Gas Shale Development in Emerging Countries (Poland, China, Australia, Argentina and South Africa) – Market Analysis, Industry Scenario and Key Companies...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Gas Shale Development in Emerging Countries (Poland, China, Australia, Argentina and South Africa) - Market Analysis, Industry Scenario and Key Companies



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 5
1.1 List of Tables 7
1.2 List of Figures 8
2 Introduction 9
2.1 Overview 9
2.2 GlobalData Report Guidance 10
3 Overview and Development Scenario of Gas Shales Globally 11
3.1 Asia-Pacific Possesses Largest Technically Recoverable Shale Gas Resources Globally 12
3.1.1 Gas Shales in Asia-Pacific 13
3.1.2 Gas Shale in North America 13
3.1.3 Gas Shales in South and Central America 14
3.1.4 Gas Shale in Middle East and Africa 14
3.1.5 Gas Shales in Europe 15
3.2 Argentina, Australia and Poland Emerging as Key Markets for Shale Gas Investment 16
3.3 China Leads Emerging Shale Gas Development Markets 17
3.4 Key Drivers and Issues 18
3.4.1 Lower Acreage Valuations Attract E&P Companies to Garner Shale Gas Acreages in Countries Beyond North America 18
3.4.2 Increasing Import Dependence for Natural Gas Prompts Resource-Rich Countries to Develop their Shale Gas Resources 19
3.4.3 China’s Substantial Shale Gas Resources Attract Investment from Foreign Companies 20
3.4.4 Governments in Several Countries Encourage Shale Gas Development by Announcing Favorable Policies 20
3.4.5 Shale Gas Development Requires Adequate Infrastructure and Technical Expertise 21
3.4.6 Shale Gas Development Could Pose Threat to Water Resources 21
3.4.7 Opposition to Hydraulic Fracturing in Some Countries Slows Gas Shale Development 23
4 Gas Shales Development in Poland 24
4.1 Major Gas Shale Basins in Poland 24
4.1.1 Baltic Basin 25
4.1.2 Lublin Basin 26
4.1.3 Podlasie Basin 26
4.2 Gas Shales Development in Poland 27
4.3 Gas Shales Regulations in Poland 30
4.3.1 New Fiscal Regime may Affect Gas Shales Development in Poland 30
4.4 Gas Shale Investment Scenario in Poland 31
4.5 Major Companies 32
4.5.1 Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA 32
4.5.2 Marathon Oil Corporation 33
4.5.3 3Legs Resources Group 34
4.5.4 BNK Petroleum Incorporated 35
4.5.5 San Leon Energy 36
4.5.6 Orlean Upstream Sp z oo 37
5 Gas Shales Development in China 38
5.1 Major Basins 38
5.1.1 Sichuan Basin 39
5.1.2 Tarim Basin 39
5.1.3 Ordos Basin 39
5.1.4 Junggar Basin 40
5.1.5 North China (Huabei) Basin 40
5.1.6 Turpan-Hami Basin 40
5.1.7 Songliao Basin 40
5.2 Gas Shales Development in China 41
5.2.1 Licensing Rounds for Gas Shales 41
5.2.2 Licensing Round Focused on Investment Rather than Expertise 41
5.2.3 Five Year Shale Gas Development Plan 42
5.2.4 Financial Subsidy for Shale Gas Development by Chinese Government 42
5.3 Gas Shales Regulations in China 43
5.4 Gas Shale Investment Scenario in China 43
5.5 Major Companies 44
5.5.1 China National Petroleum Corporation 44
5.5.2 Sinopec 44
5.5.3 Honghua Group Limited 45
6 Gas Shales Development in Australia 46
6.1 Major Basins 46
6.1.1 Cooper basin 47
6.1.2 Maryborough Basin 48
6.1.3 Perth Basin 48
6.1.4 Canning Basin 48
6.2 Australia Gas Shales Development Scenario 49
6.2.1 Fracking Regulations in Australia 49
6.3 Major Companies 50
6.3.1 Beach Energy 50
6.3.2 New Standard Energy 51
6.3.3 Santos Limited 52
6.3.4 AWE Limited 54
7 Gas Shales Development in Argentina 56
7.1 Major Basins 57
7.1.1 Neuquen Basin 58
7.1.2 Golfo San Jorge Basin 59
7.1.3 Austral-Magallanes Basin 59
7.2 Argentina Gas Shales, Industry Scenario 59
7.2.1 Overview of Argentina’s Natural Gas Market 59
7.3 Gas Shale Development Scenario in Argentina 60
7.3.1 Fracking Regulations in Argentina 60
7.4 Gas Shale Investment Scenario in Argentina 61
7.5 Major Companies 62
7.5.1 Repsol SA 62
7.5.2 YPF Sociedad Anonima 62
7.5.3 Americas Petrogas Incorporated 63
7.5.4 Apache Corporation 65
7.5.5 Total 67
8 Gas Shales Development in South Africa 68
8.1 Major Basins 68
8.1.1 Karoo Basin 69
8.2 South Africa Gas Shales, Industry Scenario 70
8.2.1 Overview of South Africa’s Natural Gas Market 70
8.2.2 South Africa Gas Shales Development Scenario 70
8.2.3 Investment Scenario in South Africa 71
8.3 Major Companies 72
8.3.1 Royal Dutch Shell 72
8.3.2 Falcon Oil and Gas Limited 72
8.3.3 Bundu Gas & Oil Exploration (Pty) Limited 73
9 Gas Shale Development in Other Countries 74
9.1 Ukraine 74
9.1.1 Basins in Ukraine 75
9.1.2 Shale Gas Development in Ukraine 77
9.2 Germany 78
9.2.1 Major Basin 78
9.2.2 Gas Shale Concessions Awarded in Germany 79
9.2.3 Gas Shale Development in Germany 79
9.3 France 80
9.3.1 Major Basins 80
9.3.2 Gas Shale Investment scenario 81
9.3.3 Shale Gas Development Scenario 81
9.4 Brazil 82
9.4.1 Parana Basin 82
9.5 India 83
9.5.1 Major Basins 83
9.5.2 Gas Shale Development Scenario in India 84
9.5.3 Gas Shale Investment Scenario in India 84
10 Appendix 85
10.1 Abbreviations 85
10.2 Sources 86
10.3 Market Definition 89
10.4 Methodology 89
10.4.1 Coverage 89
10.4.2 Secondary Research 90
10.4.3 Primary Research 90
10.5 Contact Us 90
10.6 Disclaimer 90


■ タイトル:Gas Shale Development in Emerging Countries (Poland, China, Australia, Argentina and South Africa) – Market Analysis, Industry Scenario and Key Companies
■ 英文:Gas Shale Development in Emerging Countries (Poland, China, Australia, Argentina and South Africa) - Market Analysis, Industry Scenario and Key Companies
■ 発行日:2013年6月17日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161132
■ 調査対象地域:中国, ポーランド, オーストラリア, アルゼンチン ,南アフリカ
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