【英文タイトル】Global Advanced Co2 Sensors Market 2017-2021



Table of Contents

PART 01: Executive summary

PART 02: Scope of the report

Market overview
Market size calculation and segmentation
Top-vendor offerings

PART 03: Market research methodology

Research methodology
Economic indicators

PART 04: Introduction

Key market highlights

PART 05: Industry overview

Advanced CO‚‚ sensors market: Supply chain
Technology landscape
Changing scenario of the global advanced CO‚‚ sensor market

PART 06: Market landscape

Market overview
Market size and forecast
Five forces analysis

PART 07: Market segmentation by fitting

PART 08: Market segmentation by product

PART 09: Geographical segmentation

Advanced CO‚‚ sensors market in EMEA
Advanced CO‚‚ sensors market in Americas
Advanced CO‚‚ sensors market in APAC

PART 10: Market drivers

Vertical growth in the global construction market
Increased demand for location-specific advanced CO‚‚ sensors and better air pollution measurement systems
Increased demand for submersible CO‚‚ sensors
Increased demand for advanced CO‚‚ sensors in emerging markets

PART 11: Impact of drivers

PART 12: Market challenges

Complex functionality of advanced CO‚‚ sensors
High cost of advanced CO‚‚ sensors
Economic slowdown

PART 13: Impact of drivers and challenges

PART 14: Market trends

Rapid urbanization
Increased institutional use of CO‚‚ sensors and self-check on smoke emission
Increased concerns about global warming
Emergence of smart cities

PART 15: Vendor landscape

Competitive scenario
Key vendors
Other prominent vendors

PART 16: Appendix

List of abbreviations

PART 17: Explore Technavio


■ タイトル:先進CO2センサーの世界市場2017-2021
■ 英文:Global Advanced Co2 Sensors Market 2017-2021
■ 発行日:2017年2月9日
■ 調査会社:Technavio
■ 商品コード:IRTNTR11904
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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