Cue Energy Resources Ltd.:石油・ガスの開発・生産動向及びコスト分析- 2012...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Cue Energy Resources Ltd. Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Operations and Cost Analysis - 2012



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 4
List of Figures 4
Company Snapshot 5
Key Information 5
Company Overview 5
Cue Energy Resources Ltd., Valuation and Financial Data, 2008-2012 6
Cue Energy Resources Ltd., Share Price Performance, 2008-2012 6
Share Price Performance, 2008-2012 6
Key Valuation Metrics, 2008-2012 7
Cue Energy Resources Ltd., Production and Reserves Trends 8
Total Oil and Gas, Reserves and Production 8
Total Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production and Reserves Trend, 2008-2012 8
Total Crude Oil & Natural Gas Production and Reserves By Country/Region, 2008-2012 9
Crude Oil/Liquids Production and Reserve 10
Crude Oil/Liquids Production and Reserve Trend, 2008-2012 10
Crude Oil Production and Reserves By Country/Region, 2008-2012 11
Natural Gas Production and Reserve 12
Natural Gas Production and Reserve Trend, 2008-2012 12
Natural Gas Production and Reserves, By Country/Region, 2008-2012 13
Cue Energy Resources Ltd., E&P Costs Trends 14
Allocation of the Upstream Capital Expenditure 14
Upstream Capital Expenditure, 2008-2012 14
Exploration and Development Costs, By Country/Region, 2008-2012 15
Cue Energy Resources Ltd., Results of Oil & Gas Operations Trend 16
Oil and Gas Revenue and Expenses 16
Oil and Gas Revenue and Expenses, 2008-2012 16
Oil and Gas Revenue and Expenses, By Country/Region, 2008-2012 17
Oil and Gas Revenue and Expenses, Per boe 22
Oil and Gas Revenue and Expenses, By boe, 2008-2012 22
Oil and Gas Revenue and Expenses Per boe, By Country/Region, 2008-2012 23
Oil and Gas Performance Metrics 27
Recent Developments 28
Cue Energy Resources Ltd. – Recent Developments 28
Dec 19, 2013: Cue Energy Resources Re-start Of Production At Maari Field, New Zealand 28
Dec 13, 2013: Cue Energy Resources Naga Utara-2 Progress Report # 10 28
Dec 06, 2013: Cue Energy Resources Naga Utara-2 Progress Report # 9 28
Nov 28, 2013: Cue Energy provides Naga Utara-2 Progress Report # 8 29
Oct 18, 2013: Cue Energy Resources Naga Utara-2 Progress Report # 2 29
Oct 18, 2013: Cue Energy Resources Manaia-2 Progress Report # 7 30
Oct 11, 2013: Cue Energy Resources Naga Utara-2 Progress Report #1 30
Oct 11, 2013: Cue Energy Resources Manaia-2 Progress Report # 6 31
Oct 07, 2013: Naga Utara-2 Well, Mahakam Hilir PSC, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 31
Oct 04, 2013: Cue Energy Manaia-2 Progress Report # 5 32
Appendix 33
Methodology 33
Coverage 33
Secondary Research 33
Primary Research 33
Data Information Sources 34
Company Source 34
SEC/Other Regulatory Filings 34
Other Sources 34
Expert Panel Validation 34
Data Definition 34
Oil and Gas Reserves 34
Units of Measure 35
About GlobalData 35
Disclosure 35
Disclaimer 35


■ タイトル:Cue Energy Resources Ltd.:石油・ガスの開発・生産動向及びコスト分析- 2012
■ 英文:Cue Energy Resources Ltd. Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Operations and Cost Analysis - 2012
■ 発行日:2014年1月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403163543
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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