Deaerators for Nuclear Power – Global Market Size, Major Players and Key Country Analysis to 2020...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Deaerators for Nuclear Power - Global Market Size, Major Players and Key Country Analysis to 2020



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 3
1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 6
2 Introduction 8
2.1 Deaerator, Functional Overview 8
2.2 GlobalData Report Guidance 9
3 Global Deaerator Market Analysis, 2006–2020 10
3.1 Global Nuclear Power Generation, Overview 10
3.2 Global Deaerator Market, Drivers 14
3.2.1 Increasing Power Demand Drives Development of Nuclear Power Plants 14
3.2.2 Need to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Drives Nations to Developing Nuclear Power Plants 14
3.2.3 Soaring Fossil Fuel Prices and Scarcity of Energy Sources Attract Countries to Nuclear Energy 14
3.3 Global Deaerator Market, Restraints 15
3.3.1 Anti-Nuclear Public Opinion: Driving Away Nuclear Power from Countries 15
3.3.2 Safety Concerns Regarding Nuclear Reactors Threaten Survival of the Industry 15
3.3.3 Nuclear Waste Disposal Issue Adversely Affects the Nuclear Power Industry 15
3.3.4 Financing Nuclear Power Projects to be an Obstacle for Nuclear Power Development 15
3.4 Global Deaerator Market, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 16
3.5 Global Deaerator Market, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 19
4 Deaerator Market Analysis, Asia-Pacific, 2006–2020 21
4.1 Deaerator Market Analysis, Asia-Pacific, 2006–2020 21
4.1.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, Asia-Pacific 21
4.1.2 Deaerator Market, Asia-Pacific, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 25
4.1.3 Deaerator Market, Asia-Pacific, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 27
4.2 Deaerator Market Analysis, China, 2006–2020 29
4.2.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, China 29
4.2.2 Deaerator Market, China, Drivers 33
4.2.3 Deaerator Market, China, Restraints 34
4.2.4 Deaerator Market, China, Key Regulations and Policies 34
4.2.5 Deaerator Market, China, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 36
4.2.6 Deaerator Market, China, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 38
4.3 Deaerator Market Analysis, India, 2006–2020 40
4.3.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, India 40
4.3.2 Deaerator Market, India, Drivers 44
4.3.3 Deaerator Market, India, Restraints 45
4.3.4 Deaerator Market, India, Key Regulations and Policies 46
4.3.5 Deaerator Market, India, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 47
4.3.6 Deaerator Market, India, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 49
4.4 Deaerator Market Analysis, Japan, 2006–2020 51
4.4.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, Japan 51
4.4.2 Deaerator Market, Japan, Drivers 56
4.4.3 Deaerator Market, Japan, Restraints 56
4.4.4 Deaerator Market, Japan, Key Regulations and Policies 57
4.4.5 Deaerator Market, Japan, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 58
4.4.6 Deaerator Market, Japan, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 60
4.5 Deaerator Market Analysis, Republic of Korea, 2006–2020 62
4.5.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, Republic of Korea 62
4.5.2 Deaerator Market, Republic of Korea, Drivers 66
4.5.3 Deaerator Market, Republic of Korea, Restraints 67
4.5.4 Deaerator Market, Republic of Korea, Key Regulations and Policies 67
4.5.5 Deaerator Market, Republic of Korea, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 69
4.5.6 Deaerator Market, Republic of Korea, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 71
5 Deaerator Market Analysis, Europe, 2006–2020 73
5.1 Deaerator Market Analysis, Europe, 2006–2020 73
5.1.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, Europe 73
5.1.2 Deaerator Market, Europe, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 77
5.1.3 Deaerator Market, Europe, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 79
5.2 Deaerator Market Analysis, France, 2006–2020 81
5.2.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, France 81
5.2.2 Deaerator Market, France, Drivers 85
5.2.3 Deaerator Market, France, Restraints 86
5.2.4 Deaerator Market, France, Key Regulations and Policies 86
5.2.5 Deaerator Market, France, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 90
