BIOMET 3i, Inc.:市場シェア分析...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】BIOMET 3i, Inc. Market Share Analysis



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 6
2 Introduction 8
2.1 What Is This Report About? 8
3 Definitions of Markets/Categories Covered 9
3.1 Dental Devices 9
3.1.1 Dental Biomaterials 9
3.1.2 Dental Implants 9
4 Company Snapshot 10
4.1 Key Information 10
4.2 Company Overview 10
4.3 Business Overview 11
4.4 Major Products and Services 12
4.4.1 Overview 12
5 History 13
6 Competitors 16
7 Competitive Landscape 17
7.1 Dental Devices (Dental Biomaterials), Global, Market Share (%), 2011 17
7.2 BIOMET 3i, Inc, Dental Devices (Dental Biomaterials), by Region, Market Share (2011) 19
7.3 BIOMET 3i, Inc, Dental Devices (Dental Biomaterials), by Country, Market Share (2011) 20
7.4 Dental Devices (Dental Implants), Global, Market Share (%), 2011 22
7.5 BIOMET 3i, Inc, Dental Devices (Dental Implants), by Region, Market Share (2011) 24
7.6 BIOMET 3i, Inc, Dental Devices (Dental Implants), by Country, Market Share (2011) 25
8 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Dental Devices, Global, Category Revenue Share (2011) 27
8.1 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Asia-Pacific, Category Revenue Share (2011) 29
8.1.1 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Australia, Category Revenue Share (2011) 31
8.1.2 BIOMET 3i, Inc., India, Category Revenue Share (2011) 33
8.1.3 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Japan, Category Revenue Share (2011) 35
8.1.4 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Other Asia-Pacific, Category Revenue Share (2011) 37
8.2 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Europe, Category Revenue Share (2011) 39
8.2.1 BIOMET 3i, Inc., France, Category Revenue Share (2011) 41
8.2.2 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Germany, Category Revenue Share (2011) 43
8.2.3 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Italy, Category Revenue Share (2011) 45
8.2.4 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Spain, Category Revenue Share (2011) 47
8.2.5 BIOMET 3i, Inc., United Kingdom, Category Revenue Share (2011) 49
8.2.6 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Other Europe, Category Revenue Share (2011) 51
8.3 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Middle East and Africa, Category Revenue Share (2011) 53
8.4 BIOMET 3i, Inc., North America, Category Revenue Share (2011) 55
8.4.1 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Canada, Category Revenue Share (2011) 57
8.4.2 BIOMET 3i, Inc., United States, Category Revenue Share (2011) 59
8.5 BIOMET 3i, Inc., South and Central America, Category Revenue Share (2011) 61
8.5.1 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Brazil, Category Revenue Share (2011) 63
8.5.2 BIOMET 3i, Inc., Other South and Central America, Category Revenue Share (2011) 65
9 Key Employees 67
10 Locations And Subsidiaries 68
10.1 Head Office 68
11 BIOMET 3i, Inc. Detailed Deal Summary 69
11.1 Partnerships 69
11.1.1 BIOMET 3i Enters Into Technology Integration Agreement With Sirona Dental Systems 69
11.1.2 BIOMET 3i Enters Into Technology Integration Agreement With 3Shape 70
11.1.3 BIOMET 3i Enters Into Technology Integration Agreement With 3M ESPE 71
11.1.4 BIOMET 3i Enters Into Technology Integration Agreement With Cadent 72
11.1.5 Biomet 3i Enters Into Collaboration Agreement With Renishaw 73
11.1.6 Materialise Dental Enters Into Agreement With Biomet 3i 74
12 Recent Developments 75
12.1 Strategy And Business Planning 75
12.1.1 Jul 09, 2010: Renishaw Enters Collaboration Agreement With Biomet 3i To Provide Digital Dentistry Solutions 75
12.1.2 May 07, 2009: BIOMET 3i Establishes Direct Operations In Japan And Korea 75
12.2 Financial Announcements 76
12.2.1 Jul 14, 2009: Biomet Reports Net Loss For Fiscal 2009 76
12.3 Corporate Communications 76
12.3.1 Jul 20, 2012: Biomet 3i Appoints Francois Michelon As Vice President, Global Marketing 76
12.3.2 May 13, 2010: BIOMET 3i Appoints Bryan D. Pinciaro As New Vice President Of Global Marketing 77
12.3.3 Aug 07, 2009: Biomet Announces Management Changes At Its Dental Subsidiary, Biomet 3i 77
12.4 Product News 78
12.4.1 Sep 15, 2011: Biomet 3i Introduces New OsseoGuard Flex Membrane 78
12.4.2 Jul 08, 2011: Biomet 3i Introduces New Osseotite 2 Parallel Walled Implant To Assist In Achieving Better Primary Stability 78
12.5 Other Significant Developments 78
12.5.1 May 07, 2012: Biomet 3i To Host Corporate Forum During 98th Annual American Academy Of Periodontology Meeting 78
12.5.2 Apr 26, 2012: Biomet 3i To Highlight Guided Bone Regeneration And Aesthetics At Europerio 7 79
12.5.3 Mar 19, 2012: Biomet 3i Offers Laboratories 3Shape Scanners, Software And Scan Caps To Create BellaTek Copings, Frameworks And Patient Specific Solutions 80
12.5.4 Feb 14, 2012: Biomet 3i Corporate Forum To Cover Latest Trends In Implant Dentistry At 27th Annual Academy of Osseointegration Meeting 80
13 Appendix 81
13.1 Research Methodology 82
13.2 Secondary Research 82
13.3 Primary Research 82
13.4 Models 83
13.5 Forecasts 83
13.6 Expert Panels 83
13.7 GlobalData Consulting 83
13.8 Currency Conversion 84
13.9 Contact Us 85
13.10 Disclaimer 85


■ タイトル:BIOMET 3i, Inc.:市場シェア分析
■ 英文:BIOMET 3i, Inc. Market Share Analysis
■ 発行日:2013年2月28日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403160478
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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