【英文タイトル】MediPoint: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 7
1.1 List of Tables 11
1.2 List of Figures 16

2 Introduction 20
2.1 Catalyst 21
2.2 Related Reports 21

3 Industry Overview 22
3.1 Overview of MRI Technology 22
3.2 System Overview 23
3.3 Applications of Technology 26
3.4 Clinical Indications for MRI scans 26
3.5 Procedure Trends 28
3.6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology 30
3.7 Market Access 33
3.8 Regulatory Process 37
3.9 Current MRI Reimbursement Trends 41
3.10 Procedure Trends 52
3.11 Economic Impact 57

4 Unmet Needs 69
4.1 Overview 69
4.2 Storing and Managing Patient Data 70
4.3 Multiparametric MRI 71
4.4 Quieter Systems for Improved Patient Comfort 72
4.5 Improved Software to Support Advanced Image Acquisition Hardware 72
4.6 Faster Throughput 75
4.7 Improvements in Patient Comfort 76

5 Market Opportunity Analysis 77
5.1 Overview 77
5.2 Standardization of Scans 78
5.3 Increased Adoption of MRI Throughout the Hospital 79
5.4 Cardiac MRI on the Rise 79
5.5 High-Field MRI in Developing Brains 81
5.6 Permanent Magnets Still Desirable Where Power Unreliable 82
5.7 Imaging Brain Tumors 83
5.8 Cryogen-Free Cooling Systems 83
5.9 Additional Scanners for Outpatient Exams 84
5.10 Breast and Prostate Cancer MRI 85
5.11 Whole-Body MRI for Cancer 86
5.12 Cloud Computing on the Rise 86
5.13 New MRI Technique to Speed Up Diagnosis for Traumatic Brain Injury 87

6 Market Drivers and Barriers 88
6.1 Overview 88
6.2 Driver: Improved Imaging Capabilities of Higher Field Strength 88
6.3 Driver: Low-Quality Images from Older Machines 90
6.4 Driver: High Average Age of MRI Systems 90
6.5 Driver: Difficulty of Achieving Homogenous Signals with Older Systems 91
6.6 Barrier: Fewer Resources for Training on Machines 91
6.7 Barrier: Economic Pressure Reduces New Systems Volume 92
6.8 Barrier: Misuse of Systems 93
6.9 Barrier: Overuse of MRI Systems 94
6.10 Barrier: ISOs a Cheaper Alternative to Service or New Sales from OEM 95
6.11 Barrier: Supeconducting MRI Magnet Producers 97
6.12 Barrier: Uneven Reimbursement for MRI Procedures 97

7 Competitive Assessment 99
7.1 Full Profiles for Key Products 99
7.2 Classification Based on Field Strength 112

8 Pipeline Assessment 118
8.1 11.7T MRI System (Neurospin) 118
8.2 Aurora PET/MRI System (Aurora Imaging Technology) 118
8.3 Neona (Time Medical) 119
8.4 GE 7.0T MRI Scanner (GE Healthcare) 120
8.5 Signa PET/MRI (GE Healthcare) 120

9 Current and Future Players 122
9.1 Overview 122
9.2 Aurora Imaging 122
9.3 China Resources Wandong Medical Equipment 124
9.4 Esaote S.p.A. 125
9.5 Fonar Corporation 126
9.6 GE Healthcare 128
9.7 Hitachi Medical Corporation 130
9.8 Hologic 132
9.9 Mindray 134
9.10 Neusoft Medical 135
9.11 Ningbo Xingaoyi Medical 136
9.12 Philips Healthcare 138
9.13 Siemens Healthcare 140
9.14 Sina Healthcare 143
9.15 Time Medical 145
9.16 Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation 147

10 Stategic Competitive Assessment 149
10.1 Company Market Share 149

11 Market Outlooks by Market Segment 165
11.1 Market Segment by Country 165

12 Market Outlooks by Geography 176
12.1 Global 176
12.2 5EU 181
12.3 APAC 184
12.4 United States 187
12.5 France 189
12.6 Germany 191
12.7 Italy 194
12.8 Spain 196
12.9 United Kingdom 198
12.10 Japan 200
12.11 China 202
12.12 India 204
12.13 Brazil 206

13 Appendix 209
13.1 Bibliography 209
13.2 Abbreviations 215
13.3 Report Methodology 218
13.4 Forecasting Methodology 219
13.5 Primary Research — Key Opinion Leaders 220
13.6 Primary Research — Physician and Industry Overviews 220
13.7 Physicians & Experts Included in this Study 224
13.8 About the Authors 226
13.9 About MediPoint 227
13.10 About GlobalData 227
13.11 Disclaimer 227


■ タイトル:磁気共鳴画像診断(MRI)装置の世界市場
■ 英文:MediPoint: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts
■ 発行日:2014年12月22日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDME0209MAR
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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