5.2.6 Deaerator Market, France, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 92
5.3 Deaerator Market Analysis, Russia, 2006–2020 94
5.3.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, Russia 94
5.3.2 Deaerator Market, Russia, Drivers 98
5.3.3 Deaerator Market, Russia, Restraints 98
5.3.4 Deaerator Market, Russia, Key Regulations and Policies 99
5.3.5 Deaerator Market, Russia, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 101
5.3.6 Deaerator Market, Russia, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 103
5.4 Deaerator Market Analysis, Spain, 2006–2020 105
5.4.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, Spain 105
5.4.2 Deaerator Market, Spain, Drivers 109
5.4.3 Deaerator Market, Spain, Restraints 110
5.4.4 Deaerator Market, Spain, Key Regulations and Policies 110
5.4.5 Deaerator Market, Spain, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 113
5.4.6 Deaerator Market, Spain, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 115
5.5 Deaerator Market Analysis, Ukraine, 2006–2020 116
5.5.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, Ukraine 116
5.5.2 Deaerator Market, Ukraine, Drivers 120
5.5.3 Deaerator Market, Ukraine, Key Regulations and Policies 121
5.5.4 Deaerator Market, Ukraine, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 122
5.5.5 Deaerator Market, Ukraine, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 124
5.6 Deaerator Market Analysis, the UK, 2006–2020 126
5.6.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, the UK 126
5.6.2 Deaerator Market, the UK, Drivers 130
5.6.3 Deaerator Market, the UK, Restraints 131
5.6.4 Deaerator Market, the UK, Key Regulations and Policies 131
5.6.5 Deaerator Market, the UK, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 132
5.6.6 Deaerator Market, the UK, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 134
6 Deaerator Market Analysis, North America, 2006–2020 136
6.1 Deaerator Market Analysis, North America, 2006–2020 136
6.1.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, North America 136
6.1.2 Deaerator Market, North America, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 140
6.1.3 Deaerator Market, North America, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 142
6.2 Deaerator Market Analysis, Canada, 2006–2020 144
6.2.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, Canada 144
6.2.2 Deaerator Market, Canada, Drivers 147
6.2.3 Deaerator Market, Canada, Restraints 148
6.2.4 Deaerator Market, Canada, Key Regulations and Policies 148
6.2.5 Deaerator Market, Canada, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 150
6.2.6 Deaerator Market, Canada, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 152
6.3 Deaerator Market Analysis, the US, 2006–2020 154
6.3.1 Nuclear Power Generation Overview, the US 154
6.3.2 Deaerator Market, the US, Drivers 158
6.3.3 Deaerator Market, the US, Restraints 159
6.3.4 Deaerator Market, the US, Key Regulations and Policies 159
6.3.5 Deaerator Market, the US, Volume (Units), 2006–2020 161
6.3.6 Deaerator Market, the US, Market Value Analysis ($m), 2006–2020 163
7 Deaerator Market Analysis, Emerging Nuclear Countries, 2006–2020 165
7.1 Deaerator Market Analysis, Vietnam, 2006–2020 165
7.2 Deaerator Market Analysis, United Arab Emirates, 2006–2020 170
7.3 Deaerator Market Analysis, Turkey, 2006–2020 174
8 Deaerator Market, Key Global Players, 2012 178
8.1 Alstom Power SA 178
8.2 BGR Energy System 178
8.3 BHI Company Limited 178
8.4 Bharat Heavy Industries Limited 179
8.5 Balcke-Durr 179
8.6 Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Company Limited 179
8.7 Kansas City Deaerator Company 179
8.8 Sterling Deaerator Company 180
8.9 Stork Thermeq BV 180
9 Appendix 181
9.1 Abbreviations 181
9.2 Bibliography 182
9.3 Research Methodology for Deaerator Market Sizing 184
9.3.1 Coverage 184
9.3.2 Secondary Research 184
9.3.3 Primary Research 184
9.3.4 Modeling and Forecasting 185
9.4 Contact Us 185
9.5 Disclaimer 185


■ タイトル:Deaerators for Nuclear Power – Global Market Size, Major Players and Key Country Analysis to 2020
■ 英文:Deaerators for Nuclear Power - Global Market Size, Major Players and Key Country Analysis to 2020
■ 発行日:2013年3月1日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
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