【英文タイトル】IPM Pheromones Market Analysis By Product (Sex pheromones, Aggregation pheromones, Oviposition-Deterring pheromones, Alarm pheromones) And Segment Forecasts To 2020



Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Executive Summary
1.1 IPM Pheromones – Industry Summary & Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
Chapter 2 IPM Pheromones Industry Outlook
2.1 Market Segmentation
2.2 Market Size and Growth Prospects
2.3 IPM Pheromones Value Chain Analysis
2.4 IPM Pheromones Market Dynamics
2.4.1 Market driver analysis Growing food demand Increasing IPM adoption
2.4.2 Market restraint analysis Limited application scope
2.5 Key Opportunities Prioritized
2.6 Industry Analysis – Porter’s
2.7 IPM Pheromones – PESTEL Analysis
Chapter 3 IPM Pheromones Product Outlook
3.1 Global IPM Pheromones Market Share by Product, 2013 & 2020
3.2 Sex Pheromones
3.2.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
3.3 Aggregation Pheromones
3.3.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
3.4 Oviposition-Deterring Pheromones
3.4.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
3.5 Alarm Pheromones
3.5.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
Chapter 4 IPM Pheromones Regional Outlook
4.1 Global IPM Pheromones Market Share by Region, 2013 & 2020
4.2 North America
4.2.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million) U.S. Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
4.3 Europe
4.3.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (Tons) (USD Million) Denmark Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million) France Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million) Italy Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million) UK Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million) Spain Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
4.4 Asia Pacific
4.4.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million) China Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million) Japan Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
4.5 Latin America
4.5.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million) Brazil Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
4.6 RoW
4.6.1 Market estimates and forecast, 2012-2020 (USD Million)
Chapter 5 Competitive Landscape
5.1 Active IPM
5.1.1 Company Overview
5.1.2 Financial Performance
5.1.3 Product Benchmarking
5.1.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.2 AgBiTech
5.2.1 Company Overview
5.2.2 Financial Performance
5.2.3 Product Benchmarking
5.2.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.3 Agrichembio
5.3.1 Company Overview
5.3.2 Financial Performance
5.3.3 Product Benchmarking
5.3.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.4 AgriSense
5.4.1 Company Overview
5.4.2 Financial Performance
5.4.3 Product Benchmarking
5.4.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.5 Agrochem
5.5.1 Company Overview
5.5.2 Financial Performance
5.5.3 Product Benchmarking
5.5.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.6 ATGC Biotech
5.6.1 Company Overview
5.6.2 Financial Performance
5.6.3 Product Benchmarking
5.6.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.7 Atlas Agro
5.7.1 Company Overview
5.7.2 Financial Performance
5.7.3 Product Benchmarking
5.7.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.8 Hercon
5.8.1 Company Overview
5.8.2 Financial Performance
5.8.3 Product Benchmarking
5.8.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.9 Russell IPM
5.9.1 Company Overview
5.9.2 Financial Performance
5.9.3 Product Benchmarking
5.9.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.10 SemiosBIO
5.10.1 Company Overview
5.10.2 Financial Performance
5.10.3 Product Benchmarking
5.10.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.11 Shin-Etsu
5.11.1 Company Overview
5.11.2 Financial Performance
5.11.3 Product Benchmarking
5.11.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.12 Sumi Agro France
5.12.1 Company Overview
5.12.2 Financial Performance
5.12.3 Product Benchmarking
5.12.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.13 Syngenta Bioline Ltd
5.13.1 Company Overview
5.13.2 Financial Performance
5.13.3 Product Benchmarking
5.13.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.14 Trécé Inc
5.14.1 Company Overview
5.14.2 Financial Performance
5.14.3 Product Benchmarking
5.14.4 Strategic Initiatives
Chapter 6 Methodology & Scope
6.1 Research Methodology
6.2 Research Scope & Assumptions
6.3 List of Data Sources


■ タイトル:IPMフェロモンの世界市場分析:製品別(性フェロモン、凝集フェロモン、産卵抑制フェロモン、アラームフェロモン)、セグメント予測、-2020
■ 英文:IPM Pheromones Market Analysis By Product (Sex pheromones, Aggregation pheromones, Oviposition-Deterring pheromones, Alarm pheromones) And Segment Forecasts To 2020
■ 発行日:2015年2月2日
■ 調査会社:Grand View Research
■ 商品コード:GVIEW707458
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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