【英文タイトル】MRI Systems Market to 2020 - Focus on Patient Comfort and Operational Efficiency, with Growth Driven by Developing Economies



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 5
1.1 List of Tables 7
1.2 List of Figures 8

2 Introduction 9

3 Global MRI Systems Market: Definitions 10
3.1 High-Field MRI Systems 10
3.2 Mid-Field MRI Systems 10
3.3 Low-Field MRI Systems 10

4 MRI Systems: Global Market Characterization 11
4.1 Global MRI Systems Market, Revenue, 2006–2020 11
4.2 MRI Systems Market, Global, Key Company Shares, 2013 12
4.3 MRI Systems Market, Key Trends 13
4.3.1 Superconducting Magnets Preferred to Permanent Magnets 13
4.3.2 Migration to Higher Field Strengths 14
4.3.3 Specialty MRI Systems 14
4.3.4 Patient Comfort Becoming a Top Priority 15
4.3.5 Simplifying Machine Design but Enhancing Performance 15
4.3.6 Technologies using Minimal Helium 15
4.3.7 Hybrid MRI Systems Gaining Popularity in Specialized Care 15
4.3.8 Energy Efficient Systems on the Rise 16
4.3.9 Local Manufacturing is Preferred in Three out of Four Markets that are Poised to Witness Strong Growth in the Forecast Period 16
4.4 Market Dynamics 17
4.4.1 Market Drivers 17
4.4.2 Market Restraints 18

5 Global MRI Systems Market: Segment Analysis and Forecasts 20
5.1 High-Field MRI Systems Market, Global, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 20
5.2 Mid-Field MRI Systems Market, Global, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 21
5.3 Low-Field MRI Systems Market, Global, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 22

6 Global MRI Systems Market: Country Analysis and Forecasts 23
6.1 MRI Systems Market: Cross-Country Analysis 23
6.2 Historical and Forecast Revenue and Volume, by Country 24
6.2.1 MRI Systems Market, US, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 24
6.2.2 MRI Systems Market, Canada, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 26
6.2.3 MRI Systems Market, Brazil, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 27
6.2.4 MRI Systems Market, Germany, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 29
6.2.5 MRI Systems Market, France, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 31
6.2.6 MRI Systems Market, Italy, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 33
6.2.7 MRI Systems Market, Spain, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 35
6.2.8 MRI Systems Market, UK, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 37
6.2.9 MRI Systems Market, Japan, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 39
6.2.10 MRI Systems Market, Australia, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 41
6.2.11 MRI Systems Market, China, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 43
6.2.12 MRI Systems Market, India, Revenue and Volume, 2006–2020 46

7 Global MRI Systems Market: Company Profiles 49
7.1 Comparison of Leading MRI Systems 49
7.1.1 Comparison of Leading 1.5 T MRI Systems, 2015 49
7.1.2 Comparison of Leading 3.0 T MRI Systems, 2015 50
7.2 Siemens Healthcare 50
7.2.1 Business Overview 50
7.2.2 Marketed Products 51
7.3 GE Healthcare 51
7.3.1 Business Overview 51
7.3.2 Marketed Products 51
7.4 Philips Healthcare 52
7.4.1 Business Overview 52
7.4.2 Marketed Products 52
7.5 Toshiba Medical Systems 52
7.5.1 Business Overview 52
7.5.2 Marketed Products 52
7.6 Hitachi Medical 53
7.6.1 Business Overview 53
7.6.2 Marketed Products 53
7.7 Esaote 53
7.7.1 Business Overview 53
7.7.2 Marketed Products 53

8 Global MRI Systems Market: Product Pipeline Analysis 54
8.1 Overview 54
8.2 MRI Systems Market: List of Pipeline Products 55
8.3 MRI Systems Market: Profiles of Key Pipeline Products 57
8.3.1 High-Field MRI Systems 57
8.3.2 Mid-Field MRI Systems 60
8.3.3 Low-Field MRI Systems 61
8.3.4 Functional MRI Systems 61
8.3.5 MRI Coils 63

9 Global MRI Systems Market: Consolidation Landscape 65
9.1 Overview, 2006–2014 65
9.2 Key Acquisition Deals, 2010–2014 66
9.2.1 MESA Acquires Spintech, November 28, 2014 66
9.2.2 Box Acquires MedXT, October 10, 2014 66
9.2.3 MESA Acquires Stake in MVS, September 12, 2014 67
9.2.4 BC Technical Acquires Polaris Medical Imaging, August 29, 2014 67
9.2.5 Tranzbyte Acquires Marketing Rights from Hurricane Enterprises, September 11, 2012 67
9.2.6 GE Healthcare Acquires Steady State Imaging, April 14, 2011 67
9.2.7 GE Healthcare Acquires MRI Technology Assets from ONI Medical Systems, November 6, 2009 67
9.3 Key Partnership Deals, 2010–2014 68
9.3.1 Imricor Enters into Licensing Agreement with Sorin, October 9, 2014 68
9.3.2 GE Healthcare Enters into Co-marketing Agreement with CorTechs Labs for NeuroQuant, May 13, 2014 68
9.3.3 Analogic Enters into Distribution Agreement with D&K for BioJet System, April 9, 2014 68
9.3.4 MRI Interventions Enters into Co-development Agreement with Siemens Medical Solutions, February 21, 2014 68
9.3.5 CorTechs Labs Extends Distribution Agreement with Invivo for NeuroQuant, February 4, 2014 69
9.3.6 IMRIS Enters into Technology Integration Agreement with Stryker, October 8, 2013 69
9.3.7 Invivo Enters into Co-development Agreement with iCAD for MRI Solutions, March 11, 2013 69
9.3.8 Bioventus Enters into Agreement with Esaote North America for Diagnostic Ultrasound and MRI Solutions, October 2, 2012 69
9.3.9 Aurora Imaging Technology Enters into Distribution Agreement with Sumec for Dedicated Breast MRI System, July 20, 2012 70
9.3.10 Aspect Enters into Agreement with Bruker for MRI Systems, April 2, 2012 70
9.3.11 iCAD Enters into Distribution Agreement with Carestream, December 12, 2011 70
9.3.12 iCAD Enters into Distribution Agreement with Hitachi, October 31, 2011 70
9.3.13 Trivitron Healthcare Enters into Co-marketing Agreement with Hitachi, August 25, 2011 70
9.3.14 Aspect Enters into Co-development Agreement with CAGE Chemicals and University of Turin, June 29, 2011 71
9.3.15 Bayer Vital Enters into Agreement with Vital Images, March 23, 2011 71
9.3.16 Amerinet Enters into Agreement with Toshiba America Medical Systems, February 2, 2011 71
9.3.17 Varian Enters into Agreement with IMRIS, October 5, 2010 71
9.3.18 Medipattern Enters into Agreement with Sentinelle, November 30, 2009 71

10 Appendix 72
10.1 Abbreviations 72
10.2 Bibliography 72
10.3 Research Methodology 73
10.3.1 Secondary Research 73
10.3.2 Primary Research 74
10.3.3 Models 74
10.3.4 Forecasts 74
10.3.5 Expert Panel 75
10.4 Contact Us 75
10.5 Disclaimer 75


■ タイトル:MRI(磁気共鳴画像)装置の世界市場
■ 英文:MRI Systems Market to 2020 - Focus on Patient Comfort and Operational Efficiency, with Growth Driven by Developing Economies
■ 発行日:2015年4月2日
■ 調査会社:GBI Research
■ 商品コード:GBIME0101MR
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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