【英文タイトル】Global IT Outsourcing Market 2018-2022



• Market ecosystem
• Market characteristics
• Market segmentation analysis
• Market definition
• Market sizing 2017
• Market size and forecast 2017-2022
• Bargaining power of buyers
• Bargaining power of suppliers
• Threat of new entrants
• Threat of substitutes
• Threat of rivalry
• Market condition
• Segmentation by service
• Comparison by service
• Infrastructure outsourcing – Market size and forecast 2017-2022
• Application outsourcing – Market size and forecast 2017-2022
• Market opportunity by services
• Segmentation by end-user
• Government
• Telecommunications
• Energy and utilities
• Manufacturing
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Media and entrainment
• Others
• Geographical segmentation
• Regional comparison
• Americas – Market size and forecast 2017-2022
• EMEA – Market size and forecast 2017-2022
• APAC – Market size and forecast 2017-2022
• Key leading countries
• Market opportunity
• Market drivers
• Market challenges
• Rise in the integration of application outsourcing
• Growing digital transformation in organizations
• Increasing adoption of software-defined infrastructure
• Overview
• Landscape disruption
• Competitive landscape
• Vendors covered
• Vendor classification
• Market positioning of vendors
• Accenture
• HCL Technologies
• List of abbreviations

Exhibit 01: Parent market
Exhibit 02: Global IT services market
Exhibit 03: Market characteristics
Exhibit 04: Market segments
Exhibit 05: Market definition – Inclusions and exclusions checklist
Exhibit 06: Market size 2017
Exhibit 07: Validation techniques employed for market sizing 2017
Exhibit 08: Global – Market size and forecast 2017-2022 ($ bn)
Exhibit 09: Global – Year-over-year growth 2018-2022 (%)
Exhibit 10: Five forces analysis 2017
Exhibit 11: Five forces analysis 2022
Exhibit 12: Bargaining power of buyers
Exhibit 13: Bargaining power of suppliers
Exhibit 14: Threat of new entrants
Exhibit 15: Threat of substitutes
Exhibit 16: Threat of rivalry
Exhibit 17: Market condition – Five forces 2017
Exhibit 18: Service – Market share 2017-2022 (%)
Exhibit 19: Comparison by service
Exhibit 20: Infrastructure outsourcing – Market size and forecast 2017-2022 ($ bn)
Exhibit 21: Infrastructure outsourcing – Year-over-year growth 2018-2022 (%)
Exhibit 22: Application outsourcing – Market size and forecast 2017-2022 ($ bn)
Exhibit 23: Application outsourcing – Year-over-year growth 2018-2022 (%)
Exhibit 24: Market opportunity by services
Exhibit 25: Customer landscape
Exhibit 26: End-user – Market share 2017 (%)
Exhibit 27: Global – Market share by geography 2017-2022 (%)
Exhibit 28: Regional comparison
Exhibit 29: Americas – Market size and forecast 2017-2022 ($ bn)
Exhibit 30: Americas – Year-over-year growth 2018-2022 (%)
Exhibit 31: EMEA – Market size and forecast 2017-2022 ($ bn)
Exhibit 32: EMEA – Year-over-year growth 2018-2022 (%)
Exhibit 33: APAC – Market size and forecast 2017-2022 ($ bn)
Exhibit 34: APAC – Year-over-year growth 2018-2022 (%)
Exhibit 35: Key leading countries
Exhibit 36: Market opportunity
Exhibit 37: Vendor landscape
Exhibit 38: Landscape disruption
Exhibit 39: Vendors covered
Exhibit 40: Vendor classification
Exhibit 41: Market positioning of vendors
Exhibit 42: Accenture overview
Exhibit 43: Accenture – Business segments
Exhibit 44: Accenture – Organizational developments
Exhibit 45: Accenture – Geographic focus
Exhibit 46: Accenture – Segment focus
Exhibit 47: Accenture – Key offerings
Exhibit 48: Accenture – Key customers
Exhibit 49: HCL Technologies – overview
Exhibit 50: HCL Technologies – Business segments
Exhibit 51: HCL Technologies – Organizational developments
Exhibit 52: HCL Technologies – Geographic focus
Exhibit 53: HCL Technologies – Segment focus
Exhibit 54: HCL Technologies – Key offerings
Exhibit 55: HCL Technologies – Key customers
Exhibit 56: HPE – Overview
Exhibit 57: HPE – Business segments
Exhibit 58: HPE – Organizational developments
Exhibit 59: HPE – Geographic focus
Exhibit 60: HPE – Segment focus
Exhibit 61: HPE – Key offerings
Exhibit 62: Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Key customers
Exhibit 63: IBM – Overview
Exhibit 64: IBM – Business segments
Exhibit 65: IBM – Organizational developments
Exhibit 66: IBM – Geographic focus
Exhibit 67: IBM – Segment focus
Exhibit 68: IBM – Key offerings
Exhibit 69: IBM – Key customers
Exhibit 70: TCS – Overview
Exhibit 71: TCS – Business segments
Exhibit 72: TCS – Organizational developments
Exhibit 73: TCS – Geographic focus
Exhibit 74: TCS – Segment focus
Exhibit 75: TCS – Key offerings


■ タイトル:ITアウトソーシングの世界市場2018-2022
■ 英文:Global IT Outsourcing Market 2018-2022
■ 発行日:2018年5月4日
■ 調査会社:Technavio
■ 商品コード:IRTNTR20404
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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