【英文タイトル】Top 100 Global Upstream Developments Overview - Major Project Developments and Key Challenges



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 4
1.1 List of Tables9
1.2 List of Figures 14
2 Introduction 15
2.1 GlobalData Report Guidance 15
3 Top 100 Global Upstream Developments – An Overview 16
4 Top Upstream Assets in Asia-Pacific 20
4.1 Greater Gorgon, Australia 20
4.2 Ichthys LNG, Australia 21
4.3 Australia-Pacific LNG, Australia 23
4.4 Gladstone LNG, Australia 24
4.5 Abadi, Indonesia 25
4.6 Sanga-Sanga CBM, Indonesia 27
4.7 Shwe Gas, Myanmar 28
4.8 Hides Gas Field, Papua New Guinea 30
4.9 Kanowit, Malaysia 31
4.10 Champion, Brunei 33
4.11 Peng Lai 19-3, China 34
4.12 Gendalo-Gehem, Indonesia 36
4.13 Te Giac Trang (White Rhinoceros), Vietnam 38
4.14 Gumusut-Kakap, Malaysia 39
5 Top Upstream Assets in the Former Soviet Union 42
5.1 Messoyakha Project, Russia 42
5.2 Bovanenkovo Zone, Russia 43
5.3 Kashagan, Kazakhstan 45
5.4 Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli, Azerbaijan 46
5.5 Trebs and Titov, Russia 48
5.6 Cheleken, Turkmenistan 50
5.7 Shah Deniz, Azerbaijan 51
5.8 Chayanda, Russia 53
5.9 Y. Kuvykin (Sarmatskoye), Russia 54
6 Top Upstream Assets in Latin America 57
6.1 Franco, Brazil 57
6.2 Cernambi, Brazil 58
6.3 Carabobo-1, Venezuela 59
6.4 Castilla-Chichimene, Colombia 61
6.5 Marlim Sul, Brazil 62
6.6 Roncador, Brazil 64
6.7 Jubarte, Brazil 65
6.8 Cravo Norte Association, Colombia 67
6.9 Rubiales, Colombia 68
6.10 El Trapial, Argentina 70
6.11 Nare Contract Association, Colombia 71
6.12 La Creciente, Colombia 73
6.13 Quifa, Colombia 74
6.14 Junin-2, Venezuela 76
6.15 San Alberto, Bolivia 77
6.16 Sabalo, Bolivia 79
6.17 Junin-5, Venezuela 80
6.18 San Martin, Peru 82
6.19 Perla, Venezuela 84
6.20 Carina-Aries, Argentina 85
6.21 Vega Pleyade, Argentina 87
6.22 La Cira-Infantas, Colombia 89
6.23 Lula, Brazil 90
7 Top Upstream Assets in North America and Caribbean 93
7.1 Wolfcamp Shale, US 93
7.2 Marcellus Shale, US 94
7.3 Bakken Shale, US and Canada 96
7.4 Eagle Ford Shale, US and Mexico 97
7.5 Utica Shale, US and Canada 98
7.6 Barnett Shale, US 99
7.7 Niobrara Shale, US 101
7.8 Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, US 102
7.9 Monterey Shale, US 104
7.10 Syncrude, Canada 105
7.11 Kearl, Canada 107
7.12 Hibernia, Canada 108
7.13 Muskeg River, Canada 110
7.14 Pierre River, Canada 111
7.15 Base Operations, Canada 112
7.16 Hebron, Canada 114
7.17 Victory, Bounty and Endeavour, Trinidad and Tobago 115
7.18 Teak, Poui and Samaan, Trinidad and Tobago 117
7.19 Manatee, Trinidad and Tobago 118
7.20 Cantarell, Mexico 120
8 Top Upstream Assets in Africa 122
8.1 Rovuma Area 4, Mozambique 122
8.2 Rovuma Area 1, Mozambique 123
8.3 Blocks 1, 3, and 4, Tanzania 125
8.4 North Alexandria Concession, Egypt 126
8.5 Bonga South West, Nigeria 128
8.6 Touat, Algeria 129
8.7 CLOV, Angola 130
8.8 Tsimiroro, Madagascar 131
8.9 Lianzi, Angola 132
8.10 Tweneboa, Enyenra and Ntomme, Ghana 134
8.11 El Merk, Algeria 135
8.12 Greater Egina, Nigeria 137
8.13 Gassi Touil LNG, Algeria 138
8.14 Kingfisher, Uganda 140
8.15 Area 54, Libya 142
9 Top Upstream Assets in the Middle East 144
9.1 Khurais, Saudi Arabia 144
9.2 Manifa, Saudi Arabia 145
9.3 Barzan Gas Project, Qatar 147
9.4 Karan, Saudi Arabia 148
9.5 Satah al-Razboot, UAE 150
9.6 Leviathan, Israel 151
9.7 South Pars – Phase 11, Iran 152
9.8 Khazzan, Oman 154
9.9 Al-Wasit Gas Program (Arabiyah and Hasbah), Saudi Arabia 155
10 Top Upstream Assets in Europe 157
10.1 Troll, Norway 157
10.2 Johan Sverdrup, Norway 158
10.3 Clair, UK 160
10.4 Mariner, UK 162
10.5 Laggan-Tormore, UK 163
10.6 Corrib, Ireland 165
10.7 Johan Castberg, Norway 166
10.8 Tempa Rossa, Italy 168
10.9 Goliat, Norway 171
10.10 Rosebank, UK 173
11 Appendix 176
11.1 Definitions 176
11.2 Abbreviations 176
11.3 Sources 180
11.4 Research Methodology 191
11.4.1 Coverage 191
11.4.2 Secondary Research 191
11.5 Disclaimer 192


■ タイトル:世界のアップストリーム開発動向:(石油・ガス開発)上位100アップストリーム資産
■ 英文:Top 100 Global Upstream Developments Overview - Major Project Developments and Key Challenges
■ 発行日:2014年10月1日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDGE0099MAR
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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