Payments and Near Field Communications (NFCs)
3.10.4 Mobile TV
3.10.5 Voice Control
3.10.6 Spatial Gestures Inspired by the Gaming Industry
3.10.7 Second-Screen Experiences in Mobile Devices
3.10.8 Flexible Screens
3.10.9 HTML5

4 LTE Device Shipments and Revenue by Region
4.1 Global LTE Device Shipments 2011-2016
4.2 Global LTE Device Revenues 2011-2016
4.3 Regional LTE Device Revenues & Shipments 2011-2016
4.4 Regional Market Share and Segmentation 2011 – 2016
4.5 Market Share and Segmentation by Device Type
4.6 Market Segmentation by Country 2011 – 2016
4.6.1 North America LTE Device Industry Revenue & Shipments by Country
4.6.2 Western Europe LTE Device Industry Revenue & Shipments by Country
4.6.3 Eastern Europe LTE Device Industry Revenue & Shipments by Country
4.6.4 Asia Pacific LTE Device Industry Revenue & Shipments by Country
4.6.5 Middle East & Africa LTE Device Industry Revenue & Shipments by Country
4.6.6 Latin & Central America LTE Device Industry Revenue & Shipments by Country


■ タイトル:LTE及びLTE-Advanced端末市場(LTE and LTE-Advanced Devices: Market Share, Key Trends, Vendor Strategies, Shipments, Revenue & Forecasts by Region and Country Q1'2012)
■ 発行日:2012年1月30日
■ 調査会社:SNS Research
■ 商品コード:SNS31224008
■ 調査対象地域:世界
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