AWE Limited:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】AWE Limited Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 6
List of Figures 21
Company Snapshot 22
Company Overview 22
Key Information 22
Financial Performance 22
AWE Limited , Exploration and Production Summary 23
AWE Limited, Fields under development 23
AWE Limited , Active Exploration Blocks, by Country, 2003-2012 23
AWE Limited, Crude Oil Production, by Country, 2003-2012 24
AWE Limited, Natural Gas Production, by Country, 2003-2012 25
AWE Limited, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production By Fields 26
AWE Limited, Crude Oil Production 26
AWE Limited, Crude Oil Production in British Columbia, By Fields 26
AWE Limited, Crude Oil Production in Argentina, By Fields 26
AWE Limited, Crude Oil Production in Australia, By Fields 27
AWE Limited, Crude Oil Production in New Zealand, By Fields 27
AWE Limited, Natural Gas Production 28
AWE Limited, Natural Gas Production in British Columbia, By Fields 28
AWE Limited, Natural Gas Production in Argentina, By Fields 28
AWE Limited, Natural Gas Production in Australia, By Fields 29
Crude Oil And Natural Gas Production Forecasts, 2013-2020 30
AWE Limited’s Exploration Blocks Details 32
Anambas’s Exploration Details 32
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Anambas 32
Bulu’s Exploration Details 34
AWE Limited’s News Details, Bulu 34
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Bulu 41
Northwest Natuna’s Exploration Details 42
AWE Limited’s News Details, Northwest Natuna 42
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Northwest Natuna 42
Qusa (Block 74)’s Exploration Details 44
AWE Limited’s News Details, Qusa (Block 74) 44
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Qusa (Block 74) 46
T/44P’s Exploration Details 47
AWE Limited’s News Details, T/44P 47
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, T/44P 48
VIC/P 44’s Exploration Details 49
AWE Limited’s News Details, VIC/P 44 49
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, VIC/P 44 53
T/18P’s Exploration Details 54
AWE Limited’s News Details, T/18P 54
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, T/18P 67
EP 438’s Exploration Details 69
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 438 69
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, EP 438 86
EP 417’s Exploration Details 87
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 417 87
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, EP 417 92
Barqa (Block 7)’s Exploration Details 94
AWE Limited’s News Details, Barqa (Block 7) 94
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Barqa (Block 7) 105
South Bengara II’s Exploration Details 106
AWE Limited’s News Details, South Bengara II 106
East Muriah’s Exploration Details 107
AWE Limited’s News Details, East Muriah 107
EP 104’s Exploration Details 108
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 104 108
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, EP 104 122
EP 413’s Exploration Details 123
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 413 123
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, EP 413 134
Terumbu’s Exploration Details 135
EP 320’s Exploration Details 136
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 320 136
EP 428’s Exploration Details 141
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 428 141
EP 371’s Exploration Details 159
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 371 159
North Madura (2010)’s Exploration Details 178
AWE Limited’s News Details, North Madura (2010) 178
EP 129’s Exploration Details 180
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 129 180
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, EP 129 185
EP 455’s Exploration Details 186
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 455 186
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, EP 455 189
Titan’s Exploration Details 190
AWE Limited’s News Details, Titan 190
EP 390’s Exploration Details 192
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 390 192
EP 431’s Exploration Details 201
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 431 201
EP 391’s Exploration Details 211
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 391 211
EP 436’s Exploration Details 244
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 436 244
EP 471’s Exploration Details 254
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 471 254
EP 413 (Shale Gas)’s Exploration Details 259
AWE Limited’s News Details, EP 413 (Shale Gas) 259
EP 473’s Exploration Details 283
EP 474’s Exploration Details 284
EP 472’s Exploration Details 284
EP 477’s Exploration Details 285
EP 476’s Exploration Details 285
EP 478’s Exploration Details 286
EP 457’s Exploration Details 286
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, EP 457 286
EP 458’s Exploration Details 290
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, EP 458 290
AWE Limited’s Field Details 293
Beharra Springs’s Field Details 293
AWE Limited’s News Details, Beharra Springs 293
