Future of Mobile Payment Systems: Rise of the Mobile Wallet 2012-2017...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Executive Summary. 6
M-Payment. 8
Paybox. 10
Paybox Disadvantages. 11
M-payment Markets. 11
Money Transfers. 13
Mobile Payments Developments in Emerging Markets. 13
The Role of the Devices. 14
The Role of Mobile Operators. 15
Banks Role. 15
Technologies. 16
Future Trends. 17
Features. 18
E-Marketing. 19
Challenges. 19
Management Challenge. 20
Customers Expectations. 20
Security Problems. 21
Technical Challenges. 21
Solutions. 22
Current Mobile Payments Systems the End of the Credit Card Era and the Rise f the Wallet. 23
ISIS wallet. 2
Google Wallet and its SWOT Analysis. 24
Google Wallet Challenges and how to overcome it. 26
PayPal and Google Wallet. 28
Visa Wallet SWOT Analysis. 29
Serve by American Express E-wallet and its SWOT Analysis. 34
Google Wallet verses ISIS Wallet. 35
Comparison between Current Wallet Systems. 36
Advantages of the M-payments Systems. 37
Mobile Payments Market 2012-2017. 38
Mobile Ticketing Market 2012-2017. 41
Mobile Tickets Case Studies. 42
Mobile Payment Methods. 43
Common Issues of Mobile Payment. 44
The Secure Authentication Infrastructure for Mobile Users. 46
Different secured Connections. 48
Authentication. 48
Access Rights. 49
Payment Credentials. 49
Privacy of Communication. 50
Integrity of Message Exchanges. 50
Anonymity. 50
Authentication Methods and Protocols. 51
Symmetric Authentication. 51
Asymmetric Authentication, 52
Authentication Based on Biometric Information. 53
Requirements for Mobile Commerce authentication. 54
The Indian Market in General 55
Mobile Value-added Services Market in India 2011-2016. 55
The Future of MVAS in India. 56
MVAS Challenges in India. 57
Revenue Sharing Arrangements. 58
Future Plans for the Companies in the MVAS. 59
trategies of Shareholders across the MVAS. 61
MVAS Top Revenue Applications in India. 61
Strategies of the Big Players in MVAS India. 64
OnMobile. 64
Star Television’s Business Strategy. 65
Nokia Partnership with Indiagames.com and Mauj in India. 66
Samsung partnership with IndiaGames.com and Mauj 66
Bharat Sanchar Nigam LTD (BSNL) Strategy. 66
Airtel 66
ellebrum.. 67
Conclusion. 67
The Growth of M-Payment in India. 67
M-payment in Indian Market. 67
M-payment for the Indian Market and What Should Mobile Network Operators nd banks do. 71
Challenges. 2
Security. 73
Technological Challenges. 74
Solutions. 74
Mobile Payment in the UK. 76
NFC in McDonald’s Stores. 76
Mobile Payment transaction value in the UK 2012-2017. 77
Mobile Banking. 77
M-Pessa. 80
PayPal VS M-Pessa. 81
M-Pessa Potential Markets. 82
Mobile Banking Applications. 82
Data Management. 84
Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM). 85
Mobile Banking Middleware. 86
Rogers Canada and M-banking. 88
Zoompass Canada. 89
Zoompass SWOT Analysis. 90
Applications of RFID and NFC. 91
RFID Applications, and Deployment. 91
Ticketing System.. 92
Payment Methods. 93
NFC in Mobile Devices. 94
NFC to Control other Connections. 94
Mobile Phones that use NFC. 95
Samsung Galaxy SII 97
Nexus S4G from Sprint. 98
Samsung S5239 NFC (GT-5230N, Star, Avila, Player One, Tocco Lite). 98
Nokia C7 Smartphone. 98
Sagam Wireless Cosyphone. 98
Sky Vega Racer by Pantech. 98
Samsung SHW-A170K. 98
Hedy. 98
Shanghai Simcom.. 98
Motorolla MC75A HF. 98
Axia A306. 98
Casio IT-800RGC-35. 98
Devices that will be Available in the Near Future. 99
Appendix. 100
List of MVAS Vendors in India. 100


■ タイトル:Future of Mobile Payment Systems: Rise of the Mobile Wallet 2012-2017
■ 発行日:2011年10月10日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
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