BassGas’s Field Details 296
AWE Limited’s News Details, BassGas 296
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, BassGas 312
Casino’s Field Details 314
AWE Limited’s News Details, Casino 314
Cliff Head’s Field Details 333
AWE Limited’s News Details, Cliff Head 333
Tui’s Field Details 356
AWE Limited’s News Details, Tui 356
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Tui 389
Blina’s Field Details 390
AWE Limited’s News Details, Blina 390
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Blina 394
Dongara’s Field Details 395
AWE Limited’s News Details, Dongara 395
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Dongara 398
Jingemia’s Field Details 399
AWE Limited’s News Details, Jingemia 399
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Jingemia 411
Eremia’s Field Details 412
West Terrace’s Field Details 413
Apium(L1)’s Field Details 414
AWE Limited’s News Details, Apium(L1) 414
Boundary’s Field Details 415
Hovea’s Field Details 416
AWE Limited’s News Details, Hovea 416
Sundown’s Field Details 419
AWE Limited’s News Details, Sundown 419
LAS BASES [CNQ-16/A]’s Field Details 421
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, LAS BASES [CNQ-16/A] 421
Septimus (Arc Resources Ltd.)’s Field Details 422
Cabin (Arc Resources Ltd.)’s Field Details 422
Flatrock West (Arc Resources Ltd.)’s Field Details 423
Heritage (Arc Resources Ltd.)’s Field Details 423
Buick Creek (Arc Resources Ltd.)’s Field Details 424
Parkland (Arc Resources Ltd.)’s Field Details 425
AWE Limited’s News Details, Parkland (Arc Resources Ltd.) 425
Ungani’s Field Details 428
AWE Limited’s News Details, Ungani 428
Anambas’s Field Details 454
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Anambas 454
Ande Ande Lumut’s Field Details 455
AWE Limited’s News Details, Ande Ande Lumut 455
AWE Limited’s Deals Details, Ande Ande Lumut 456
Redback’s Field Details 457
Corybas’s Field Details 458
Henry Gas Project’s Field Details 458
Lengo’s Field Details 459
AWE Limited Pipeline Operations 460
Pipeline Operations, Australia 460
Pipeline Operation, Australia, Natural Gas Pipelines 460
AWE Limited’s Pipeline Details 461
AWE Limited’s Casino- Iona Pipeline, Pipeline Details 461
AWE Limited’s BassGas Pipeline, Pipeline Details 462
AWE Limited Gas Processing Operations 463
AWE Limited Operations by Country 463
AWE Limited, Gas Processing Plant Details 464
AWE Limited, Dongara Gas Plant- AWE Limited 464
AWE Limited, Bass GPP- Origin 465
AWE Limited, Bass GPP- Origin, Deals Details 465
AWE Limited, Beharra Springs Gas Plant- Origin 466
AWE Limited, Xyris Gas Plant- AWE Limited 466
Key Employees 467
Key Employee Biographies 468
AWE Limited – Major Products and Services 469
History 470
Company Statement 473
Locations And Subsidiaries 474
Head Office 474
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 474
Business Description 475
Business Overview 475
SWOT Analysis 476
Overview 476
AWE Limited Strengths 476
Key strategic Acquisition 476
Increasing Production 476
Strong Exploration and Production Portfolio 476
AWE Limited Weaknesses 477
Weak Financial Performance 477
AWE Limited Opportunities 477
Growth Propects: the US Shale Gas Market 477
Potential Market: Unconventional Oil and Gas 477
Increasing Global Footprint 477
AWE Limited Threats 478
Volatility In Oil And Natural Gas Prices 478
Intense Competition 478
Geographical Concentration 478
Shift Towards Alternate Energy Source 478
AWE Limited – Key Competitors 479
Recent Developments 480
Jul 29, 2013: Norwest Energy Arrowsmith-2 Update Norwest currently gearing up for completion operations 480
Jul 09, 2013: AWE To Recommence Flow Back Operations At Arrowsmith-2 In Australia 480
Jun 14, 2013: Titan Energy Wins 12-month Extension On North Perth Basin EP455 Permit 481
Jun 11, 2013: Norwest Energy Completes Prospective Resource Evaluation For Exploration Permit EP413 481
May 28, 2013: Titan Energy Provides Update On Activities At DR11 And EP-455 Permits In Onshore North Perth Basin, Western Australia 482
May 27, 2013: AWE Completes Drilling And Testing Program At Lengo-2 Gas Appraisal Well Offshore East Java, Indonesia 483
May 20, 2013: AWE Increases Estimates Of Recoverable Oil For Ande Ande Lumut K Sand Development By 33% To 101 mmbbl 484
May 17, 2013: AWE Increases Production At Yolla-A Platform In BassGas, Victoria 485
May 14, 2013: AWE Flows 21.2 mmscfd Of Gas At Lengo-2 Appraisal Well Offshore Indonesia 486
May 07, 2013: AWE Reports Positive Test Results From Lengo-2 Appraisal Well In East Java Sea, Indonesia 487
Appendix 488
Market Definitions 488
Oil and Gas Pipelines 488
Methodology 488
Coverage 488
Secondary Research 488
Primary Research 489
Expert Panel Validation 489
Contact Us 489
Disclaimer 489


■ タイトル:AWE Limited:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013
■ 英文:AWE Limited Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update
■ 発行日:2013年8月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161700
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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